BLK. Dirty Lemonade Fulvic Enriched Water 33.8oz 1L 12Pk

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blk. is the first fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water.

BLK. Dirty Lemonade. alkaline enriched water is sourced from deep in the earth, where it’s been millions of years in the making.

Full of naturally occurring electrolytes & amino acids – our body building blocks. blk. is made from a proprietary blend of fulvic minerals which contains 77+ trace minerals.

Fulvic minerals have many incredible properties that have been used medically and for health for centuries by the people of ancient China, Mexico and South Africa.

BLK. Dirty Lemonade .’s company mission is to be an ambassador of health and fitness, to be an icon of form and function, and to support a healthy lifestyle that is conscious of the modern individual.

BLK. Dirty Lemonade. athletes dare to push themselves further than they thought was possible. Not to be confused as bulk water blk water is 100% natural and full of body-loving benefits.

Added to a supplement blk. can improve nutrient absorption. Made from organic material fulvic acid is a powder form .

Other forms of blk. from the Himalayas are referred to as shilajit or shilajeet. Fulvic and humic acid feature powerful electrolyte properties to boost immunity.

Our body has so many vital functions that in order to operate efficiently we need a vehicle to improve these functions.

blk. is in a convenient and easy to drink bottle, unlike drops that you take directly sublingually. blk. is great for keto diets as well as intermittent fasting.

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BLK. Dirty Lemonade Fulvic Enriched Water 33.8oz 1L 12Pk

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10 reviews for BLK. Dirty Lemonade Fulvic Enriched Water 33.8oz 1L 12Pk

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  1. nizajet g.

    smooth light tasting and ismooth light tasting and i recommend it to others I know, I learned abut blk. products through a suzanne somers facebook live about supplements and the importance of minerals and nutrients. I would like to thank blk. for caring to make a quality product without any additives that are harmful.

  2. Lincoln A.

    Good Hydration!!Love this stuff!! It hydrates so well, and it makes me feel good after drinking it.

  3. Mimi K.

    Taste good! Free and fastTaste good!
    Free and fast shipping
    Thank you

  4. anthony b.

    Excellent taste .. some ofExcellent taste .. some of the best water products I’ve had .. not sure on any health benefits but it tastes great

  5. Cinnamon H.

    I love Blk water. DirtyI love Blk water. Dirty lemonade tastes amazing.

  6. Scott M.

    Better golf:)It’s given me plenty of lasting hydration during my 4 hour rounds of golf

  7. Torres T.

    Dirty LemonadeI really liked the taste and is a great product

  8. Dorsey J.

    RefreshingRefreshing. Liked the slight flavor and not too sweet.

  9. Karen B.

    My favorite!My favorite!

  10. Crystalyn H.

    Good, but not my favoriteI have had the original unflavored BLK water and I enjoyed it a bit more than this flavor. I expected it to taste like the original with lemon flavor, but it was actually like lemonade; it has a sweetness to it. It was still very good. Should definitely be enjoyed cool/cold. I probably won’t purchase this flavor again, but if you like sugar free lemonade, you’ll enjoy it.

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