Popchips Variety Box (30 Pack)

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If you’re a fan of delicious chips for general snacking would have alongside lunch or dinner,

then you’ll want to check out the Variety Box (30 pk.). Popchips are always real,

never fried, mouthwatering potato chips that have an exceptionally long shelf life and are a wonderful snack to keep around the house or office.

How Long Do Potato Chips Last?

Not all potato chips are created equal, especially when it comes to organic potato chips or protein chips.

Popchips are not only carefully made, but they are carefully sealed so that customers can enjoy keeping them around for an entire year on the shelf.

So when you’re ready to tear open a bag anytime of the year, you will enjoy crisp potato chips that are bursting with flavor.

How Many Different Flavors of Popchips Are There In The Popchips Variety Box?

This Popchips variety pack has three different flavors for you to choose from.

They are sea salt, barbecue and sour cream and onion.

All of the flavors are certified kosher and are made to be gluten-free.

Thanks to the thirty bags that come in the package, you will have plenty of variety on hand to meet the needs of a busy household,

school classroom, office break room and more. Thanks to the variety of Popchips,

you can also use the individual bags to resell at convenience stores, vending machines, food trucks and food carts.

What is a Popchip?

Popchips are unique type of potato chip that is made without using a friar of any kind.

Instead, are heated in a pressurized chamber and they quickly released so that there is a distinct pop when they come out.

Not only does this give them their shape and texture, but it also means that are not loaded with grease.

Once they come out of the oven, they are massaged with a variety of seasonings and spices.

So if you’re in the mood for a delicious snack that you can feel good about eating, be sure to grab this variety pac

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Popchips Variety Box (30 Pack)

  • 30ct variety pack
  • non gmo & gluten free
  • 100 calories per bag

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10 reviews for Popchips Variety Box (30 Pack)

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  1. Mary

    Great chips.Great low fat chips. When you need a good crunch without all of the calories, these are a great choice.

  2. Wanda

    Yummy low calorie chipsI love these chips, only 100 calories per serving and I can only find them at Sam’s. My husband and I like the barbecue flavor the best.

  3. Andrea

    Love the flavor and crunchLove these chips. The sea salt of a little bland , but still tasty. Bbq is my favorite. Worth purchasing .

  4. Lighthousesusan

    Delicious snackPop chips are very delicious. These come in 3 different flavors. Barbecue, sour cream and onion and sea salt. They come in 100 calorie bags. Great for a snack or a lunchbox.

  5. Dkozi

    So goodI love these. Low calorie, just enough to satisfy a craving and not too bad cost. Also taste so good!

  6. Tlcooper1221

    Crispy satisfactionThese give you the crisp satisfaction of eating a chip. You get all the flavor and the crunch without all the calories-100 calorie packs.

  7. Callie W

    Delicious and low calorie!Delicious and helps keep daily calories lower! Very crispy and I love that they aren’t fried.

  8. Star

    I like the sea salt BestNice mix of flavors good for diet snakes

  9. Jp

    TastyLower in fat than other chips.

  10. Peony

    Canola Oil?Have been buying this product for over a year and now they have added canola oil to replace safflower oil in their product. Since I am allergic to canola oil, I will no longer be able to purchase their product. I understand shortages, but their is also a responsibility to consumers to be true to your original recipe.

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