LED Soundbar 2.0 with 2 Speakers, 20″ By onn

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Boost your sound with 120 Watts of peak audio from our compact two-speaker onn. 2.0 LED Soundbar!

Stream your favorite audio from devices with Bluetooth wireless technology, or connect directly via Optical, USB or AUX connections.

Blast onn. with our onn. 2.0 LED Soundbar.

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LED Soundbar 2.0 with 2 Speakers, 20″ By onn

  • 20″ soundbar with 2 internal speakers
  • 2.0 channels
  • Bluetooth wireless technology streams audio from all your devices
  • Multi-color LED lighting with 4 light modes and 4 dimmer levels
  • Features 1 Optical, 1 3.5 mm AUX, and 1 USB Connections
  • 30 W RMS output / 120 W peak output (RMS x 4)
  • What’s in the Box? 1 LED soundbar 20 in (50.8 cm), 1 AC power cable 4.6 ft (1.4 m), 1 remote control (batteries included), 1 Optical cable 6 ft (1.8 m), 1 3.5 mm AUX cable 6 ft (1.8 m), 1 wall mounting kit, 1 wall mounting template, and 1 Quick Start Guide

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10 reviews for LED Soundbar 2.0 with 2 Speakers, 20″ By onn

4.8 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Lace

    Great for the PRICEThe sound is amazing for the price the bass sounds great just a all around good sound bar for the price not gonna lie and the leds are a nice touch, comes with batteries a remote and a optical audio cord can’t beat that at all and it comes with the stuff to mount it on the wall will be doing that later

  2. strwbrrydanish

    This is pretty coolI hooked up the onn. 2.0 LED Soundbar with 2 Speakers onto my Tv, wasn’t difficult at all. The instructions were very easy to follow. I have the optical port on my tv so that was a plus knowing my sound will be the better of the 2 options. I added the onn. 2.0 LED Soundbar with 2 Speakers to my Bluetooth on my phone. Playing my musics through these speakers, the sound is nice and clear. The LED. Light are great! There are different light options to, multi or solids. The lights are bright and fun.
    Watching movies and having more sound, through the 2 speakers, room lights off and the LED lights on, makes a fun atmosphere.
    The sound bar is a nice slim bar, fits perfectly right in front of my TV. It also has an option to mount it on the wall.

  3. IllinoisArtGuy

    ONN. 2.0 SNBR LED good but I need a newer TV nowONN. 2.0 SNBR LED

    I got the ONN 2.0 soundbar to augment my older smart tv’s sound which is decent but doesn’t have woofers so every time I’m watching something with a lot of bass, it sounds shredded. So far I’ve yet to test the capacity on the soundbar as I’ve just received it and have been trying out its settings. Unfortunately, the only way to get the better quality of sound out of it is to use the optical audio cable which sadly is not supported on my older smart tv, so until I upgrade the tv I won’t know what I’m missing out on. However, I can say that the sound coming out is fed by AUX cable which the tv does support. It does sound a little bit richer on the lower range sounds, yet the higher ranges kind of sound flat to my ear, but together the tv and soundbar combine to make a decent sound. As for the LED lights, they are on the back of the unit and provide a light show that responds to the sound fluctuations from the audio input. While my son was disappointed by that fact, I said that it was probably better to have them there than on the front, otherwise that might be too distracting a thing while watching tv. The LED can be toggled through two other light modes plus an off mode. Switching sounds between movie, talk, and music mode doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference in the current state of audio signal reception via AUX…I suspect that perhaps this might also be more noticeable if I were using the optical cable to get sound from the smart tv, oh well. At least now I won’t have to go buy a soundbar when I finally upgrade my tv! So, I will just say that it’s nice to have a soundbar to take the load off the tv having to supply all the sound…together they do seem to offer a richer combined sound.

  4. ThePhoneLady

    Works with a Multitude of Devices …LOVE IT!This ONN Soundbar is so versatile!

    I can use it with my mini stereo (which crazily enough has no MUTE button on its remote) to control not only the volume and MUTE, but much more from the remote. You can also access all the functions from the speaker itself.
    You can adjust the type of connection (USB, BT, AUX, etc., as well as various sound settings from either remote or device.

    Not wild about the flashing LED colors, but enjoy the use of it for solid nightlight while using.
    Depending on how you position it, the lights can be more or less visible. You can also dim them or turn the lights off completely.

    This speaker can be positioned in numerous ways, including standing tall. You can also mount it on the wall. Very lightweight and easy to move.

    My favorite part is being able to connect this ONN soundbar to my little portable radio in the barn.
    I just plug it in to power and to the auxiliary port and my little radio becomes loud enough to hear from far away. The remote works for quite a distance, too.
    The remote is super user-friendly and controls all the functions, including…MUTE…for those annoying commercials! 😀

  5. Adendyut

    Love The SoundThe zONN 2.0 LED Soundbar would be a welcome addition to any living room or bedroom. I love that it lights up in response to the type of sound coming through it and moves through the light spectrum.. The sound quality is greatly improved and amplified with this object. It was very easy to install as well.

  6. Trace

    Perfect size sound at with big sound!Some channels on our TV doesn’t have good sound
    quality so I thought getting a sound bar would be a
    great way to get even sound on all channels! My son
    had one and it was great but it was huge! This sound
    bar is the perfect size at least half the size of his! It
    was easy to set up and it talks to you when you turn
    it on and when your setting it up! It works great and
    we are very happy with the quality of sound it puts
    out! It also has led lights on the back which is a nice
    added feature!

  7. Tessy

    Perfect for a partyThis little speaker puts off some serious sound and lights. We hooked it up to our tv with the provided optical cord. We have also connected to it with our phone’s Bluetooth. Sound quality with each was great and it can be turned up way louder than the tv itself. This sound bar also comes with a light show. It switches between colors. You can change the pattern of the light show and you can also dim it or turn it off. It can definitely light up a whole room in its brightest setting.

  8. Cynlab8992

    GreatOnn led sound bar works perfectly for music, so far music is the only thing that I have used this for. The Bluetooth set up for IPhone worked quickly and easily and connecting other devices is also easy too it comes with what is needed to hook it up. Lights on the backside of this speaker does a rainbow type color, single colors, and also just a soft white color.

  9. Kayla

    Good sound!This soundbar works great for music! Easy to set up, can be connected by fiber, aux, usb, and Bluetooth. The sound is great when listening to music through Bluetooth! The only issue was the sound wasn’t completely clear when I connected to my tv through aux. Wasn’t completely clear and a little muffled/static sounding. Very slick design and fits perfect under my tv. I ended up setting it up in my kitchen. Love the LED lights. Has 3 different light settings and they are dimmable. Love that it has a remote. Has 3 different sound modes (movie, music, and talk mode). Overall, very easy to use and great quality especially for the price point! Highly recommend!

  10. AlwaysWalmartUser

    Not badThis is a pretty decent sound bar for the price. The installation was easy and took me about 5-10 minutes. The instructions are pretty clear. I placed my sound bar behind the tv. The light feature does not really impress me though – when it’s a steady light you can really see it much behind the tv, but when it’s blinking it becomes too distracting. The sound is pretty clear, but does not get obscenely loud. The remote control is easy to navigate, but I would like for the tv controller to control the sound bar too. That would be the perfect sound bar. Other than that it is a cool small sound bar that I will use a lot.

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