Calgon Water Softener Laundry Detergent Booster 32oz


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boosts the power of your laundry detergent by removing hard water minerals which trap dirt into fabric fibers.

Plus, it removes detergents by removing hard water minerals which trap dirt into fabric fibers.

Plus, it removes detergent build-up and soap scum that cause clothing to appear dull and faded.

That’s why, when you add Calgon Water Softener along with detergent, whites look really white and colors are brighter…

without bleach. Boosts the power of your laundry detergent For whiter white & brightens colors Contains no phosphorus

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Calgon Water Softener Laundry Detergent Booster 32oz

  • Add Calgon water softener to your laundry wash for whiter, brighter clothes
  • Maximum lime scale protection
  • Reduce the risk of breakdown and protect your investment
  • Good for 16 laundry loads
  • Calgon quality product is ideal for doing delicates and other laundry in your washer
  • Calgon laundry detergent booster can be added to a dishwasher
  • Removes minerals and residues found in hard water
  • Cap can be used to measure amount needed

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Calgon, Reckitt Benckiser

10 reviews for Calgon Water Softener Laundry Detergent Booster 32oz

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  1. NancyW

    Use for wash to keep clothes soft and freshI always add Calgon to a load of wash – it makes closed softer, and I think it also helps keep the washer clean and fresh. Walmart is one of the few places I can find it, and the price (about $5.50) is very reasonable.

  2. JJ

    Great for the black tank of an rvBought this as a recommendation for using in RV black tank… worked great and plan on buying even more of these. This detergent booster when used in the black tank of an rv and other products it helps to keep black tank clean.

  3. babsdubo

    HAPPYI was pleased to find Calgon. I searched the store, but no luck. So yeah, did a search online and found it at I love Calgon water softener however would have preferred the powdered product instead of the liquid. That’s what they had so that is what I had to buy..I don’t think you get as many loads in the liquid as you do in the box. The picture is deceiving. The bottles are small.
    There doesn’t seem to be any scent at all. I gave it 4 pts. for meets expectations for all of the above reasons.

  4. EyeTwin2

    Helping our Hard Water for Clothes & Cloth DiapersWe moved to an area with hard hard water… we cloth diaper so have not used traditional dryer sheets and our clothes were just not as soft and my cloth diapers were becoming harder to get clean. A friend mentioned to me that Calgon can be used with cloth diapers to help get them cleaner. So I bought this through and LOVE it!! Our clothes are NOTICEABLE softer out of the dryer and are diapers are too!

  5. Joanie6

    I have used this product for years & love it!The water in my town is hard. I have used this product for years especially in my jet tub. It prevents that scum line from forming. I am very happy that I can obtain this item in bulk from Walmart on line and it gets shipped to me — how convenient. It is not an easy product to find. And the value is excellent.

  6. zaylie

    Great softener for laundry if water is hardMy water softener went out about a year ago. I have chosen not to replace it. I use this softener for clothes. It works great. Unless clothes are really dirty, bleach and additives are not needed. A bottle once a month beats a bill for a water softener anytime for me. We purchase drinking water so this is great for our laundry.

  7. biketourist

    Good price. Poor packaging. One bottle leaked.Bought previously. No changes to performance. Poor packaging – leaked into the box. Each bottle should be sealed in it’s own plastic bag! One bottle leaked quite a bit.

  8. Bekka4Shopping

    Delivery A ….Packers F-The product is great!!! Actually worked like it should. Whitened and brightened. My issue is the way it was delivered. The liquid Calgon leaked out into the box. This could have been prevented if the person who loaded the box had done their job right. Walmart has always had employees, who box packages,put tape around the lid. Better yet, I’ve had bottles delivered that were shrink-wrapped. Why on earth were these bottles not properly sealed??? If they were, I’d be a happy camper and wouldn’t have to clean up a nasty mess and have to deal with what to do with half empty calgon bottles.

    As for the product, I would definitely recommend.

  9. veryrare

    what a messproduct is ok but the packaging is terrible. no packing in a box way too big for the items. caps are not taped and liquids are not put in bags, SO…. a bottle leaked all over the box and other 3 items. what a mess. now they want me to find a Fedex and take the leaky bottle to them to ship back to Walmart.

  10. Tiffany

    A large portion of it leaked inside the box!1 star because a large amount of it leaked inside the box because the cap was partially unscrewed. No protection what so ever for the cap to make it stay tightly on. The only positive thing I can say is fast shipping. This qualifies for a replacement from the large amount lost. What a mess

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