Protein Drink Shaker Bottle W/Mixing Ball 24 Oz


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Stay healthy, hydrated and ready to conquer your day with this 24 ounce Athletic Works Protein Drink Shaker Bottle.

The bottle includes a mixing ball to help effortlessly mix up the perfect protein, pre-workout, or any powdered drink.

This bottle is frost in color and includes a black fold down lid to help prevent spills/contain the liquid.

It conveniently fits in a typical car drink holder to make taking your drink to the gym, work, shopping or anywhere else easy.

This plastic Athletic Works protein drink shaker bottle is BPA free and makes clean-up easy with it being top shelf dish washer safe.

The value provided by this bottle is exceptional. No need to spend a lot of money to get a great mixed drink!

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Protein Drink Shaker Bottle W/Mixing Ball 24 Oz

  • 24 Ounces
  • Frost/Black
  • Fold Down Lid
  • Includes Mixing Ball
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • BPA Free
  • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
  • Exceptional Value

Additional information


Athletic Works

Manufacturer Part Number




Assembled Product Weight

8 oz



Fluid Ounces

24 fl oz

Water Bottle Feature

Blender; Flip Top; Narrow Mouth








Athletic Works

10 reviews for Protein Drink Shaker Bottle W/Mixing Ball 24 Oz

3.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. AE86

    great bottleThis shaker bottle is great.
    I love these things, It comes with a little piece of hard plastic that will help you shake up whatever you have inside of it. It works kind of like a can of spray paint. You don’t have to have it in there to get it mixed up, but it makes it a lot more efficient.
    I use this bottle for my protein shakes. I don’t have to use the blender because I can just shake it up in the bottle. If I need to mix it up again half way though, that’s not a problem because the small piece of plastic inside of the bottle does such a good job of mixing it up with just a few quick shakes.
    The lid works really well, it screws on and doesn’t leak which is definitely a must. You can shake it as much as you want, and it won’t leak out and make a mess.

  2. Amiller

    GreatMy teenagers enjoy drinking protein shakes etc so they was happy to get this shaker cup. This cup is their favorite. They said it’s easier to mix and everything actually mixes up. It’s great size and being clear you can see how much you have. It also has measurement on the side which is helpful. As for washing its so much easier to wash than others.

  3. EducatedMother83

    Goals made easyIt’s New Year, New Me time and this shaker makes that so much easier! I use a lot of meal replacement drinks but really hated having to chew up my clumps of non-mixed up powder after using a whisk. This cup really makes mixing up powders quick and easy! There are no clumps and it’s a breeze to drink out of and wash out! It’ll fit in your car cup holder for meals on the go and it’s not obnoxiously colored to let the world know that your dieting. I like using this shaker cup daily for my meal replacements!

  4. Ferretmom1

    Easy to useIt’s easy to mix up your shake or other drink in the bottle and just take it along with you. I like that the little ball in there makes sure you don’t have any drink mix that is not mixed in and everything is blended well. The pop-up lid makes it easy to drink your shake on the go. Perfect for the home, gym, and anywhere you want to take it. It should hold up for a long time of use.

  5. Cmackey30KAM

    Protein shakes made simpleThis is great for people who like to make a shake on the go. The bottle is large in size but has a slimmer bottom to accommodate placed in the cup holder of the car. The ball inside helps to provide a thorough mix and knock out any chucks. Lid screws on tight but drink cover could be more secure. Overall, good product.

  6. Linlin

    So-soEhh, this bottle is ok. The bottle top is kind of flimsy and the mixer ball is nothing special. I’m not sure how long it will last after using it several times but we shall see. I did put it in the dishwasher and it washed just fine, no issues there. I’m just not impressed with the quality of the top.

  7. draginzwing

    I wanted to love thisThis product is a really great idea and I wanted to love this but I had some issues. I guess it is pretty easy to figure out but there was no instructions included. It would have been nice for recipe ideas or ideas what to do with it to be included as well. To try it out I settled with making strawberry milk for my daughter (pour the strawberry syrup in the put in milk and mix). Well the black ball that does the mixing floated to the top. So I had to shake it upside down and side ways pretty hard to get it to mix. I tightened it pretty well so there was no mess when I was mixing but afterwards I put it on the table and it leaked the milk everywhere and was even pouring out of the lid when tipped sideways. I had my mom try with the lid. She cleaned it off and then tried shaking it again. She said there is no gasket on the top so she had to over crank by one twist (would feel like I was breaking it) to get it to not leak. So it worked but I will be worrying about breaking the top having to over tighten it every time I use it.

  8. TheAverageGuy1983

    The Lid is a big issueThe cup over all is made of good plastic material but the lid is definitely need work.
    The Lid leaked out a large amount of water as I was shaking the bottle. The area where the locking mechanism is on both the cup and lid I feel need to be either thicker or closer together to make a solid leak proof seal.
    The Spout of the lid is very flimsy and unless you hold it down with your finger it will definitely
    Pop open and make a mess. Due to this I cannot recommend this cup until the manufacturer fixes these issues. It makes this cup useless for a sports cup for things like protein shakes.

  9. tracy

    DisappointedThis leaked the first time I used it

  10. Patti

    Sucked!IT CAME BROKE!

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