Great Value Frenchs Original Crispy Fried Onions, 6 oz


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What are Frenchs fried onions called?

Enjoy the delightful taste and crispy crunchiness of Great Value French Fried Onions.

Frenchs Crispy Fried Onions are a classic compliment to all your favorite dishes from creamy soups, hearty casseroles and fresh salads. Their savory taste, crispy crunch and flaky texture make them an excellent topping for not only deepening the flavor profile of your dishes but also for adding a satisfying texture to every bite.

With only 40 calories per serving and no saturated fat, trans fat, or cholesterol, you can afford to add a few more when the reward is this delicious. Get creative in the kitchen with the green bean casserole featured on the back of this package for a crowd-pleasing favorite at any potluck or get-together. Go the extra mile with your next meal and be sure to top it off with Great Value Crispy Fried Onions.

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Great Value Frenchs Original Crispy Fried Onions 6 oz

  • Excellent way to enhance the flavor and texture in all your favorite soups, casseroles, and salads
  • Reclosable packaging helps maintain freshness between uses
  • Zero cholesterol, zero saturated or trans fat, enjoy the fried onion flavor without the guilt.
  • Only 40 calories per serving
  • Kosher

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Great Value

10 reviews for Great Value Frenchs Original Crispy Fried Onions, 6 oz

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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    Always goodGreat price and flavor. I usually put them on brisket tacos! This time I used them for meatloaf.

  2. abearwhocares

    tasty snack!!i buy these often for smacking and to use in cooking. they have a light onion taste– and actually i never ”see” any onion pieces — just onion flavored batter pieces with a tasty crunch. good crumbled [which is easy as they are often mashed in the bag anyway- but!] over a butter or sour creamed baked potato or salad as/with croutons or casserole. i mix into chex mix party bowls and have made my own treat others love— you take some granulated or powdered sugar– put in the bag of rings and shake– the sugar sticks to the oily onion pieces and makes a tasty sweet/salty onion crunch treat you serve in a bowl by itself—-it goes FAST!!. i sometimes mix these with French’s cheddar ring pieces to cut the salty cheddar powder taste. lots of options or just eat out of the bag. fatty food– but not too bad in moderation. enjoy!!

  3. loyalwalmartshopper

    Preferred over original brand!We love these to top a salad. They seem to be a little more cooked/crunchy than the original brand.

  4. Gail

    Better and Better For You Onion RingsThese French Fried Onions are really very good. They are low salt, tasty and better priced than their national-branded competitors. After trying them, we purchased a large order to stock for later use. We recommend them and will purchase them again.

  5. Casey

    Hands down better than the name brand ones.i never knew Walmart brand in this existed. i live near a small little basic get what you need Walmart so I’d always buy the name brand one. So salty. these Walmart brand ones are outstanding. I could eat these plain. So good with green beans, salads, and my boyfriends burgers and chicken.

  6. Susanne

    Better deal than Frenchs brand, and equal qualityWhen I found out a number of years ago that Walmart offered a brand of french fried onions (for green bean casserole) that is way less expensive than the overpriced Frenchs brand, I was thrilled. Now I dont just make green bean casserole for holidays, and I don’t have to buy overpriced Frenchs! I also love these straight out of the bag as a snack (like chips). No need to buy the overpriced Frenchs anymore, unless they are on a good sale, and I can enjoy green bean casserole any time of year.

  7. TinaSon

    Love Them!Love these and use them all the time. Bought them for Green Bean Casserole one time and was hooked. Now I also use them in a few of my chicken casseroles, my potato soup, plus a stroganoff dish I make. There are so many possibilities. Can hardly keep a bag in stock at my house as they go so fast.

  8. Reggie

    Good product, decent price

  9. Lynn

    ToppingVery good not bad at all tastes a little spicy

  10. Beverly

    Awful!Not even close to the brand name dried onions. So sorry I bought these because they ruined our Thanksgiving casserole and I had to throw it away. The lesson is that you get what you pay for.

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