Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate, 29″-38.5″ with Walk Through Door

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Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate is an essential tool to childproof your home when baby becomes mobile.

As your little one begins this new chapter, allow the Regalo Extra Wide Baby GateĀ  to be a safe and convenient way to protect both your child and home.

Boasting an all-steel construction with durability and strength in mind, this attractive safety gate is adjustable to accommodate door openings between 29-38.5 inches.

Designed for convenience, the baby gate can be install pressure mount the gate with the included rubberized tension knobs or use the included hardware to attach the gate to your wall.

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Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate, 29″-38.5″ with Walk Through Door:

  • Expands to fit openings between 29-38.5 inches
  • Stands 30 inches tall
  • Easy slide latch that automatically locks when pushed closed
  • Convenient walk-through design
  • Easy set up with pressure mounts, some assembly required
  • 6″ extension included
  • Sturdy, all-metal frame

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10 reviews for Regalo Extra Wide Baby Gate, 29″-38.5″ with Walk Through Door

4.1 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Marilee

    Great at keeping kids out of the kitchenVery durable, easy to set up. Can withstand all the strength and rage of a tantrum throwing 2 year old.

  2. Susie

    Love it!!!!!! Keeps my yorkie inside while i keep an eye on my kids outside.


    Absolutely love this gate! We’re up to 2 gates and they’re perfect. Perfect for 1 year old and a Labrador.

  4. BaylorMom

    Easy to use and durableThis was ordered so I could keep my dogs out of my home office, but keep my door open. It’s easy to use, easy to move as needed and holds up to me running in and out all day.

  5. Megan

    Great Pet, Baby and toddler gateI love this gate! My kids cant climb it, it is able to adjust to the space you put it and it has a door so no more hopping over gates. It has a tab at the bottom of the gate where you can use so that the gate door only swings open one direction. It is on both sides so you can even have both locked. I like this for the top of the stairs so it won’t swing open towards the stairs.

    Note: you do have to screw at least the top into the wall. Otherwise the kids can just pull it out or push it over.

  6. chino29

    Great safety gate!Great and easy gate to install. Liked that the manufacturer place the sticker about the gas so you don’t have to worry about it.

  7. Teresa

    Good quality/price/fast service!Worked for us. Using to keep dog out of dining room. Didn’t drill the holes but did use the cups and it held in place with the tension but if you had a rambunctious toddler, probably need the screws! Liked the priced and fast delivery!!

  8. dodger

    DANGEROUS FOR SMALL DOGSon the bottom side the opening is larger allowing a smaller dog to put his head through but when he stands up the opening narrows, trapping his head! it’s too small for his body to fit through, so he gets stuck and tries to pull back his head through the narrow opening, this could be deadly or cause severe injury. a child or toddler could easily get stuck if he/she puts their leg through the opening. the size between slats is a danger to small dogs and children. otherwise its nice looking and works great, allowing one to walk through instead of stepping over. for those 2 reasons i give it a 2 star rating. do not recommend for small dogs or children, the design is a hazard.

  9. Thomas

    Needs better weldCheaply welded where gate opens. After awhile the 1 tack weld will just come apart

  10. Sarah

    horriblethis was the flimsiest thing i have ever bought. It fell apart with slight pressure from a toddler and almost shattered to its separate pieces. even with the screws holding it in the floor and the expanders far enough to allow it to swing open, it wasn’t close enough to keep it in a 31″ space

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