Surface White Cotton Rounds Premium 80 Ct By Swisspers


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Swisspers premium exfoliating Surface White Cotton Rounds is one round with two surfaces.

Use to cleanse and exfoliate. Applies toners, lotions, and astringents. Removes foundation, nail polish, eye make-up, and lipstick.

The micro-bead exfoliating surface gently exfoliates skin – feel the difference immediately.

Use every other day or as often as you need for a deep healthy clean.

Use the super-soft surface is gently cleanse the skin and the embossed surface for great skincare.

For all your cotton accessory needs look for more great products from Swisspers.

Exfoliating cotton rounds for a deep healthy clean Two surfaces – one side to cleanse, one side to exfoliate Applies: toners, lotions, and astringents Removes: nail polish, foundation, eye make-up, and lipstick.

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Surface White Cotton Rounds Premium 80 Ct By Swisspers

  • Dual-sided, one surface for exfoliation, one for more gentle use.
  • Use the raised, textured surface to gently scrub and exfoliate the face.
  • Use the soft, embossed surface to remove makeup and nail polish, or to apply lotions and creams.
  • Multi-layer design and stitched edge create a durable, plush pad that won’t leave pieces behind.
  • Gentle exfoliating products that don’t cause irritation.

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10 reviews for Surface White Cotton Rounds Premium 80 Ct By Swisspers

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  1. Becca

    Exfoliating Cotton Roundslove these perfect to use with makeup remover and also for toner

  2. sensiblyinpracticle

    Perfect, with both sides!Love these, have used the regular ones forever, but tried the exfoliating ones. The exfoliating side is not harsh, but makes my chin, and nasal are feel cleaner, less oily, when I cleanse my face with Micellar water! It’s bumpy, but not rough, because the exfoliating side has large squares to scrub, not tiny ones that would be too sharp and irritating! Will definitely keep purchasing these!

  3. Lisa

    These things are Fabulous! So glad I found them!Ok, I’m in LOVE with these. One side is smooth like a cotton ball, the other side has these raised textured bumps. FABULOUS for exfoliating. I love these things.

  4. KiwiW

    Great for cleansing!I really like these! I’m a bit lazy about exfoliating, so these are perfect. I just place my cleanser on the exfoliating pad, then wash like I normally do. They are gentle enough to use daily, and my skin is feeling cleaner and less rough. As a lady of a certain age, it seems like my skin is drier and gets congested more easily. I think the exfoliating pads will really help prevent this.

  5. Suzmax

    Love the exfoliation factorWhy hasn’t anyone thought of this before now. These are great for taking off that last little bit of makeup and they work wonders when taking off fingernail polish. In fact, I’ve decided they will be one of the in-expensive stocking stuffers for family and friends this Christmas.

  6. Anonymous

    These are great!I absolutely love these small exfoliating rounds. I use them once a week and my facial skin is so smooth afterwards. Next day my face cream goes on so smoothly. I had previously purchased a razor set for $20, and it not get into the areas this product does. I stay delighted at how easy these rounds are to use, and the smoothness of my skin afterwards! I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for an exfoliating product! I’m so glad that Swisspers created them.

  7. Evelyn

    rounds rasily separate and the exfoliating cover is gentle on the skin

  8. SweetTizzy

    Not Premium At AllI purchased these because of the exfoliating side. The quality is horrible. You need 2 hands to pull the pads apart from each other because they are stuck together. When they come apart the cotton pulls away from the pad. When cleaning my face there was cotton left on my face. I would not recommend.

  9. groovymom2000

    Don’t waste your moneyThese stick together and end up falling apart making them almost useless.

  10. Ndife

    no quality at allhorrible product. falls apart before you use it. leave cotton all over.

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