Mainstays 6 Cup Food Storage Container with Lid 3 Set

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The Mainstays 6 Cup Storage Food Container with Lid gives you an easy way to store and save fresh foods, leftovers, and more.

A must-have item for every kitchen, this stackable set of three containers and three lids is durably crafted of plastic for a long life of reliable use.

All containers and lids in the set are dishwashers, freezer, and microwave safe.

The Mainstays 6 Cup Food Storage Container with Lid is great even outside of the kitchen for storing other household items including office supplies, arts and crafts supplies, small toys, batteries, spare change, fasteners, and more.

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Mainstays 6 Cup Food Storage Container with Lid 3 Set

  • Includes 3 clear plastic containers and 3 blue lids
  • Snap-airtight lids keep items fresh and contained
  • Remove or vent the lid when microwaving
  • Must-have kitchen food storage organization item
  • 6 cup capacity per container
  • Total – 6 pieces

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2 Pack, 3 Pack










6 cups



10 reviews for Mainstays 6 Cup Food Storage Container with Lid 3 Set

4.2 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Sparky

    Good storage containersI really like these containers. It’s nice that they are clear so you can always know what’s in them without removing the lid. You can stack them and it’s makes it so easy to find things.
    They stack very nicely and really organize your things. They are sturdy and will last.

  2. Sahar

    Great Storage![This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Storage boxes are always a need for the kitchen, left over food or freeze food. I would say these are the best in size, the best thing is that these are microwave safe and freezer safe. It has clear sides for easy visibility to contents. It is also useful to prepare meals in large quantities and even if I prepare or marinate some chicken or mince or veggies I can easily keep them in these storage boxes. The lids are very secure, easy to put on and remove.

  3. Breeh

    The perfect measuring set[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I recieved this measuring set yesterday and I already love it. I love that they all nest into each other and snap together so not only do you not lose them but they are also in order so if you put them back the way they go it will be easier to find the specific measurement you’re looking for…. but they do all snap together regardless if one is being used at the time. It has both measuring systems in it so weather you are using cups / or mils you’ll be able to measure correctly. It has both dry and wet cups for easier measuring. It comes with a sifter, a handle to level, a funnel, and an egg white separate. Finally it all fits perfectly into the wet measuring cup. It’s great…. it’s perfect and it’s dishwasher safe ( top shelf) so it’s a breeze to clean.

  4. Sandra

    Nice quality, Nice SizeVery sturdy. Did not warp in dishwasher. Fits leftovers like lasagna better as depth is not as shallow as others. The lids are made heavier than others so hopefully with wear they will not split or crack. Very nice,

  5. MrsPom

    Great trick to make lids fit….I learned this trick years ago when I sold Tupperware. Boil some water. Remove from heat. Let lid completely set in the water for about 5 /- min. Remove from water and immediately place lid completely on it’s container. Do not remove it. Let lid cool on the container. As it cools, lid will shrink to fit.

  6. JollySwede

    Simple plastic boxes.You, or at least I, can never get enough boxes. I got these boxes mainly to use in my kitchen, storing food. Boxes can, of course, be used for a lot of other things too. You have screws that fell out of their box, small pieces or wires you don’t want to threw out. The need is infinite.

    My first impression was that these boxes are well made. The lid fit nicely. They are translucent so you have a chance to see what’s inside. Well, just what you want from a simple plastic box.

    Now, the lid is not hermetic. There is no gasket and the fit is somewhat lose. That means if you have something inside that mice like, the mice will come and get it. Yes, it happened to me. I found a hole in one of the containers that was filled with peanuts. I feel that was my fault and that is the only problem I have had. The boxes have fulfilled my expectation in any other way.

    I have a little information for your planning. Four boxes, piled on top of each other will be eight-and-a-half inch high. One box by itself is two-and-a-half inch high. They do stack a little inside each other. Could be good to know then you are trying to figure out how much you can stack in your closet.

    To summarize, I will get more of these boxes.

  7. Wanzy

    Great Storage ContainersI really like the texture and design of these food storage containers. They close easily and are also easy to open as well. We have been needing larger food storage containers for some time but noticed that they are no longer being sold in the size that we need. I see glass food storage containers are increasing but I have reservations about getting glass food storage containers since I drop stuff a lot, especially in the kitchen. When I saw that these were available I felt that these 6 cup food storage containers would be a good compromise for the size that we can’t find anymore.

    These food storage containers are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Also, like most storage containers, they are stackable to help save space. Though the containers are stackable I found that the lids are not. They don’t fit into each other so they slide and fall when you try to grab a lid. I like that these food storage containers are deep instead of wide or long because this deeper shape makes it easier to store them in our small fridge. Since you get three in a pack we see now that we don’t need any other food storage containers. The nice design on the lid gives them a little bit of a fancy look.

  8. Breadwoman2

    Stackable[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Mainstay food storage containers are very useful.The containers stack very neat in cabinet uses less space.The containers washed very nice and can be put in dishwasher.They have a very pretty blue lid.The containers stack in refrigerator, Taking up less space.The container is a good size for leftovers or storing prepared produce like berries.The containers are made of plastic and lids snap on easily.

  9. Charisse

    Breaks easilyIt was smaller than I anticipated (things look bigger in pictures, so be sure to look at the dimensions.) but that was my own error. My problem with it occurred when I accidentally knocks all three of them off the nightstand and one of them broke. The fall was only about two feet. I do not think it should have broken, nothing heavy was in it, just electrical cords and adapters.

  10. mara

    lids and containers brokeni buy alot of food storage containers from walmart, never damaged before… surprised these so damaged…i love walmart on line…never before damaged goods…want a repkacement not refund…thats the faith i have with walmart, they are replacing …

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