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Say goodbye to soggy Pizza Pans with the Mainstays 16″ Pizza Screen!

Made from heavy duty gray stainless steel, the fine mesh screen provides better ventilation for a more evenly browned and baked crust.

Ideal for baking frozen Pizza Pans , homemade pizza or reheating leftover pizza with a crispy baked crust every time.

This multipurpose screen can also be used as a cooling rack.

The Mainstays Round Pizza Pans Screen allows you to experiment with toppings at home; creating everything from traditional savory pizza to dessert pizza with cookie crust and fresh fruit toppings and more.

Prepare the pizza right on the screen, ensuring a perfectly round pie and less cleanup.

Easy to clean – just hand wash with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water and air dry.

Enjoy fresh from the oven, perfectly browned and crispy crust, restaurant quality pizza every time.

The Mainstays Round Pizza Screen measures 16″ (40.6 cm) diameter.

  • Makes perfectly browned, crispy crust
  • Fine mesh screen allows for air to circulate under crust for even heating
  • Durable gray steel construction
  • Great for fresh and frozen pizza
  • Oven Safe to 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hand wash recommended

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Pizza Pans 16 inch Mainstays Seamless Stainless Steel

  • Makes perfectly browned, crispy crust
  • Fine mesh screen allows for air to circulate under crust for even heating
  • Durable gray steel construction
  • Great for fresh and frozen pizza
  • Oven Safe to 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hand wash recommended

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10 reviews for Pizza Pans 16 inch Mainstays Seamless Stainless Steel

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  1. Mstigeress

    Perfect Crust Everytime; Even reheated Pizza!This 16″ pizza screen pan is awesome! I tried it out multiple ways when I received it. I did receive this item free to write a review. The first type of pizza I tried was a smaller rectangular frozen type. Popped it in the oven and the crust was crisp and the top was hot and melted. Then I tried re-heating a name brand pizza chain pizza the next day. This was a thick crusted pizza with the cheese in the middle of the crust. Normally, I would just nuke it and deal with the soggy crust. Instead, I reheated it in the oven with this pan and it was like a freshly baked pizza!!! You can also create your own pizza on the screen and then bake it. Whether it be a savory or dessert pizza. The ventilation from the bottom I think is what really sets this apart from a pan and why they call it a screen. It is now added to my “pan” collection and will be used for anything I want to reheat that I want to be crispy. I even tried re-heating fried shrimp and it worked!! It made the outside crispy with no sogginess! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  2. sokool2

    Sturdy pizza screenThis is a multipurpose 16″ Pizza Screen made by Mainstays. It’s made of heavy duty stainless steel mesh, this sturdy, fine mesh screen lets air circulate around the pan for even heating creating a crispy crust for your fresh or frozen pizza, it’s perfect for leftover restaurant hot wings, fries, onion rings, tater tots, chicken tenders, and cheese sticks, when re-heating any of these on this screen they turn out great, no more throwing out soggy microwaved leftovers. It’s oven Safe up to 572 degrees.

    When cooking or reheating on this screen I lay it on foil then spray it with cooking spray, then use that same line of foil under it on bottom rack to catch any falling cheese or crumbs, there is usually very few, but it does happen occasionally, and saves on cleanup. It can also be used as a cooling rack for cookies, cupcakes, or small pies, and cakes. I like this pan, before this one I used a solid pizza pan, and this one cooks a few minutes faster than my solid one,and it definitely makes a crisper crust and coating on leftovers.

    It’s easy to clean, just hand wash with mild dishwashing soap and warm water, and let it air dry.

  3. littlebit47

    Great pizza screenFirst off this is a very nice, sturdy and lightweight pizza screen. It is very easy to clean especially if your pizza should stick to it. I did put a 12 inch pizza on the screen and accidentally cooked it to long. Pizza tasted great even though the cheese was a bit burnt on the top. It did cook the bottom of the pizza so it was crisp and even though it stuck to the screen (as you can see in the picture below) it was very easy to clean and looks as though I never used it. Possibly next time I might spray some oil lightly on the screen prior to putting a frozen pizza on it. I do like the screen and am very happy with it. I would recommend this screen to my family and friends.

  4. Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

    My Pizza is Much Tastier!!!Hi, I am a Walmart Sparks Reviewer and I will be doing a review on the MainStays Pizza Screen.

    I put a personal pan, vegetarian pizza on the screen, placed it in the oven on 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or so, and my pizza came out hot, crispy and crunchy. I just love that mesh screen because the heat is able to circulate through the mesh to brown the bottom dough.

    Because the pizza screen can get really hot, I would suggest to use a mitten or dish towel to remove the screen from the oven. Another suggestion I would also like to make is to use some cooking spray on the mesh screen to make the pizza slide off much easier or use a pizza peeler. This pizza screen is large so I can fit any size pizza unto the screen or multiple mini pizzas. Fabulous! Not only can it be used for pizza, but for my veggie chicken tenders, patties, grillers or veggies. Yummy!

    Also, there is something that I did experience while cleaning the mesh screen. I used a scouring pad with the soft yellow sponge. The scouring pad left specks of the green scouring through the mesh. So, I would suggest to use only a dish towel with warm soapy water to clean the mesh screen, and a paper towel for drying. This worked perfect for me!

    There is nothing that I dislike about the MainStays Pizza Screen. It’s just a perfect way to get a crispy, crunchy delicious pizza or any delicious appetizer!

  5. Monica

    Perfect, evenly baked pizzaI really like this pizza pan even though I initially had some hesitation. I like how it’s lightweight and diamond patterned for air to circulate so the crust heats evenly. My only concern was my pizza cutter damaging the pan due to how lightweight and thin it seemed. I baked fries, pizza, and egg rolls on this tray, and they all turned out beautifully cooked and evenly heated throughout. When I cut the sliced the pizza, the tray held up just fine. I like how my food turned out, and I really like the pizza on even if it is a little on the light side. This was easy to clean, but I could see how particles might get stuck in the mesh design of the screen. I recommend spraying a light layer of cooking spray so the pizza slides right off! I hand washed my screen and had no issues.

  6. Maxi

    Recommend with caveatsThis screen, without a doubt, browned the bottom of the pizza evenly like ones you would get from a pizzeria.
    It’s lightweight and easy to use. It needs to be hand washed.
    The only reservation I had was that the crust stuck to the screen in multiple places. I tore the crust trying to remove it since I don’t think it’s a good idea to slice the pie while on the screen.
    Spraying with oil before baking might work but since it’s a fine screen more oil would get all over the place, not just on the screen.
    I have a teflon coated black pizza pan that has a lot of holes for browning. It does brown the pizza but just doesn’t look as pretty and uniform on the bottom as the screen. But the pizza does not stick and, hey, who looks at the bottom of the pizza? It’s just as crispy which is what I care about.
    So it’s a personal preference. Want a professional looking pie (on the bottom) or one that is not so perfect? Both the screen and the pan produced pizza that was great!

  7. angzep

    Crispy CrustOn hot and lazy nights I am famous for throwing a frozen or bake your own pizza in the oven for dinner. I usually just place the pizza directly on the rack and it turns out just as well as you’d expect a frozen pizza to taste. I put this rack to the test with our favorite named brand frozen pizza the other night and to my surprise it did turn out crisper and evenly baked! The rack fits a 12 inch pizza with lots of room to spare. It is light to hold but sturdy enough to hold the weight of a loaded pizza, homemade or take and bake style. The rack does not bend or move. The directions advise that it should be hand washed instead of being put into the dishwasher and it should be dried in a timely manner to prevent rust. I used my pizza cutter right on the rack to see what would happen and there was no damage to the rack at all. I would suggest, like with all cooking items, that you let the rack cool before putting into water to clean to prevent warping the rack. I store the rack standing up and slid in-between my cutting boards so it won’t get bent by heavy pots and pans being set on it. I am excited to see the result of a fresh take and bake pizza on this rack!

  8. ekbmarci

    It works!I always heat up frozen pizza on the oven rack…I’ve never used a pizza tray or screen…Of course when I heat up the pizza on an oven rack, it gets a little messy…with the cheese overflowing or the ingredients falling and the cleaning up is so annoying…who wants to clean an oven right? I received this 16′ in pizza screen and my first thought was that it seems cheap and flimsy but a pretty good size…the directions state that the mesh allow air to circulate and it makes a brown and crispy pizza…I was quite surprised on how it heats up a frozen pizza…No more using the oven rack…also no more cleaning up…It works!

  9. Sceater

    works well for crustier pizza bottoms!The mainstays 16-inch pizza screen works well for crustier pizza bottoms . If you have an issue with soggy bottom pizzas, this is perfect for you. It browns up the bottom crust perfectly and makes it nice & crispy. We like to make homemade pizza, and always had a problem with the crust not getting done enough. Because we put so much on it, they get done on top, but not on the bottom.
    Not only that, but our pizzas leak a little on the sides, like cheese, grease from pepperoni, etc. and there is nothing to stop that all from leaking through the pizza screen’s wire, so I put a sheet of tinfoil on top of the rack under the Mainstays Pizza Screen to catch any drippings. It worked like a charm! Got my browned, crusty pizza and minimal mess!

    The size is perfect for homemade or frozen pizzas with room to spare and is very lightweight. Clean up is super easy too. Just wipe down with a sudsy dish cloth & use a scrub brush for the tough stuff, which came off very easy.

    While I would prefer some type of system to catch the drippings and get the pizza dough done & crusty, I haven’t seen a product that can do both, so this system works for me for now. I really like this Mainstays pizza screen!

  10. Katie

    HorribleProbably the worst pizza pan in existence. My pizza stuck so badly the middle stayed on the mesh when the crust could be pried off. Destroyed the entire pizza in the process of removing it. If you like pizza stir fry, this pan is for you.

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