Jack Sandalwood Hydrating Body Wash for Men16.9 oz

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Go easy on your skin (even the sensitive kind) with Every Man Jack Sandalwood Mens Hydrating Body Wash.

Made with coconut-derived compounds to deeply cleanse with gentle foam and glycerin for super hydration, you can nourish and protect your skin without drying it out.

Our mens moisturizing Hydrating Body Wash is made for people just like you: outdoor lovers, adventure seekers, sustainability stewards.

By using as many plant-based and naturally derived ingredients as possible in our gluten-free formula,

we’re able to create a soap body wash that’s better for you (and your sensitive skin) and better for the environment.

What’s more, our packaging is made from 50% post-consumer recycled content.

Sandalwood, one of our best smellers, will leave your skin smelling like amber, vetiver, and vanilla.

The outdoor-inspired scent is reminiscent of the woods and forests you’re no stranger to hiking through.

You’re going to need this body wash twin pack because it’ll be the first thing you reach for in your post-outdoor-adventure shower

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Jack Sandalwood Hydrating Body Wash for Men16.9 oz

  • NATURALLY-DERIVED INGREDIENTS: As many plant-based ingredients as possible; proudly free of parabens, phthalates, harmful chemicals, and dyes; gluten-free formula
  • OUTDOOR INSPIRED SCENTS: Our best-selling scent; sandalwood, amber, vetiver, and vanilla
  • MADE FOR MEN LIKE YOU: For active guys that would rather be outdoors; no fuss, clean grooming products that work
  • CERTIFIED CRUELTY-FREE: By the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization (PETA) and never tested on animals; absolutely tested on weekend warriors
  • RESPONSIBLY MADE: San Francisco born, sustainably made

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Sandalwood, Crimson Oak, Aged Bourbon

10 reviews for Jack Sandalwood Hydrating Body Wash for Men16.9 oz

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  1. Kevin

    THIS IS MY NEW BODY WASH!I found Every Man Jack accidentally while shopping for “natural body wash” at Target. I grabbed this because I really like the Sandalwood scent. (I’ve had sandalwood candles and air fresheners.) On top of that, I liked how it works as a body wash and shampoo. Then, I found it at Walmart for less than $5 bucks! Now, it’s over $6 at Walmart. (Let’s go Brandon!!) I don’t know what Target charges but I’m sure it’s more than Walmart. I’ve used most of the scents and will keep buying it.

  2. Rachel

    Awesome product!My boyfriend loved it. I bought it for my boyfriend because I wanted him to try something new. We both loved the smell and it made his skin so soft and smooth yet rugged.

  3. Kylefer

    Good Body WashExcellent smell, lathers well and smell stays for a few hours after. This makes an excellent gift.

  4. Hugo

    like the smellIt smells really good. Good price too. Does what its supposed to.

  5. Tehran

    Au Naturel body washFresh smell with no residue, nor toxins that’ll leach out of your skin when you perspire (natural perfumes)!

  6. Alfonso

    Love the scent. I just wish the bottle cap was better designed. Not as easy to open as I’d like a body wash bottle to be

  7. Tonya

    No it’s not worth it.Did not like the size of the bottle. It was small. And it was not thick. It was watery and I used half the bottle for one shower. It slipped out of my hand and hit my foot. Not easy to hold.

  8. Tonya

    No. I don’t recommend. SorryI ordered several bottles for my bf shower to use at his house. It slipped out of my hand and hit my foot. Hard to hold and smaller bottles in person. The bag came opened. Made me wonder if it was tampered with because it had little smell and was watered down.

  9. Ted

    MehKinda stinks. Smells like someone poured black pepper into a bottle if hand lotion. At least the smell dissipates within seconds of toweling off. Won’t be buying anything else by this brand.

  10. angelika

    bc it was half full n broken top n in a bagmy item cane brojen with no top in a bag

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