Multipod Selfie Tripod Rechargeable Wireless By Bower


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The Bower Multi Selfie Tripod is the premier kit for all occasions and uses.

Given its multiple mounts, tripod variations and wireless capabilities, the multipod is a great tool to use for selfies,

wireless picture/video taking, along with action camera videos and live action photography.

The Multipod adjusts from 7 inches to 36 inches.

This allows for multi-angle shooting, 90 degree vertical shooting and hand held shooting.

The Multipod can be used as a tabletop tripod, desktop tripod and selfie tripod.

The Multipod Selfie Tripod also has the capability to be used with a GoPro via an adapter and includes a wireless shutter remote.

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Multipod Selfie Tripod Rechargeable Wireless By Bower

  • Multi-angle shooting, including 90 Degree spec.
  • Includes mounts for most mainstream smartphones
  • Includes mount for GoPro & Action Cameras
  • Multiple variations of use, including Table-Top, Selfie & Extended Tripod (7”-36”)
  • Hands-free function with clip On Wireless Bluetooth Remote

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Multi angle shooting, 90 degree vertical shooting, Smartphone mount, GoPro adapter,



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Bower, S Bower Inc

10 reviews for Multipod Selfie Tripod Rechargeable Wireless By Bower

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  1. Gunslinger45611

    Great product[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Bower Multipod is such a cool product. I use it for home and work. It makes taking family photos so much easier and no one gets left out. I also use it at work to take better pictures of scenes. The Multipod holds it steady for better, more clear shots. I highly recommend this product.

  2. cristi

    Fairly Good for the MoneyI purchased it for my smartphone. It is easy to use and I like that a remote comes with it as it allows me to record without having to manually stop/start the phone. The phone fits nice and tight. It is a little weak on holding the phone upright even when the stand was stationary. It takes several adjustments to get it to hold and that’s a bit of a pain. I am keeping it because I use it when my phone is stationary, so it serves my purpose. If you know you are going to be mobile double check to make sure it holds the position as you need it.

  3. stephen

    You get what you pay for ! sgtri pod is flimsy at best, remote didn’t pair up to Android phone..had to buy different remote. Stephen

  4. Cindy

    Don’t waste you money on this I promiseOk so first of all this is an ok tripod it’s just that every time I go to film a TikTok it falls over and it not very sturdy and second of all the iPhone holders dose not fit my phone so I Took my case of and filmed on it and then it cracked the back of my phone so do t recommend..

  5. Aaron

    Not for modern large smartphones.Doesn’t fit modern large smartphones. Phone holder too flimsy and broke when trying to pull spring loaded mount to fit a S21 Ultra. Attached a better mount but the both the extendable sections and the tripod legs are too weak to support the weight of the phone.

  6. Dave

    Very flimsy and poorly constructed.Very flimsy and poorly constructed. I couldn’t get the top part to hold my camera steady. The legs are too low and not wide enough, so the whole assembly is top heavy and likely to fall over. Thin tube metal makes it likely to bend.

  7. Ken

    Beware of this product!The actual part that hold the phone is too fragile. I’ve bought 2 because that part would always break while using it on a 5.5 size iPhone 8 Plus.

  8. colton

    DONT WASTE MONEYpurchased may 14th, its now june 4th, the rotating piece at the top is worn out, the Bluetooth button suddenly quit working, and the balance on this this is just absolutely terrible.

  9. P dub

    Not that greatFlimsy device doesn’t hold phone steady

  10. Vina

    Missing 1 part.The box said multipod in box. No multipod in box.

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