Chain Oil Black Max 1-Gallon Bar and (128oz/3.785 Liters)

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Black Max Premium 1 Gallon Bar and ChainOil is the fool-proof way to extend the life of both your tool and its bar and chain.

This oil is meant to be used with chainsaws or any other chain-driven equipment to prevent wear and tear.

Black Max Premium Bar and ChainOil is designed to cling to the chain even when at high speeds or temperatures.

Using this bar and chain oil will give you peace of mind in that it can help prevent chain failure, overheating of tool in use, and chainsaw kickback.

Our Black Max Premium Bar and Chain Oil can be used with all chainsaws. Includes 1-Quart Bottle (128oz).

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Chain Oil Black Max 1-Gallon Bar and (128oz/3.785 Liters)

  • Extends life of the bar and chain
  • Helps maintain your tool
  • Chain-driven equipment
  • 1 Gallon (128oz) Bottle

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Black Max

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Black Max, Hart Consumer Products, Inc

10 reviews for Chain Oil Black Max 1-Gallon Bar and (128oz/3.785 Liters)

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. edward

    GREAT PRODUCT FOR A GOOD PRICEgreat bar chain oil at a good price I have been using this product for over a year now with my chainsaw with this BlackMax oil and have great results on a tank of gas whenI run out of gas I still have oil in the chainsaw before with the other brand I used before I ran out of oil before gas. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  2. Rico

    bar chain oilWorking good for my new 24″ husqvarna rancher chainsaw. Other chainsaw oil’s are to thick keeping my chain oiled while cutting logs. It might use a little more oil but, I’d rather use more chain oil than having to replace my bar

  3. Ralph

    Very quick delivery. Exactly what I wanted and extra precautions taken to prevent spillage. Thank you.

  4. tim

    very goodI ordered 6- 9.94 and \used promo code to get 10.00 off paypal10
    black maxs bar and chasin oil gallon jugs

  5. david

    good bar oila bar oil that sticks and priced wright

  6. Melissa

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE!Had been using lawnmower oil, noticed right away huge difference in thickness

  7. Frananz

    Would buy again.I was impressed by the viscosity of the oil. Other bar oils I’ve used in the past didn’t have the clinging quality. Fast shipping, good price.

  8. Michael

    Cheap and does the jobI run this in a Husq 440. It’s a little thin for a Husq as the thinner oil will leak out if you leave it sitting with the tank full. I fill it right before I use it and leave it sitting mostly empty; therefore, it does what I need it to do. Did I mention that it is cheap?

  9. Oil

    Product good. Customer service issue.The product is as described. The shipping company delivered two boxes that were severely damaged. One of the 12 containers had been punctured and leaked all over the contents, through the packaging and onto the ground. I called customer service asking for a replacement for the damaged item and explained that I could not return the damaged one as no shipping company is going to take a leaking fluid container. This all went smoothly. The replacement was delivered quickly, but I was charged for it. I’ve invested enough time in this $10 gallon of oil so I’m not going to fight for reimbursement.

  10. mark

    Good price poor shipping leaking jug

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