Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband, Wireless Music Sleeping Headphones Sleep Eye Mask Earbuds IPX6 Waterproof for Side

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As a leader in Bluetooth headband products, we have a strong R&D and production team. MUSICOZY is committed to design innovation and quality improvement, walking at the forefront of fashion, and providing customers all over the world with breathable, fashionable and high-quality products.

MUSICOZY – The Original Sleep Headphones

  • Comfortable Sleep Headphones – Our one-of-a-kind headband headphones – Sleep Headphone and Sports Headband – promote sound sleep and healthy lifestyles in ways you’ve never heard.
  • With thin, IPX6 waterproof and high-quality audio speakers fixed inside a comfortable, wearable, and washable headband, MUSICOZY products make listening to audio easy.
  • Made of a SOFT spandex-nylon blend fabric and mesh design that is comfortable to wear and breathable on those hot summer days.

No painful sleep earbuds or awkward headphones, they are perfect for:

  • When going to sleep or sleeping next to a snorer
  • For people suffering in various degrees from excessive stress or worry
  • For listening to music and Audio Book in bed at night while your partner sleeps
  • For listening to music while traveling or commuting
  • While working out, stationary biking, walking or jogging

Stay Cool & Stop Sweat (Extremely comfortable A-grade fabric)

  • Specifically engineered to increase the airflow between your skin and its soft material.
  • The breathable mesh and ice silk fabric allow your head to always stay cool and dry quickly during even the most rigorous of activities.
  • It has the best of both worlds. It keeps your head cool & stops sweat it in its tracks!

How to Connect Bluetooth?

  1. Turn off all bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Long press “ON/OFF” button in the headband until the red/blue light flash.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, find the Bluetooth named “musiCozy”, then connect.

Notes: The bluetooth headband should be disconnected from the charger before connecting Bluetooth. Disconnect with the previous device before it connects to a new device.




Estimated delivery on May 23, 2024


Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband, Wireless Music Sleeping

    • 【👍 Bluetooth Sleep Headphones & Sports Headband】 MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sport Headband allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones, and protect you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat.        The stylish headband headphones are ideal for travel, sleep, workout, running, yoga, meditation, and audio books. They block out ambient noise without using sleep ear buds that are painful & fall out.


    • 【🎧 Advanced Bluetooth Version Music Headband】 Bluetooth Sleep Headphones with upgraded treble and thumping bass. MUSICOZY wireless music headband headphones are driven by 40mm composite drivers. The ultra-elastic silicone outer ring can produce deep bass, while the lightweight and flexible composite bio-cellulose dome can provide higher definition between mid-range and high-range.


    • 【💦 Greater IPX6 Waterproof Workout Headphones】 This Bluetooth sleep headphone is protected by a fully waterproof case based on the submarine structure. Push yourself during exercise without worrying about sweat and rain damaging the Sleep Headphones. You can easily remove the speaker inside to rinse the headband when cleaning, without worrying about damaging it.


    • 【💖 2 Hours Quick Charge, 10 Hours Continuous Playing】 Built-in powerful rechargeable lithium battery, this sleep music headband can be quickly charged only for 1-2 hours, and the talk time/music playback time can be 8-10 hours, which is enough to support the entire night or the time of this exercise. You can enjoy long soothing music and pleasant hands-free phone calls while exercising.


  • 【🎁 2022 Great Gift Choices for Men Women】 Bluetooth Sleeping Headband is the coolest choice for people as cool tech gadgets, unique gifts for men, women, teenagers, boys, girls, boyfriend, best friend, wife, husband, teachers, travelers, as a birthday and Christmas gifts. The package includes a Bluetooth Headband, USB Charging Cable, Instruction, and Carry Pouch.

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8 reviews for Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband, Wireless Music Sleeping Headphones Sleep Eye Mask Earbuds IPX6 Waterproof for Side

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  1. tammy

    I’ve not had these very long, so I can’t attest to whether or not they have any longevity. I can say they do hold a charge through the night so far. They do move around on my head through the night. They aren’t perfectly comfortable, but are much better than trying to use a normal headset. Great for people who need noise to help them sleep without disturbing their mate.

  2. Mo

    Wonderful for workI love it for work. Nobody knows you can tune out the craziness your job has to offer. No one knows its a Bluetooth! Great sound. Just wish it had buttons to hook my mask to.

  3. Lorna

    Awesome headphone!!!Love this item because it’s so comfortable. Feels like it looks , just a headband!

  4. Graham

    Bluetooth sleep headsetIt’s what the description is right on! It’s comfortable and the sound is great. Give it a shot .

  5. Brandy

    Gotta see how it does.i love the headband its very comfy. im glad it came precharged that was a good bonus. I thought the sound would be able to block out other noises, not sure how well this will work at thw gym. its more comfortable than my earbuds but my earbuds block out other peoples talking or other music.

  6. Gabriel

    Pros beat consI think it is a great product. It was rather comfy, and the only concern I’d have is it getting just a little too hot during jogs and whatnot. It would not be suitable for weather such as a sunny day. With this in mind, it is excellent for early morning runs or cool afternoons. Since it is washable, it is greatly convenient for when it gets dirty. It did take me a while to figure out how to locate the bluetooth piece, but I did. The actual earpieces may feel slightly off from the center of the ear, but it should not be a problem for most people. I think it’s a great alternative to Airpods, which tend to shuffle around inside the ear, whereas this headband does not move. It feels a little uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time due to its relatively small but stretchy build. However, the softness of it makes up for it. The buttons seem to respond quickly, even to computers. I was very pleased to discover that the sound was SO much better than what I thought it would be. I cannot get over how good the sound is compared to what I thought it was going to be. The charging port in the mask is a little bit of a small pocket, and I think it would be appreciated if it was a little bit bigger. It is convenient that there is a micro usb cable included. The fact that it also came pre-charged and ready to go was really neat, and I know for a fact customers REALLY appreciate that, at least I do. In the end, I think it can be used for both purposes. All in all, this is most definitely a product that is worth the price. Great for a gift, too. To conclude, I greatly enjoyed this product, and was pleasantly surprised that the pros GREATLY outweighed the cons.

  7. Danielle

    Pretty GoodFits comfortably on my head, good for when I want to listen to music but still be able to hear others talking to me

  8. Robert

    I would recommendThe unit connected quickly to Bluetooth on my phone, they have good sound only thing is the fit of it on your head is not very good, maybe my head is too big. Lol

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