Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand for Cameras Smartphone Onn.


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Strike a pose! Be the star of your shot with our Flexible Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand

Now you can capture that victory dance at the top of that cliff or take a stunning selfie in front of your favorite downtown mural.

Incredibly flexible in construction and use, this Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand does what no other tripod has done before!

Leg bending and wrapping allow much more customized shooting options than other tripods.

Its collapsible portable design easily stows away in your purse or backpack, so you’ll always be camera-ready! Focus onn. We’re onn. to something here.

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Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand for Cameras Smartphone Onn.

  • Height adjusts from 9.85 in to 12 in
  • Flexible legs easily adapt to uneven surfaces
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • For compact cameras, smartphones, and GoPro cameras
  • Compact, on-the-go design
  • Supports up to 2.2 lbs.
  • Non-slip feet
  • Ball-head with 1/4-20 UNC threaded mount
  • What’s in the box? 1 Flexible Mini-Tripod, 1 smartphone cradle, 1 GoPro mount

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10 reviews for Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand for Cameras Smartphone Onn.

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Lainey

    Fantastic Tripod!This mini tripod is fantastic! It’s super versatile, compact, and simple to pack, and it comes with a smartphone cradle and a GoPro mount, which I like. It’s 12″ in size, making it suitable for travel as well as home use. It has an adjustable ball-head and is very easy to use. The legs have a solid foundation and can twist and turn in any direction.

    It was a lot of fun to use this Onn Flexible Mini Tripod, and it fits well with my iPhone! Having this with me makes taking selfies or photos with my family and friends so much easier. This tripod is ideal for smartphones, GoPro cameras, and other small cameras.

  2. Cindy

    Absolutely love this tripodI love this tripod so much. I am a photographer and I needed a tripod to get creative shot needless to say this one does the job. It is so easy to attach my phone to it with the attachment and the stand is very sturdy. Love how it folds up so I can put it in my bag.

  3. Tonyzany

    High quality ONN flexible mini tripod!I am very impressed with the quality of this 12″ mini tripod. It feels very substantial in the hand. The 3 legs are made with a strong flexible material covered in a thick rubberized coating. There are little rubberized ball feet on each leg to keep the mount sturdily in place. You can bend each leg to fit your needs. It comes with a ball head that is adjustable angel control to fit any situation. The ball mount has a 1/4-20 UNC threaded mount. The included cell phone cradle screw’s on the ball mount sideways or vertical. The phone cradle is spring loaded to fit most cell phones and has felt type lining to protect your cell phones finish. The spring is pretty tight making sure you’re cell phone is locked in tightly. It also comes with a separate GoPro mount to use your GoPro camera.
    This mount can be used indoors or outdoors. This tripod is great for table top use and makes creating videos for Youtube or anything else you want to shoot. You can also use this for still pictures keeping them steady. Buy this mini tripod to create your own fun.

  4. Greentrees72

    Nice tripod for most camerasI’ve been looking for a tripod like this for a while and this one seems solidly built. It works well with my mini DV camera which I still use for various things. The flexible legs allow me to find just the right angle for shooting video. I really like it!

  5. Ferretmom1

    Perfect tabletop tripod to get the best shot!This is super helpful! Its legs bend and the pivot ball for the phone mount attachment helps me get the best shot of my items I’m listing for my e-commerce site! Before I would end up with blurring from me moving on some of my photos. This works perfectly with a remote shutter button clicker I had gotten in anticipation of this item arriving! I can even just pick up the lightweight tripod and take it to my desk with me instead of leaving it in my photo area. No need to unhook my phone. Then it gives me a hands free phone holder at my desk! I’m going to be using this multiple times per day!

  6. Jen

    TripodThis tripod can be used to attach either a small camera or a phone. Easy to set up right out the box. It has an adjustable ball head to be able to pivot it whichever way you need. Many angles can be achieved with the mount. It has flexible legs that can adapt to any surface. You can wrap the legs around things as well, although i would make sure it was sturdy before walking away from it if you have a camera attached. I would recommend setting it up in the spot you want it THEN attach the camera or phone to it. It’s small enough to take in your purse or backpack. It only supports 2.2 lbs so the camera you use has to be small. This would not work for a DSLR camera. There is an included go pro mount. At its tallest, it is 12″. This is meant more as a traveling tripod. This was perfect for me as I enjoy taking it on hiking adventures instead of lugging around a full tripod. This would be great for backpackers as well. Great product!

  7. Jupes569

    So far so good, enjoying thisThis tripod is a fun gadget to have around and it is very sturdy. Much better than a selfie stick. We use it for making FaceTime calls to family- not having to hold the phone and it staying perfectly still is really nice. And my daughter uses it to make TikTok videos LOL. I have never used the attachment for the GoPro so I can’t comment on that. The legs are extremely flexible, very cool. I’m hoping that it lasts awhile because I know that sometimes the ball and socket part of these tripods tend to break.

  8. pjc87guy

    multi-usefulSturdy, good quality, and holds well on unstable surfaces, such as a bed, pole, or uneven surface.
    The grip for the phone is tight, so there’s no fear of its falling out, and the multiple positions of both the camera/phone attachment and the flexible legs mean there is virtually nowhere where this cannot be manipulated to work.

  9. ke123h

    Sturdy, lightweight, flexible tripodThis is a bit larger than a mini tripod as it measures 9″ tall with the tripod legs being 7″ long. It is lightweight with flexible legs and the interchangeable accessories are easy to screw on. The ball head can be locked into position. It feels very sturdy. The only not so great option is the Smartphone cradle – it opens to 4″ – my Android Moto G6 phone with the protective cover is 3′ wide, but very bulky and it was difficult to fit the phone in securely. The spring is very stiff and it was hard to try to keep the cradle opened wide enough and get the phone in. I had to lay the phone down on the table and pull open the brackets and jam it on… I do not wish to take the cover off every time to use the tripod or struggle to get it in, especially if I am outdoors and cannot put the phone on a flat surface. Make sure to measure your phone before purchase!

  10. DIYerGuy

    Well made and portable tripod for the moneyThis onn flexible tripod is just the right size (12”) to provide a stable work surface but also be compact enough to be portable and light. The best feature is the flexible (but not flimsy) legs that can conform to any shape that is required and allow for infinite height and location adjustments. Even though the overall build quality of the tripod is good, the legs seem especially well made and durable and have non-skid feet at the bottom. Probably because they are expected to take the most abuse! There is also an initially height adjustment feature that is easily overlooked and that is a rotating ring at the top of the legs that provides two initial positions that limit how far out the legs can spread. This provides a starting point and then you can bend (or wrap) the legs to where you need them. The tripod has a standard threaded mount. I do not have a GoPro, so I could only test the phone bracket out that comes with the tripod. The phone bracket has a “spring loaded” holder that provides a very tight grip on your phone. However, if you have a phone larger than the 7plus that I have pictured, it may not open enough to accommodate (especially if it has a case on it). The phone bracket also features vertical or horizontal attachment and felt lining. The brackets are easy to attach and the “ball and socket” design makes it easy to rotate and/or tilt you phone/camera to the angle and direction that you require. It also has a thumb screw that is tightened to securely hold the ball in place. Overall, this is a well made portable tripod.

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