Hazelnut Spread Great Value , 13 oz

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Great Value Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is a sweet and creamy treat that the whole family can enjoy. Our hazelnut spread is naturally and artificially flavored, made with real hazelnuts and cocoa.

It can be served atop toast and graham crackers, as a dipping sauce for fresh strawberries, in a sandwich with sliced bananas, or wherever your imagination takes you. Take school lunches and after school snacks to the next level by serving alongside apple and orange slices.

Conveniently packaged in a 13-ounce resealable jar with a twist off lid, the spread stores at room temperature with an extended shelf life, making it easy to stock up so you always have a delicious treat on hand for parties, sleepovers, and school events. A favorite of kids and adults alike, Great Value Hazelnut Spread is a sure win!

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Great Value Hazelnut Spread, 13 oz:

  • Made with real hazelnuts and cocoa
  • Kid-friendly
  • Great for after school snacks or an afternoon treat
  • About 10 servings per container

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10 reviews for Hazelnut Spread Great Value , 13 oz

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  1. kpena134

    Slightly different from “other” stuffTasty, kinda tastes like Nutella but it kinda reminds me more of the chocolate part of the Mexican candy “Duvalin” which is very delicious. Most notably it’s runnier than Nutella so I put it in the fridge and hopefully it’ll firm up. Flavor is on point though.

  2. Joann

    Yummy Chocolate Hazelnut TasteTaste as good as Nu—-a. Cheaper price. I haven’t had Nu—-a for over 4 years, so decided to order some. Found Great Value so decided to try it as is cheaper. It is just as good as the major brand. Perfect for when I want something sweet and chocolatey on a cracker. Better watch it closely or I will eat a whole jar. LOL

  3. Patricia

    Works for me.I like chocolate, and I like hazelnuts, and the price is lower than a more well-known brand I’ve tried. They taste the same to me, so this is a win-win deal. I like it on graham crackers, and unfrosted sugar cookies, and recently spread on some left-over pancakes (but should have warmed it first for easier spreading on the soft pancakes).

  4. cary

    DOUBTING THOMAS.I’m Not A Fan of This Stuff. Many Years Ago, I Tried The Big Name Brand. I Just, Didn’t Like It. Let Me Tell You Today, I Tried The Great Value Brand. It Was A Winner. The Chocolate Is So Rich

  5. Tahitian

    This is very very good!! Much like Nutella but a lot cheaper!! I go through 1 of these every few days!!!

  6. Froggiegurl

    MmmmGreat Value hazelnut spread is the only kind i buy! The thicker consistency is similar to peanut butter as opposed to Nutella that is much more runny!

  7. Jamie

    As good, if not better than name brand NutellaThis stuff is just too good.. I’d sit down and eat the whole jar with a spoon but that’d make me a fatty. Tastes just as good as Nutella to us, and cost less!

  8. Wolfgirl

    As good as the name brand

  9. Brian

    It’s OK if you can get it out of the Jar.It’s almost the same as the name brand but not quite. The hazelnut flavor isn’t as strong. I did not buy this, I got it as a substitute on a delivery. Not happy about that but what can I do? I’d probably buy this if it was the only thing available except for the way the jar is designed. What goes through a manufacturer’s head designing such a container? It’s an odd shape and it’s very difficult to remove the spread. Sure you can get all you want until the container is low then it’s a struggle to get the spread out beneath all the curves. They aren’t the only ones, a lot of manufacturers seem to design containers that are difficult to open and extract the product. It makes no sense to me as a consumer but I suppose they must have a reason. Most likely a selfish reason.

  10. Kriss

    It is a waste of moneyThis stuff tastes ok when first opened, but give it a few days and it tastes wierd. It tastes like it is rancid or something. I can’t quite put my finger on the taste, I just know I don’t like it.

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