Great Value Family Size Minced Garlic in Water 32 oz


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Take your culinary creations to the next level with Great Value Minced Garlic in Water.

Garlic has been widely cultivated in Middle Asia for centuries, but its exact origins are a mystery.

Nowadays, it is grown around the world and considered to be both a pantry staple and a homeopathic health remedy.

Garlic’s pungent and spicy flavors become caramelized and sweeter when cooked,

making it a perfect accompaniment to many dishes such as pasta, shrimp, chicken, soups, and more.

Our minced garlic has earned our esteemed Good For You label,

which means it has met rigorous nutrition criteria informed by the latest nutrition science and authoritative guidance from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans,

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Spice up your next meal with a tasty teaspoon of our Great Value Minced Garlic.

Great Value products provide families with affordable, high-quality grocery and household consumable options.

With our wide range of product categories spanning grocery and household consumables,

we offer you a variety of products for your family’s needs.


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Great Value Family Size Minced Garlic in Water 32 oz

  • Minced garlic in water
  • Family size 32oz jar
  • Flavors become caramelized and sweeter when cooked
  • Add to many dishes such as pasta, shrimp, chicken, soups, and more

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10 reviews for Great Value Family Size Minced Garlic in Water 32 oz

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  1. Carl

    Great for blood circulationI like the family size even though I’m single but it last me a long time depending on how often i may use it. Quick delivery as well. Another Great Value I cant beat.

  2. Patsy

    I like the price ,amount I get for my money

  3. john

    Won’t find any better tasting minced garlic aroundDo you like rich flavorful garlic on your peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Of course you don’t. But if you like rich tasting garlic on your chicken and steak, you’ll love this minced garlic. Don’t let the low price fool you…it’s goooooooooooooooood stuff. I’ve been buying Great Value Minced Garlic for years and haven’t found better, except for garden grown garlic of course. But I like to get in and out of the kitchen fast, and this ready-made good stuff is what the doctor ordered.

  4. paula

    DisappointingI’ve gotten this 3 times now. 1st was perfect and the 2nd the garlic was brown. 3rd time the garlic is brown like it’s been rolled in mud b4 put in jar. I’m returning it.

  5. Michael

    Buy it in person rather than allowing a shopperWe’ve been buying this product for sometime but this jar was dark brown in color and my wife and I question it’s nutritional value

  6. Jackie

    Dark brown and rottenI got a good batch the first two times I’ve gotten this. However, the last one was dark brown and definitely looked awful. It says it will last til 2024 but didn’t even last a couple of months since I got it. I no longer trust this product and am switching to another brand.

  7. shelly

    I bought this a few times put into pantry! I did not notice the seal on them were no good! Thinking it may just been them bought another! The seal is flimsy and has a bad application from machine seals! Don’t buy this spoilage tried to buy large quantity and it ended up costing more from it being no good! 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t trust this product

  8. Deadmanwalking

    CONTAINS SODIUM BENZOATE!!!Product ingredients label shown on WALMART.COM is NOT what is on the jar that is stocked. This product now contains SODIUM BENZOATE!! Not an ingredient to be taken lightly or conveniently left out of the product description!!!

  9. Ana

    why?This garlic is concerning dark brown

  10. Mary

    Garlic tastes like it is sitting in Lemon JuiceI have been purchasing this product for years and NEVER had an issue. This purchase, something is different about the flavor of the garlic. Each dish we made with this minced garlic tasted like lemon juice was added to the dish. We only made a few dishes with this garlic before returning it. I reported it to the phone number listed on the back of the jar with NO RESPONSE. We tried another jar and the same taste is there.

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