Swissco Suction Cup Mirror 20x Magnification, 88106

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Apply your skincare and cosmetics in stunning clarity from this Swissco suction cup magnification mirror. Magnifying in at 20 times closer than a normal mirror.

This handy tool makes it easy to get the perfect flick of your eyeliner, put your moisturizers, gels, and serums in just the right spot, and pluck up each of those little unwanted hairs.

Get the exact look you want to put your best self forward when you groom with the Swissco suction cup magnification mirror.

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 Swissco Suction Cup Mirror 20x Magnification, 88106

  • Handy travel-size mirror
  • Magnified at 20x closer than a normal mirror
  • Swissco Suction Cup Mirror is Great for tweezing hairs, making precise makeup applications, and tending to specific spots
  • The compact size makes it easy to store in a purse or bag for use on the go
  • Suction cups on the back provide hands-free convenience
  • Attaches to almost any flat, smooth surface

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10 reviews for Swissco Suction Cup Mirror 20x Magnification, 88106

3.8 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. afamilyof3

    Love This MirrorThis mirror is just what I needed. I am older and wear glasses and cannot do my eyebrows without a mirror like this one. So easy now to see what I am doing. Great also for putting on make up.

  2. Monica

    LOVE this! I have it stuck to the corner of my regular bathroom mirror for when I need to see closer like tweezing. This was the only one I could find that was 20x magnifying but still affordable in price. It is sticking up well too, been up for a month now with no issues.

  3. Susan

    Glad I found this item and bought it!!Absolutely love it. I have a large 20x magnifier mirror. My vision as I’m older need for up close beauty. Having to carry a purse big enough for it has been aggravating. NO MORE!!!! to be able to carry a very modest shoulder bag. WHAT A WEIGHT OFF LITERALLY! ORDERING THEM for stocking stuffers for all my gal friends for Holidays

  4. Butterfly

    Beauty must have!Thought this would be a dud because it is small. It is so much better than I could have imagined. The is small about 3.5 inches, but it is perfect to keep on the side of the bathroom mirror. It shows you all of those little ‘hidden facial gems’ (blemish, new found grey hair, etc) love it. It helps with makeup application, when putting on the masque to avoid the eye area as well as the eyebrows and hairline. Best deal and so so so glad I got this!

  5. Oksana

    I recommend this mirror to almost all my friends. How did i live before. I use optical glasses and make mu eyebrows was really challenging. I just sticked the mirror to the window. Superb. Thanks

  6. BigJan

    Did the job!The mirror magnification was powerful enough to see without my glasses. I put it on another mirror for a closer look and the suction cups still hold it on there. It’great.

  7. Mimi

    Doesn’t work as advertised20x magnification is blurry, and reflection is upside-down from far away, i.e., I can’t use it for its intended purpose

  8. Karyn

    Complete waste of money!This mirror is distorted. The only way to see anything clearly is to put it 2 inches from your face and close one eye. Even then it’s only clear in the center and you will ruin your eyesight and strain your neck trying to see clearly.

  9. Maureen

    Not as presented. Size is 4” all around. Not 6” as described.

  10. ThePlateau

    98% of the mirror surface is unusable distortionThe curvature of this mirror’s reflective surface is so severe and flawed that nearly the entire surface reflects an unusably blurred and distorted image as it focuses all of it magnification into a tiny spot at the center of the mirror , that has to move around at strange angles to align the proper angle of your light source with the spot on your face you are trying to view, and even then you are only viewing a very tiny dime sized spot of your face.
    There are far more effective and usable options for sale here on walmart’s website and for about the same price range, so I cannot recommend this product to anyone, unless it’s for some unknown science experiment where the supper small and concentrated magnification could be useful.

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