HP OfficeJet 9012e All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer – 6 Months Free Instant Ink with HP+


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The HP OfficeJet 9012e is ideal for small business or your home office of 1-5 users.

It delivers increased productivity with faster print speeds, custom mobile Shortcuts, automatic 2-sided printing, scanning and copying, and offers HP+:

the smart printing system that keeps you more secure, more productive, and more sustainable than ever.

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About HP OfficeJet 9012e All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer 

HP OfficeJet 9012e Best for small businesses and home offices – Print professional-quality color documents like presentations and sales collateral with optional borderless printing.

Stay productive with a large 250-sheet paper tray and faster print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute in black and 16 pages per minute in color.

Upgraded features – Faster color print, copy, scan, and fax plus 2-sided printing, copying and scanning. Easily print from mobile, wireless, Ethernet,

USB drive,or voice-activated printing with helpful color touchscreen control panel. Work fast and hands-free with the 35-page auto document feeder.

Upgraded scanning with easy slide off glass and dual pass, 2 sided scanning via auto document feeder.

Connectivity – Intelligent dual-band Wi-Fi automatically detects and resolves connection issues with self-heal to help reduce interruptions.

Also includes USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.

Security essentials – Protect sensitive data with basic encryption, password protection, Wi-Fi security and document protection.

HP+ Smart Printing System – The optional HP+ system enables your printer to think ahead so it’s more secure, more productive and ready when you are.

Requires an HP account, internet connection and use of only Original HP Ink for the life of the printer. Choose HP+ at printer setup to activate benefits:
• 6 free months of Instant Ink
• 2 years extended HP warranty
• 2 years advanced HP Smart app features
• We plant trees and protect forests for every page you print

Get ink your way, every day – Buy Original HP 962 ink or get HP Instant Ink Delivery Service:

ink ordered by your printer, delivered to your door for as low as $0.99 per month, including ink cartridge, shipping and recycling.

No annual fee; credit card required. You can change or cancel at anytime. Includes 6 months free trial when you choose HP+ at printer setup (subscription required).

HP Smart app – Print, scan and copy from your phone—from anywhere. Eliminate steps in repetitive tasks using Shortcuts.

Scan documents to the cloud from your phone straight to Dropbox, Google Drive and more. With HP+,

you get advanced features in the Smart app including enhanced security features and advanced scanning features such as multi-item recognition.

What’s in the HP OfficeJet 9012e box:

  • HP OfficeJet 9012e All-in-One Printer
  • Original HP 962 Black Cartridge
  • Original HP 962 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Cartridges
  • Instant Ink flyer
  • Regulatory flyer
  • Power cord
  • Setup poster
  • Reference guide

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OJ 9012e




2.7" touchscreen control panel with CGD (color graphic display)



10 reviews for HP OfficeJet 9012e All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer – 6 Months Free Instant Ink with HP+

4.9 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. MomFromBG

    Great all in one printer.HP 9012.
    I am reviewing the HP Office Jet 9012. After unboxing the printer which arrived in great packaging , I read the easy instructions. I downloaded the hp app from iOS App Store. After that it pretty much installed itself. It connected wirelessly with my home network. Easiest install ever.
    It’s a good size. All in one printer. Print, scan, copy, and fax. I needed to connect it with Bluetooth too.
    The printer can print up to 20 prints per minute. The color prints up to 16 prints per minute.
    The bottom tray holds a lot of paper, 250. The output tray can hold up to 60 sheets.
    After installed I registered it with hp. I had the option during setup to activate benefits.
    HP + requires an hp account which includes 6 months of free ink. And an extra year of hp warranty. Ongoing internet connection and the use of hp ink cartridges.
    There were 4 ink cartridges inside.I installed them easily.
    I really am impressed at how easy it was to setup. I didn’t have to connect to router at all. I highly recommend the Office Jet 9012. The app in itself is amazing!

  2. Manny

    Simple setup, Great print qualitySo let me start by saying I’m a 59 years old and sometimes technologically challenged. HP made this a breeze to set up. Just plug it in and follow five simple steps, download the app and you’re off. There are no other power cords required other than to plug it in. There is no discs to load. I’m telling you, they really have come a long way! And they packed some amazing features into this printer, like a 250 sheet paper tray. It does double-sided printing. This is everything you need for a home office and so much more, and it comes with a one-year warranty. Plus with HP plus you get 6 months of instant ink and an extra year of warranty! This is a great addition to my home office as a realtor and I’m sure it will continue to please!

  3. IMO

    Excellent Printer for home office needsI didn’t want a complicated printer and this is perfect. I can print, scan, copy and if I ever get a landline I can even fax.
    I got this printer for homework assignments for college and to print off invoices for my husbands business. It’s big but not overwhelmingly so and it actually makes the space look more professional. At least compared to my last printer.
    Set up was easy and it prints very clear and it comes with one year warranty and 6 months of free ink apparently!

    Only complaint I have is it arrived in its own box wrapped in shrink wrap. If I hadn’t been home anyone would have known what was on my doorstep. My name and address was just slapped right on the side, which I get was odd. I get not wanting to waste more packaging for something in a large box but maybe shrink wrap it in something colored so it wasn’t so obvious, in case I hadn’t been home! I posted a picture how it came, and I can update this later with a picture of it on my desk! 🙂

  4. Nutmeg

    multi tasking printerI was happy to receive this HP OfficeJet 9012e printer in return for review. This is the perfect and most welcome addition to my home office. It is loaded with features. It can fax, copy, double side printing, and scan; all from the color touch screen. It is wireless and connects very easily to my wifi. I can use just as easily from my notebook computer, tablet and phone. This prints super fast and is very quiet. This is by far, the nicest and best printer that I have ever used. Before, I would do any copying, faxing or printing that I needed at work. Now I can do all of my home office needs from home and get quality results. The instructions are very clear and I had no problem setting up. Friends that have seen this HP OfficeJet 9012e printer on my desk seem quite impressed by it and are interested in buying this same model. I would recommend to anyone and especially for a home office. It would make a nice gift for anyone.

  5. Kat

    Great office giant for everyoneGot this hp to replace my canon and never thought it would be better than canon but it definitely is. Printing is faster and better quality. And I can actually print from my phone! Feature I’ve never had before. It’s super cool. I use it to scan a lot and it works great! I can’t speak for the fax feature since I don’t have a landline. Printing is fantastic and it does all the tasks very well. Ink colors are separate which I love. I think it saves money in the long run. Definitely would recommend !

  6. Speciesamused

    HP OfficeJet 9012e is a really nice printer.Wow what a great printer. Super easy to insert the printer cartridges and
    set up. Another reviewer was mentioning it was difficult to put the paper in.
    I took the catch tray off and then put the paper in as you do with many printers.
    I had zero issues with putting the paper in what so ever. I have attached a pic of the catch tray it has two little notches and it pops right out. Beautiful print quality and the WIFI app is a dream to print from afar. Light weight too.

  7. Stan

    Most definitely five starslike to start off saying this printer is really nice works really well and is easy to understand so setting it up took a whole 20 minutes and I am not a tech person so just to let you know so far this printer prints out really nice pictures and also Prince letters and letterheads really well so if I could give this a six stars I would it is an awesome printer I have not tried the fax yet well all it’s left to say is thank you for reading my review of this wonderful product and have a great day thank you

  8. Sandy

    Easy setup!Very easy to set up right out of the box. Easy to understand directions and the setup went smoothly. The only function I won’t be using is the fax, we don’t have a land line, but everything else is going to get a work out with my home business. Love the easy to read touch screen and large copy area. There were no problems hooking up WiFi to laptop and iPhone.

  9. pood49

    HP OfficeJet 9012e PrinterThe printer really prints excellent, we have printed photos, black and white items. It is the quietest printer we have ever had. It will print on both sides of the paper, automatically. The entire set up for the printer was very easy. The ink is easy to install. If you have a secured network you will probably have to get it on your network manually as it won’t do it automatically. You can print from your smartphone. I recommend this printer. Very happy with it.

  10. Faith

    HP PrinterNot sure why we can’t buy a simple printer that isn’t wireless anymore but this is a good printer all the same. Needed something that would print from laptop just about anywhere and this printer works for that. Just on a fair note it isn’t a good idea to have more than one wireless printer in a certain area because of the fact that once you click print even if this printer is a default one, it will pick up on the others and print on them, I found that out the hard way. One good feature about the screen touch is that the icons are big and slide left to right where as some printers have tiny icons which make it hard to see for us older hard at seeing folks lol. Wasn’t able to click a button on the printer to make it print had to either print from laptop and/or kept telling me to use app in order to print. Bad part about this printer is the ink, there are 4 ink cartridges for the printer, and to make matters worse trying to put ink in and the springs behind the ink spit them back out. Still a good printer though, just don’t count of it being a small printer, a lot bigger than I thought.

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