Baby Safety Ear Swabs with Non Bleached 55ct ByJohnson’s


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Clinically proven to be safer for children than traditional swabs, Johnson’s Safety Swabs help you gently and safely clean your baby’s ears. Our cotton ear swabs are uniquely designed with an Ear Safe Bulb that is specially shaped for safe cleaning by preventing entry too deep into your baby’s ear. Made with 100 percent pure, non-chlorine bleached cotton, these safety swabs are suitable for both children and adults.

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┬áBaby Safety Ear Swabs with Non Bleached 55ct ByJohnson’s

  • 55-ct package of cotton Baby Safety Ear Swabs designed to safely clean hard-to-reach areas of baby’s ear
  • These Baby Safety Ear Swabs feature a unique design that is clinically proven to be safer for children
  • Safety swabs are made with 100 percent pure, non-chlorine bleached cotton for a safer alternative
  • Ear Safe Bulb design helps prevent cotton swabs from entering too deep into your baby’s ear
  • These cotton swabs are not just for babies and children, but are also suitable for use by adults
  • Safely clean the delicate area around ear or use cotton swabs when applying ointment and makeup
  • Ear swabs gently clean hard-to-reach areas and are safe for your child and comforting for you
  • Have peace of mind when using Johnson’s Safety Swabs which help clean and protect baby’s ears

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10 reviews for Baby Safety Ear Swabs with Non Bleached 55ct ByJohnson’s

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  1. Connie

    Super absorbent and safer for adults, too!We discovered these originally when needed for small wound care and they worked wonderfully. Then we started to use them to absorb moisture in our ears after showering. Now we prefer these to regular ear swabs, as they are much more absorbent. Besides we know they are safer overall!

  2. newton

    Clean ears to hearI have found that these Q-Tips to be the saftest for my grandchildren. The two oldest use them and are amazed at how clean their ears are. They are very safe on the baby too.

  3. Nurdigirl

    DISCONTINUED?!?!?No, no, no, no, no! I typically buy 2-3 of these at a time because we use them for everything, makeup, ears, nail polish, and heck… even cleaning around the house. The other brands are awful – not enough cotton or the cotton falls off the tip gouging your ear. I get that you have the “baby” version, but they are not the same. Please bring these back!

  4. Jenn73

    BRING BACK MY QTIPS PLEASEJohnson & Johnson Qtips are ALL I have ever used. I ran out and went store couldn’t find them in the usual spot. I asked seveal employees and checked several different stores, and NOTHING! They can’t be ordered by the stores and I’m devastated! Online ordering of qtips is crazy and I need them returned to the stores, please!!!

  5. Steph

    So much better than Q-tips!These have been the only cotton swabs I’ve used for years, and I was so disappointed when I saw that they weren’t being sold in stores near me anymore. Seeing that that’s the same case all around the country is so upsetting! Q-tips and other brands are too hard and the cotton falls off of the tip. Whether using the swabs for makeup, eyes, ears, or anywhere else, johnsons were the only brand that worked and felt comfortable! Please bring them back!

  6. Teresa

    Get these back on store shelves please!We have used thse exclusively for years. We just ran out and I have been to nine, yes 9 stores looking for them. All the usual stores do not have them so I turned to your website for help. The cotton swabs are top of the line and other swabs cannot hold a candle to them. So please bring these back. You are missing sales! Thank you.

  7. Kathy

    Best Cotton Swab Ever!!These are the best cotton swabs. Ideal for ears, eyelids, removing makeup around eyes, even for cleaning small areas or tracks. However I am not able to purchase in stores in my area. Is it discontinued? If so, please bring it back. It is the only cotton swab product that I will use. Thanks.

  8. Dee

    Didnt really care for these. The tips are too skinny and the part that stops it from going in too far makes it too short and is really just in the way. Went back to regular q-tips

  9. Marie

    Box opened/used itemThe bald was opened. How gross.

  10. Arna

    Open boxAll boxes were damaged

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