Sportsman Series 20 in. 52 CC Gas 2StrokeHandle Chainsaw

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The ergonomic arrangement of the rear and top handle on the Sportsman Series 20″ 52 cc Gas 2-Stroke Rear Handle Chainsaw reduces vibration.

The lightweight and balanced design makes it comfortable and maneuverable, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.

The Sportsman Series 20 in. 52 cc Gas 2-Stroke Rear Handle Chainsaw also features a built-in safety chain break,

which stops the chain in seconds to protect the operator to keep both novice users and seasoned hands accident free.

Anti-vibration mountings on the handle round out the comfort and safety features.

Make quick work of clearing undergrowth, pruning and trimming trees,

cutting up firewood, and cleaning up after the storm with the 20 inch, 0.058 gauge chain with 76 links and a 0.325 inch pitch.

The recoil pull start 52cc 2-cycle engine features a primer bulb and runs on 18 ounces gasoline together with 0.448 oz of 2-cycle oil, a 40:1 gas/oil mix.

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Sportsman Series 20 in. 52 CC Gas 2StrokeHandle Chainsaw

  • Economic design, anti-vibration mounts, and a built in chain break reduce fatigue and injury
  • Clean up after a storm, clear overgrowth and cut up firewood
  • 20 inch chain with 76 links, a 0.325 inch pitch and a 0.058 inch gauge
  • 2-cycle engine, 52cc, 8,500 RPMs, recoil start with primer bulb
  • 2,700-3,400 RPM idle speed, maximum torque 2.4Nm
  • Operates on 18 ounces of a 40:1 gasoline/2-cycle oil mix
  • Built in safety chain break protects the operate by stopping the chain in seconds
  • Rear handle with trigger release and throttle trigger and top handle with anti vibration mounting
  • High Altitude Use: This chain saw is not recommended for high altitude use above 3,000 feet.
  • EPA approved, Non-CARB compliant/Not for sale in California

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Sportsman Series

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Sportsman Series

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  1. Beaver

    Cuts like butter. Best low priced sale saw on the market.

  2. james

    Heavy China saw with weird carburetor screwsI bought one of these when they first came on the market. It had weird carb adjustment screws that I couldn’t find a tool for anywhere. I sent it back because eventually you have to adjust a chainsaw carburetor.

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