Collapsible Water Container, Water Storage Jug by Fyeme

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Material: PE
color: White
Capacity(optional): 5L 10L 15L (Due to the manual measurement, there will be errors.)
5L: Folding specification: length 14*width 12cm
10L: Folding specification: length 28*width 25cm
15L: Folding specifications: length 30.5*width 27.5cm*thickness 2.5cm
(Due to the manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3 cm.)

1.Large capacity;
2.Food grade material, safe drinking water;
3.It can be compressed and folded to save space;
4.Light and easy to carry;
5.Operating temperature -20—+80;
6.The faucet discharges water, which can be turned on and off in both directions,

which can control water volume and save water;
7.One-piece handle, fits the hand, easy to hold and lift
8.Purpose: Use special plastic, resistant to folding, not easy to aging,

suitable for temperature from minus 20 degrees to 80 degrees above zero,

folding design, volume 5L, suitable for camping water storage.

The water outlet can adjust the water volume, which is convenient to use

Package Including:
1*Outdoor PE Food Grade Telescopic Bucket


  • Collapsible Water Container Portable Water Storage Jug by Fyeme

  • High-quality material This Collapsible Water Container  is made of food-grade, BPA-free and 100% non-toxic environmentally friendly high-quality PE material.
  • With this Collapsible Water Container, you will enjoy the original sweetness of water without the annoying smell of PVC.
  • Adjustable and leak-proof Our Collapsible Water Container  storage faucet has an adjustable water flow control faucet,
  • and thanks to its innovative leak-proof faucet design, it allows you to store and transport water easily.
  • Adjust the faucet, and then lightly press the top of the pitcher, then fresh water comes out.
  • There is no need to lift a heavy tank of nearly 10 pounds and bear all the weight when pouring water.
  • Unique design This Collapsible Water Container has a round shape and an innovative design of accordion creativity, making it novel and fashionable.
  • It is ultra-light, compact and space-saving, weighs only 0.49 pounds, is easy to carry, and has a maximum water capacity of 2.6 gallons.
  • Pack this hydration canteen in a backpack or vehicle, ready for outdoor activities.
  • Wide use Collapsible Water Container, very suitable for camping, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • At the same time, it also enables you to quickly,
  • easily and safely store a large amount of water that meets the needs of the whole family in emergencies or disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc.
  • The adjustable faucet helps to directly drink and save water and avoid waste precious resource.
  • Reminder hen tightening the cover, please make sure that the internal thread is completely locked with the casing cover, otherwise it may cause water leakage.
  • Once you encounter leakage problems, try more tightening operations until it is sealed.

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