Lens Wipes ZEISS Pre-Moistened Eye Glass Cleaner 100 Ct


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Gentle and thorough cleaning with ZEISS Lens Wipes ZEISS Lens Wipes safely and quickly clean multiple lens surfaces.

Individually wrapped and specially formulated with a gentle solution, these wipes remove smudges and dirt, leaving lenses free of scratches, streaks or residue.

Dont risk damaging your lenses Although it may be easier to clean eyeglasses with your shirt, our clothes are likely to contain abrasive dirt which can scratch lenses.

ZEISS Lens Wipes safely and quickly clean lenses without leaving any scratches.

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Lens Wipes ZEISS Pre-Moistened Eye Glass Cleaner 100 Ct

  • Individually wrapped, pre-moistened cleaning wipes
  • Disposable wipes for the gentle cleaning of glasses and lenses
  • Safe for cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coating or prescription
  • Ammonia-free wipes clean without leaving streaks or residue
  • Safely clean glasses and wipe lenses guaranteed not to scratch
  • Quickly and easily wipes away smudges and dirt

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10 reviews for Lens Wipes ZEISS Pre-Moistened Eye Glass Cleaner 100 Ct

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  1. goldwing1

    A Great Purchase!!!!I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 plus years and have used several different brands of eyeglass cleaner wipes. After reading the reviews I decided to try these wipes. Used one wipe for each lens and voila – lens so clear – no streaking at all – no smudging like other eyeglass cleaner wipes I have used. I like the convenience of individually wrapped wipes that I can put in my purse, at my bedside table, in the glove compartment, etc. To me, the wipe had just the right amount of wetness. The packaging was correct and the right amount ordered is correct. This eyeglass wipe cleaner by this company will be a repeat purchase/ also the price very reasonable and 100 wipes will last me awhile.

  2. edgar

    Pretty goodI’ve been using these for a while they were pretty well last shipment arrived damaged but besides that i’d still recommend

  3. Swampfan

    Portable and multi purpose glass wipesJust the right size and amount of alcohol on the sheet. Easy to take along. Uses are limitless. I use them on my glasses, cell phone, in the car to wipe off possible covid germs and as a hand sanitizer. I’m mot happy that the price has gone up 12% in the last year, but if you use them along with a liquid sanitizer on the same sheet (they are strong little things) you can use them for double duty.

  4. Christine

    I’ve found my new favorite lens wipes!I’ve used the CVS wipes for my glasses for a few years now, but they keep changing them and they aren’t like they used to be so I went in search of a replacement. I’ve found them. These are reasonably priced, perfectly sized, and just the right amount of wetness, in my opinion. They don’t leave droplets on my lenses like some have, but they’re wet enough to clean thoroughly and perfectly. I hope they never change these!

  5. JustBetweenUs

    Cleans well and saves me moneyI have been getting these for a while now. They are the best I found out there to take care of the oil that gets on my glasses. I have oily skin and have for years been looking for an eyeglass cleaner that would effectively work. These do!
    Economical to buy and they clean my phone screen as well as my camera lenses. What more can you ask for.

  6. Thomas

    Ever ready and usefulLeaves clean, streak-free finish. Individual packs very handy. Used this product for years and as of yet, never disappointed. good price

  7. Lori

    They’re good for a QUICK clean.What I like is that they clean well. What I don’t like is that they dry up in what seems like less than a minute. The size print in the precautions section, is too small for me to read, even when I wear my glasses. I hope to find a brand that will last longer. Not dripping, but a little more alcohol than this. In a pinch, I’ve used them to sanitize my hands when in a restaurant. The individual package is thin with an inner silver interior. You could carry at least one in a man’s wallet and about five in an eye glass case. I wear glasses every day while reading inside. I use these about twice a week and the box has lasted me several months.

  8. Frances

    Less than half in box!Great product to clean glasses.. but the box did not have 100 wipes..only came with 46..won’t be ordering this online any more.

  9. Elsa

    Turns everything yellowThey clean lens very good, and removes oil from lens. BUT, some kind of formula changed in the product which is discoloring everything it touches. My hands turn yellow, my clothes where the wipe touched turned yellow, and even my phone case turned yellow. Something is funky with this product now. It used to be so good. It still cleans but you need rubber gloves and be very careful when using it.

  10. RWing

    TerribleThese actually left my glasses streaked and seem to just smear the skin oil across the glass. I bought these because of the positive reviews, but the ones I got are just terrible.

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