Alkaline Drinking Water Bottles Count of 8 by Agua

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Premium alkaline water now featuring All-Scratch!™️ Technology

A unique identification technology, All-Scratch!™️ allows you to scratch your name, initials,

image or identifying mark directly onto the scratch area;

making it easy to display ownership of your bottle of Agua Plus.

No need for a marker that you likely don’t have and that will likely only smudge or wash off anyways.

Simply scratch with a fingernail.

The uniquely formulated scratch ink is resistant to water, ice, condensation, sun heat and rubbing.

Agua Plus has a pH level of 9+ (Alkaline) and contains: 0 Fluoride, 0 Chlorine, 0 sodium, 0 Calories.

This ultra pure water is free of impurities and is enhanced with added minerals.

electrolytes for optimum hydration that will fuel your high performance lifestyle, with a smooth pristine taste to top it off.

Agua Plus Alkaline Drinking Water never contains any artificial flavorings or additives and is always stored in a BPA-free bottle.

About Plus Brands
Each of our brands are developed around the “healthy-alternative” concept. Why? Because your health matters to us!

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   Alkaline Drinking Water Bottles Count of 8 by Agua

  • NOW FEATURING ALL-SCRATCH!™️ TECHNOLOGY: The latest innovation to revolutionize the beverage industry.
  • providing a simple solution to eliminate beverage confusion through a unique identification technology.
  • Simply scratch your name, initials, picture or identifying mark in the scratch area to easily identify your 16.9 fl oz bottle of Agua Plus!
  • MINERAL RICH, ALKALINE pH9+ WATER – A smart choice for active lifestyles,
  • each bottle contains mineral rich, Alkaline Drinking Water with a pH measuring 9+.
  • CONVENIENT, 100% rPET BOTTLES – Each of the 8 x 500ml bottles are made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastics.
  • BUY MORE SAVE MORE – Water is essential for a healthy life, which is why we offer bulk discounts .
  • the more bottles you buy the more you save.
  • REFRESHINGLY DELICIOUS TASTE – Agua Plus Alkaline Drinking Water has a smooth.
  • thirst-quenching taste and is always stored in a BPA-free bottle.
  • Great for any everyday hydration and even better for a hot day or physical activity

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Plus Brand Industries


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