Great Value Decaf Classic Medium Roast Coffee 8 Oz

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Start your day off on the right foot with a fresh, steaming cup of Great Value Decaf Classic Medium Instant Coffee.

This 8-ounce jar of smoothly ground coffee beans makes up to 120 delicious cups of Classic Decaf that will impress even the decaf skeptic in your life.

The Great Value Decaf medium roast Classic Decaf blend features a rich and smooth flavor that you’ll love.

No need to make a whole pot, this instant coffee can be made one cup at a time.

There’s no better way to make a steaming hot cup of decaf to warm yourself up, without putting you into overdrive.

Excellent for breakfast with the family or after dinner with friends, this perfectly packaged can will earn a permanent place in your pantry or break room.

With the convenience of Great Value Classic Decaf Medium Instant Coffee, you’ll have more time to spend on the things in life that matter most.


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Great Value Decaf Classic Medium Roast Coffee 8 Oz

  • Decaffeinated ground coffee
  • Instant coffee
  • Kosher
  • Medium roast with rich and smooth flavor
  • 8oz jar makes up to 120 cups

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Naturally gluten-free, 100% pure coffee, No artificial flavors or colors, Kosher


Great Value

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Great Value Classic

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Medium Roast

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8 oz


Great Value

10 reviews for Great Value Decaf Classic Medium Roast Coffee 8 Oz

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  1. TeaHound

    Superior to any coffee I’ve ever had.I’m shamelessly addicted to this instant coffee. My husband and I love our coffee and we’ve tried many. This is, as it says in it’s brand name, a Great Value. It’s also great taste. No chemical aftertaste. It’s just awesome. You couldn’t even tell that it isn’t gourmet and home brewed. It’s just superior.

  2. KawasakiBiker

    Great Value Decaf Instant CoffeeI use this as a part of a mix with cocoa powder to make hot cocoa. Helps to enhance the cocoa flavor and I do not need to be concerned about the effects of more caffeine. Great product at a very attractive price, plastic jar packaging means no accidental breakage and is easily recyclable.

  3. Bubbles

    Good decaf instant coffee!Great flavor and doesn’t keep me awake all night! Haven’t seen this in-store for a while so switched to another store’s brand and it’s all right too. To be fair, I’m not a coffee snob and honestly I add so much stevia and creamer I’m not sure I’d notice a taste difference so price and availability are more important. Still I would recommend this instant coffee.

  4. Karren

    It’s not Folgers but it is Good.Trying to cut back on caffeine. Folgers is my favorite decaf. But this has been an exceptable substitute for the price .I drink a lot of coffee.

  5. William

    it’s my morning coffeeunfortunately I can’t have straight coffee and so this decaf is great for my morning coffee. The taste is good and it dissolves quickly. there’s no bitter aftertaste.

  6. TheaSimon

    Will definitely purchase it again!Great coffee, no bitter taste and you cannot beat it for the price, which is at least $3 less than any comparable grocery store brand.

  7. kayjay01

    A quick perk!I always buy this and but some in the coffee basket of my coffee pot each morning. It saves money to ‘perk it’ with no messy grounds to clean up!

  8. thomas

    flavorlessi used a rounded tsp. no flavor then i used a heaping tsp. still no flavor so i used a tbsp. no coffee flavor at all very mild taste as the old adages say says you get what you pay for.

  9. Pat

    Contains methylene chlorideI don’t mind the taste. In fact, I have been drinking it every day for many years. After my morning caffeinated coffee, I switch to decaf for the rest of the day. Now I found a website (Organic Consumers Association) that says they tested it and found more than 90 ppb of methylene chloride in it. No wonder it’s so cheap 🙁

  10. CJ

    YuckGranted, instant coffee is never as good as the other stuff but once in a while you just want one cup in the late evening. Well, this is NOT the instant decaf for me. I will stick to Maxwell House. This taste very burnt and very weak all at the same time.

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