All Laundry Detergent Liquid Stainlifter 40 Once 53 Lds


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all Laundry Detergent Small & Mighty is fearless in the face of filth. all Stainlifter Small & Mighty liquid detergent—safe for all machines, including high-efficiency.

Don’t let the small packaging fool you.

One small dose of all Stainlifter Small & Mighty liquid detergent is all it takes to leave your kids’ clothes incredibly fresh and clean.

It’s super-concentrated, super-powerful and super-effective—all without a cape. all Small & Mighty is safe for all washers, including High Efficiency (HE) and works effectively, even in cold water.

all Laundry Detergent package is includes one 40-ounce bottle of all Stainlifter Small & Mighty laundry detergent, enough for 53 loads.

Directions: Medium load, fill slightly below line 1. Large load: For large, heavily soiled loads, fill to below line 2.

Pre-treating: Rub a small amount directly onto the stain before washing. Check inseam for colorfastness.

This pack includes one 40-fluid-ounce bottle, enough for 53 loads.

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 all Laundry Detergent Liquid Stainlifter 40 Once 53 Lds

  • Fight your toughest stains with this super-concentrated laundry detergent.
  • Contains In-Wash Pre-Treaters with Active Stainlifters for great stain removal.
  • Leave your clothes smelling clean with a fresh scent.
  • This laundry detergent is safe to use in any washing machine and at any water temperature.
  • This pack includes one 40-fluid-ounce bottle, enough for 53 loads.

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10 reviews for All Laundry Detergent Liquid Stainlifter 40 Once 53 Lds

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  1. GoodCop

    Fresh and cleanThe All small and mighty concentrate, is a great product. My husband works for a large tractor company and he does a lot of assembly work. Usually this consists of massive amounts of grease and fluids ending up on his clothes and all over our towels. I tried the All with stain lifters and I found that my towels and all of his work clothes came out super clean and they smelled very fresh. I do not normally buy the detergents that have the flowery fragrances, so when I tried the All super concentrated I was very pleased. It does not smell perfume like or flowery. Instead it is a very plain clean, almost line dried smell, which my husband was also happy with. My towels get a lot of grease traffic on them so when I washed them with the All concentrate the colors all came back with absolutely no grease or fluid traces at all. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase it. I only had to use a small amount for each load of clothes that I washed. Only 3/4 of an once for my medium loads and for my larger loads I used 1 1/2 ounces. Everything came out great. So fresh and clean. The best part was that I think it actually made my towels fluff up more after they were dried. The All small and mighty concentrate works great for tough stains and everyday dirt. My white towels and clothes also came out very bright and super clean as well. If you have hard to clean washables, this is a terrific product. It did a great job on all of my washables.

  2. LottaRockin

    Small and Mighty StainlifterALL super concentrated stainlifter, 40 fl oz, 53 loads, does its job on the worst of stains. It has a clean, fresh scent that leaves your clothes smelling nice. This liquid laundry detergent is safe for all washers. Small but mighty and does lots of laundry. It lifted food and grass stains from my clothes better than any other leading detergent on the market. With this bottle I got 30% more loads which saved me money. My clothes came out looking cleaner, fresher and brighter than ever before.

  3. GoldenGoddess

    I’m ALL About ItI love this stuff. TIDE is super expensive, and only used in my house for whites and emergenccies. ALL is the next beat thing. It’s thick, and gets your laundry clean and fresh. It’s priced like the the bargain stuff because they aren’t using huge bottles and tons of water. I’ll never stop buy ALL.

  4. lousd

    Does the Job!I had never used this product, amazed with the results.
    I will purchase in future. Small bottle with lots of power inside.
    I highly recommend.

  5. Jubrina

    Clean and Lasting Fresh for 1/3 the cost.The best lasting smell, cleaning, and price. .10 cents a load (not .35 cents) and what a difference. Hard to find in stock. been using this for decades and nothing compares. cannot find a replacement. Grandkids know the fresh smell and feel. Little to no softener needed, either.

  6. flowerlvr

    Good backupI received All Super Concentrate Small & Mighty Stainlifter as a Spark Reviewer. I was a bit skeptical at first as I always use All Free & Clear unscented detergent for skin sensitivity. However, this All Super Concentrate does not have that overpowering scent that so many products have, which I find obnoxious, and no problems with my skin. It cleans very well and is effective at lifting stains. Very economical, doesn’t take much to do the job. Half a cap or less per load, depending on size. Sometimes the All Free & Clear is not available. It must be very popular! I think this would be a good back up.

  7. txsherbear

    Liquid is ok for.small loads.I like the brand, though it doesn’t have enough for 53 loads. I have been using the pods more often as they are easier to use.

  8. Ym

    This is the third time that I’ve received a product with a loose cap and the product coming spilled out in the bag

  9. Lindseynl

    Maybe it’s meMaybe it’s me but I didn’t think this worked any better than Arm & Hammer or Purex which are my normal choices. It didn’t remove any set in stains and cleaned as just as well as A&H and Purex. Arm & Hammer and Purex are also cheaper per ounce, with them being 2x concentrated. I also think the smell is masculine and it gave me a headache. I don’t plan on changing from my normal brands for this one. Nothing about it blew me away. It works just as well as the others but cost more.

  10. Shopper

    LeakedLeaked but then put in ziploc bag

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