Chainsaw LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium 10 in By BLACK+DECKER

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The Black + Decker LCS1020 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Chainsaw offers the convenience of cordless maneuverability with the needed power and performance for cutting through dry wood and live logs.

This BLACK+DECKER unit is powered by a 20V MAX 2.0aH Lithium battery for long run-time, long life, and stays charged up to 5x as long*.

This BLACK+DECKER chainsaw features a 10 inch Low-Kickback Oregon Bar and chain that is designed to be heavy–duty and easy to use.

As an added benefit, this saw offers tool-free chain tensioning and provides serious cutting power and fast, efficient cuts.

In addition, there’s no need for manual oiling with this chainsaw as this unit has an improved auto oiling system with a primer button for oiling with a window to gauge the oil level.

This saw offers a 10 inch premium Oregon low kickback bar & chain; Oregon is a leader in bar and chain manufacturing designed to improve cut speed and minimize vibration.

It features a wrap around bale handle to provide increased control and comfort. The tool-free blade tension system allows for improved ease of use and quick, simple adjustment.

There’s no need for manual oiling with these chainsaws; the 20V MAX* unit oils the bar and chain with the use of a traditional primer.

In addition, this saw has boasts of a lightweight design for ease of maneuverability and reduced fatigue, weighing only 7.2 pounds.

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Chainsaw LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium 10 in By BLACK+DECKER

  • Perfect for cutting through dry wood and live logs
  • Provides serious cutting power for fast, efficient cuts
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Full wrap around handle for comfort eliminates fatigue
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Features tool-free chain tensioning
  • Includes chainsaw, 20 volt lithium ion battery, battery charger, RC100 chain
  • 12″ low-kickback bar and chain
  • 20 V

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10 reviews for Chainsaw LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium 10 in By BLACK+DECKER

3.9 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. TheOracleLisa

    Know what you are going to cut firstBe prepared for the battery to last about 15 minutes at full speed use. Luckily, that is about what we expected as we also own the 20v li ion weedeater and trimmer. We hate using gas motors. They are finicky, cumbersome, and unless they are used often, they don’t start well.

    We had a large section of my in laws tree break off in a storm and needed to get it down to a manageable size. So we moved fallen limbs around for the best access to cut them. Went through all of the 5 inch diam. Downed limbs with no problem, then through a couple of 10 inch logs, then through the large main limb about 15 inch diameter in a few sections.
    It made quick work of a fairly large task. In about 10 to 15 minutes of making pre-planned cuts it ran out of battery. But that was no problem since we planned ahead.

    This light little guy was awesome. It cut like butter, was easy to oil the chain before starting each new cut (chain oil was Not included in the box), you just push a priming button a couple of times before you start each new cut.

    Overall very happy with the purchase. We will use it for odd jobs such as falllen limbs, and even if we needed to cut it down to firewood we would just do it in sections with the battery life.

  2. Earl

    Great Little Chain SawI’ve slowly started buying into the 20v Black&Decker system. Have trimmer, blower, extendable chain saw, hedge trimmer, extendable hedge trimmer, Quick charger and now this 10″ saw. Worth the money, works great on those small projects, cutting up fallen limbs, etc. Looking forward to what they come out with next.

  3. Don

    Good product!There is little to dislike; it is an excellent product. The battery does not last all that long, but then, I don’t either — so it’s a good match. And I bought an extra battery just in case. Have not needed it.

  4. Drex

    Small, but PowerfulI ordered this amazing chain saw for my husband. He is 83 yrs young. Had a lot of trimming, cutting branches, etc. He said he used it for an hour and half before battery needed recharging. He has told numerous people about this great fine. It is easy for him to handle. No hard cranking like his old ones.
    I am so glad that he is able to handle this chain saw, and so pleased he really enjoys it.
    Wish I had thought and taken his picture using it. Maybe next time.

  5. Rocky

    Great little saw for around the yardBought this saw for cleanup around the yard and cutting a few cedars at the farm and it is everything I hoped it would be

  6. leencindy

    Chainsaw OK – The Blade is a piece of poopThe chainsaw does what I hoped it would do and it’s OK. But the saw blade lasted three pieces of seasoned oak fire wood before going dull. The pieces were too long for the fire box so I cut them in half. This is what I got the chainsaw for, so I don’t have to get out my big gas chainsaw from my shop. I leave the battery operated one in the garage to adjust the length of the too long pieces. I’ll sharpen it and see what happens.

  7. Bubba

    Woman’s ToyThis is so easy to use and lightweight. I now can go out on our property and clear off trees. I also can put it in a backpack with a couple battery packs to clear trails at local park. I love it

  8. Anonymous

    Good but not great.I gave it a 3 star because if you limit the size of the logs you cut to 5 ” dia you will likely be ok. I am on my second saw. The main reason is I tried to use it for 7″ dia logs. If you try this for any about of time the saw motor will start to burn. Used carfully you will fine it very useful.

    By the way the 18″ 15amp is a complete beast that will hang with any gas saw.


  9. Paul

    Disappointed.I was disappointed to see it was from Amazon. Box and receipt was from Amazon. I could have ordered it from them and saved almost $20. Any way to get a refund for that amount?

  10. Adria

    I can’t review the product because it was damaged when we received it. I emailed Walmart and received a response, stating I would be contacted within 48 hours. It has been 7 days now. I have contacted Walmart twice now, still no response. I understand that the carrier was probably responsible for the damage, however that doesn’t fix my problem and Walmart passing the buck to the CPO solve anything either. My suggestion would be to purchase it IN-STORE with a company that carries the product instead of relying on shipping, because if anything goes wrong, it’s an issue to resolve.

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