HERSHEY’S, Chocolate Syrup, Baking Supplies, 24 oz, Bottle

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HERSHEY’S, Chocolate flavored Syrup, 24 oz Bottle

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HERSHEY’S, Chocolate Syrup, Baking Supplies, 24 oz, Bottle

  • Pour the classic taste of HERSHEY’S Genuine Chocolate flavor onto your ice cream and desserts or into your milk and coffee
  • A fat-free and gluten-free kosher genuine chocolate-flavored syrup, packaged in a closeable and squeezable bottle for easy pouring
  • Nothing says sweet like the classic taste of HERSHEY’S Syrup Please refrigerate after opening to retain freshness

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Liquids, In Heavy Syrup

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10 reviews for HERSHEY’S, Chocolate Syrup, Baking Supplies, 24 oz, Bottle

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  1. mrblueu

    Historic or is that Classic?Whichever, historic or classic, it’s been in households as far back as I can remember. I still like the little can’s some times, just for the nostalgia if for no other reason. I have yet to try the dark chocolate but I suspect I will love it too. We mainly use it on ice cream.

  2. Lyn

    Logical solutionI appreciate getting the brand and type I ordered, by your substitution of 2 containers equaling the desired amount of the one container ordered.

  3. Tessie


  4. blampe21

    So much flavor for my family![This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Hershey’s syrup has got to be the best indulgence my family has known for years! I was so excited to have my family test this very large bottle (24 oz) of Hershey’s syrup on everything we could! We enjoyed this syrup on our favorite ice cream treats, done breakfast items and a very delicious peanut butter pie! I cannot imagine using any other brand for my family other than Hershey’s syrup! We love the taste, the quality, how easy it is for every member of the family to pour the bottle and that familiar chocolate taste! I will always choose Hershey’s for my family for a special treat because it’s the brand we trust and the taste we crave most!

  5. Juliana

    wa a supposed to be 2 large bottles

  6. JoeAnna

    Totally different stores. not the same .it was thrown in my yard so far down my drive way i couldnt find it. Im shock that this is Wal Mart now . I just dont like it at all. Im usally pretty satisfied but not this time. Everyone keeps telling me that yall are going to become like Amazon or something . Ive shopped at Wal mart since it opened ?

  7. BC

    Smaller bottle, bigger priceThe price is up and the size is down. Nothing better then ordering one thing and receiving less then expected.


    BRING BACK OUR GENUINE CHOCOLATE SYRUP !Unfortunately hershey has changed their formula and they now sell FAT FREE chocolate syrup. It’s pretty clear that no one’s likes this change. I used to buy several bottles of The genuine syrup and now all I see is FAT FREE Syrup. I grew up using this chocolate syrup for chocolate milk and now I don’t buy em anymore because they taste nothing like the original. You guys really shouldn’t have taken the original off the shelves, people grew up on this stuff .


  9. Keyur

    they replaced it with great value product which has more sugar n calories moreover we specifically refused substitute yet they sent it i only saw when i reached home.

  10. A man who stands for the

    Not the original Taste we want.Ever since you guys started using fat Free , it no longer has that original taste we all miss.

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