Libby’s Canned Sweet Peas 15 Oz 12 Cans Quick and Easy



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EXCEPTIONALLY DELICIOUS TASTE: Seasonally harvested at the peak of ripeness and then prepared within hours and just miles from where they were grown to seal in Farm Fresh Goodness for delicious flavor and tenderness.

NATURAL GOODNESS: Libby’s Sweet Peas are appealingly tender, succulent and flavorful with a creamy, sweet, smooth and faintly nutty taste that you know and love.

SIMPLE LABEL: Only peas, water, sugar, and salt to promote color retention!

No Preservatives. A real crowd pleaser that is great as a standalone side-dish, snack or ?secret-ingredient? in your favorite recipes, like Cheesy Mushroom & Peas Orzo.

GROWN & : Sweet are Grown & .

Cultivated in the . heartland by multi-generational, .

farmers on family-owned farms located in the fertile regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois or Iowa.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Sweet Peas are packaged in recyclable steel cans made with Non-BPA lining (can lining not intentionally made with BPA). Please recycle.

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Libby’s Canned Sweet Peas 15 Oz 12 Cans Quick and Easy

  • Libby’s Peas
  • Always Farm Fresh
  • Sweet and Tender
  • Grown
  • Fast, convenient, and delicious

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4 reviews for Libby’s Canned Sweet Peas 15 Oz 12 Cans Quick and Easy

3.7 Average Rating Rated ( 4 Reviews )

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  1. 1brokemom

    Only brand we buy!Libbys is the only brand our family likes. The peas have an excellent flavor and we think the texture is less “tough” than other brands. We use these as a side dish with meat, creamed, in pot pies and several recipes.

  2. LAJan

    Excellent product – denting issuesI have ordered a variety these 12 packs of vegetables for a variety of community food projects. The quality of the vegetables is comparable to the much pricier brands. The biggest problem is that 1 or 2 of the 12 cans often get dented in shipping. We have instructed our recipients to use the bubble test before opening a dented can: Immerse the can under water and watch for any air bubbles or food leakage. Discard those that bubble or leak! I wish the packaging was stronger to prevent the denting.

  3. Cathy

    Some of the cans were bent when they arrived.

  4. Sheila

    Dented Cans.I don’t know if it was while packaging or shipping but 9 of the 12 cans were dented. I bought the Great Value brand as well, not one dent in either 12 pack of cans, and the plastic was sealed tight around the packaging. The plastic was loose around the Libby’s peas. If I would have known this Im would have passed on the peas.

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