Fitbit Charge 5 Watches Fitness – Health Tracker – Steel Blue – Platinum Stainless Steel

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Meet our most advanced Fitbit Charge 5 fitness & health tracker with tools like an on-wrist ECG app for heart health,** EDA Scan app for stress management and more. Get a 6-month membership of Fitbit Premium™*** and optimize your routine with Daily Readiness Score.

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Fitbit Charge 5 Watches Fitness – Health Tracker – Steel Blue – Platinum Stainless Steel

  • Daily Readiness ScoreOptimize your workout routine with a score that reveals if you’re ready to exercise or should focus on recovery. You’ll get a personalized activity goal for the day, plus recommended workouts or recovery sessions based on your score.


  • Stress Management ScoreGet a daily score showing your body’s physical response to stress. You can see how your exercise routine, mindfulness practice and sleep help to manage your stress levels.


  • EDA SensorTake steps to improve your stress levels with an on-wrist EDA sensor mindfulness session. The app detects electrodermal activity–tiny changes in your skin’s sweat level which may indicate your body’s response to stress.


  • ECG App

With the ECG app, take an AFib assessment on demand. Plus, use irregular heart rhythm notifications to look for signs of AFib while you’re still or sleeping. (The ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications feature are only available in select countries and with select Fitbit Charge 5 ; not intended for use by people under 22 years old. The irregular rhythm notifications feature is not intended for use by people with known atrial fibrillation. See for additional details)

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10 reviews for Fitbit Charge 5 Watches Fitness – Health Tracker – Steel Blue – Platinum Stainless Steel

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  1. Dhruv

    Bright screenAll the benefits of the charge 3 that I was used to, but with a beautiful bright screen that I can now read more easily. Feels light on the wrist and does a great job of tracking runs

  2. Laura

    Positive – Love it!I really like the Fitbit Charge 5. It is comfortable and easy to navigate. There are great You Tube tutorial videos. For the price and functionality, the Fitbit Charge 5 is an excellent choice!

  3. William

    Fitbit Charge 5Very pleased with my purchase! Fits nice and performs great. Love all the features on it such as the medical functions. It can monitor your sleep, heart beats, etc; Very accurate and I consider it a necessary component in taking care of your body. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a device to monitor your body and keep it in good shape. The only negative is the cost of using the app. For me though, it is a part of my medical expenses and it is well worth the cost.

  4. Mike

    A star and a keeper!I had a Fitbit Charge 4, but had $82 in Walmart rewards built up, so I couldn’t resist the Charge 5 – it was on sale anyway for $129 so I got it for $47! Anyway, it’s fantastic – amazing so many great (and accurate) features can be put in this small package! The color display is nice, and while I haven’t fully used all of it potential, those I have used have been terrific!

  5. Trilli

    Good stuffI have one and love it for its heart monitoring capabilities. I bought this one for my father. Shipping was lightning fast.

  6. Robins

    So easy to useI got this version because my spouse already had one. Easy to set up, easy to read screen and quick to get going. I like it.

  7. terrie

    I love this Fitbit
    I love this Fitbit Charge 5, it has a lot of features, EKG, also came with 6 months free Premium Membership which is a plus. Also came with extra bands as well. Different strap design that is a lot better than previous Fitbit I had. I received the while and gold, very sleek design pairs in less than one minute. And set up of device was quick and easy. Excellent Christmas gift idea, and I plan to buy again for my family members.

  8. Rebecca

    Love my Fit Bit
    started with Fit Bit charge 2 many years ago and now have the 5 ! Fell in love with how well it works for what I needed at that time and the 5 has extra features. My Fit Bits have lasted at least 2 years I dont over charge them that seems to do the trick for me .

  9. NYCwalker

    Very Impressed
    I absolutely love it! The screen is perfect size and bright. More options than ever before are available just by touching and sliding the screen. I love the new band! the end of the band tucks comfortably inside the other end and does not get caught or hang loose. Messages can be forwarded from your phone to the screen and answer options are available! Very nice addition.

  10. jjo

    Looking for a new Fitbit? Try the Charge 5
    I recently replaced my Alta HR Fitbit with the Charge 5 as I’m an avid walker and like to see my step count I had no problem installing with the Fitbit app and love how it’s so easy to swipe with a touch of my fingers I get all my walking stats. I wasn’t looking for a-lot of whistles and bells(Alexa or Google) but a feature I enjoy are news and weather alerts which weren’t on my old Fitbit

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