Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones, Pink, AJ-ES001 by Boltune

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Features: Reach your potential with the high performance Boltune wireless On-Ear Headphones. Using quality components & exclusive charging technology to power up in 5 minutes for 2 hours of enjoyment. Power-efficient design for up to 16 hours of playtime, enjoy premium sound through all your sporting endeavors.

Our Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones pair the latest generation chipset coupled with pro Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Leaps ahead of Bluetooth 4.1, this latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 technology features faster & more stable signal transmission to reproduce wonderfully clear sound with an impressively low power consumption. We’ve taken HD stereo sound further than ever – enjoy crisp, rich, & balanced sound for a premium experience. IPX7 sweat & water resistance, protects the headphones from heavy rain or sweat – ruggedly reliable to enjoy your favorite music when running.

Highly power-efficient Bluetooth earphones lowers power consumption for up to 16 hours of continuous talking / music time. Technical Specifications : Bluetooth Version: V5.0, Audio Codec: APTX, Battery: 1.5 hours charging for 16 hours playtime. What’s in the Box 1 x Boltune BT-BH001 Bluetooth Headphone, 3 x Ear Tips, 3 x Ear Hooks, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual.


Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones, Pink, AJ-ES001 by Boltune

  • Superior Sound: On-Ear Headphones Finely tuned AAC with SBC Bluetooth profiles, significant noise isolation and 10mm dynamic drivers to deliver crystal clear audio
  • 16 Hour Playback: Boltune’s exclusive charging technology lowers power consumption to last longer from 1.5 hours of charge; Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sweat-proof Technology: IPX7 sweat and water resistance, can withstand being submerged for 30 minutes under 1m of water
  • The Perfect Fit: Supplied with 3 pairs of ear tips and 3 pairs of secure-fit ear hooks, different sizes to choose from for a super-secure fit

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10 reviews for Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones, Pink, AJ-ES001 by Boltune

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  1. Pammy

    Great PurchaseThese are good quality for a reasonable price. I have several lower priced Bluetooth Headphones, I didn’t realize the sound quality was lacking until I listened with these.

  2. William

    Would highly recommend.Excellent sound and fit securely in the ears.

  3. Kathryn A.

    With a new phone minus a headphone jack, I had to find a new way to listen to podcasts while walking, working outside, etc. These Boltune wireless headphones are PERFECT ! They work perfectly, fit fabulously, and cost less than many wired earbuds that always quit and never fit! Customer service is very nice also! I wear glasses so didn’t want wireless ones that hooked over my ears or button-style earbuds always fall out no matter the size. These are attached to each other and rest around my neck while in my ears but I can take one out if necessary without losing it. The buds have a flexible piece that fits perfectly to hold them in my ears very comfortably. They came with 2 sizes of the flexible piece and 3 or 4 sizes of buds. I am in a hot climate with sudden storms so requirements included waterproof and these cover that too. It’s a whole new world of listening and working or exercising for me, I am loving them! There is also a nice voice that tells you when power is on, when they are connected to device or when you have turned power off. Controls and charging port are on the RH side of the connector and paper instructions tell you how to use them. They also come with charging cable and a nice little case and buds magnetically stick together when not using. And the time of use per charge is high (16h).

  4. Jay J.

    I got these off . The price and reviews sold me. I was skeptical, not ever hearing of a company named Boltune, but these are some AWESOME earbuds. The sound quality is excellent (Bose QuiteComfort 2 earbuds are my point of reference). I think these actually sound better, with clear highs and excellent bass response. I love that they’re connected via magnets. They last on a charge like all week, too. Super happy with the purchase.

  5. brit

    Getting this was a little slow getting here. However it was because it was lost in shipping. I had waited a bit to make sure it wasn’t because of current shipping times. However I called the support number and the gentleman took care of it right away. So well they overnighted my package and received it the next day. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    I had bought my first pair from and these are my second pairs because my husband kept stealing mine lol. I was sad to see that they were no longer available on . These have been the only pairs that fit in my ears without hurting them. I wear them when doing exercising or cleaning my house and they do not fall out. I have small ears and they are very comfortable. I love the fact when I’m not listening to them they can just clasp around my neck like a necklace. Sound is very good and the battery life lasts for a very long time. Recommend this company and these headphones 100% Thank you!

  6. Alex

    These were great! They ran almost the exact number of hours described, so I could use them daily and have them recharge overnight. The audio was amazing, better than most of the headphones I had owned before, I’d recommend these to almost anybody who asks.

  7. Tina W.

    These are my favorite headphones! They outlast every other pair I’ve tried on listening time. I have 2 that I rotate between when the other is charging. I ordered directly from Boltune for this specific pair.

  8. Dipak

    Good quality less priceI received item which I was looking since a month. I lost old one identical headphone but fortunately got replacement with better price. I would recommend to purchase it and entertain with listening music.

  9. Bailey

    Great!Great sound for a cheap price. Super easy to connect.

  10. LaniV

    Boltune is a good product.I have purchased this product before (via competitor), and like it very much. So needed a backup (when the battery wears down), so purchased a second one via Pretty easy to do, however Walmart charged for shipping. I bit the bullet since the price of the product was good.

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