Crayola Twistables Mini Crayon Set School Supplies 24ct

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Mini Crayola Twistables crayons come in 24 brilliant colors to get your imagination spinning.

Their compact size is perfect for projects at home or on the go. Just twist the barrel ends and the crayons are ready to use.

No sharpeners needed. No labels to peel. Plastic barrels protect crayons from breaking.

Color(s): 24 Assorted; Color Family: Multicolor; Assortment: Orange, Red, White, Scarlet, Brown, Black, Violet, Red Orange, Red Violetm,

Blue Violet, Green, Dandelion, Yellow Orange, Yello, Indigo, Blue Green, Cerulean, green Yellow,

Violet Red, Yellow Green, Blue, Carnation Pink, Gray, Apricot; Crayon Size: 4 x 0.44. Compliance Standards: ACMI AP Non-Toxic Certified; Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

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Crayola Twistables Mini Crayon Set School Supplies 24ct

  • Crayola Twistables Mini Crayon Set, 24 Count
  • A simple twist of the barrel advances the stick, eliminating the need for sharpening.
  • Their compact size is perfect for projects at home or on the go.
  • Crayons come in 24 colors.
  • Plastic barrels protect crayons from breaking.
  • Compliance Standards: ACMI AP Non-Toxic Certified; Conforms to ASTM D 4236.
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up.

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AP certified non-toxic, No sharpening necessary, Durable and strong



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10 reviews for Crayola Twistables Mini Crayon Set School Supplies 24ct

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  1. Yram

    Bright and beautiful for all agesI would have to say these are the best crayons options for any age. The reason being is that they are not big and bulky for bigger kids to use and yet they are so durable that small children can use and not have to worry that they will break the crayon with pressure being applied to hard. I myself enjoy using these. Their are so many colors to use making it much easier to find exactly the color you need to draw just about any picture. I love how easy they twist not only up but back down as well. No more sharpening nor peeling paper! We just love using these with all of the kids ranging from ages 1yr to 9yr in our home. Definitely recommend to those that do not want broken crayons everywhere.

  2. Notes4Sharon

    Colorful as Candy!I love the clear barrel! I suppose by mini, they meant a smaller set of them. I was hoping they would be shorter, but l love them anyway for my handbag. I keep them handy for grandkids. I bought a little vinyl pencil case from the dollar store to keep them in. Great stocking stuffer too!

  3. Lisa

    Great crayonsThese Crayola twistables crayons are great. I like that you have greater control over what you are coloring. No broken crayons here ! Also there is no wax left on your paper like regular crayons leave. You just twist when your crayon point gets low. I highly recommend this product.

  4. MoparJeepGirl

    Love these crayons!I absolutely love these Crayola Twistables Mini Crayon Set, 24 Count. They are great for drawing with my students in my second grade classroom. I love that as the crayon dulls, I can twist it to get more crayon to use. These crayons are less likely to be thrown away because they are hard to break unless you twist them out too far. My students really enjoy using them. The colors look great. They work well on all types of paper. If I could, I would get these crayons for every student in my classroom. I definitely recommend them.

  5. MelD

    Great quality! Can’t go wrong with Crayola!My son couldn’t wait to color with these. They are easy to grip and he loves that he can twist when they get low or too long. The colors and great and the pictures he colors are great. The fact that there are 24 colors to choose from make it even better!

  6. saiyanprincess

    Tons of coloring funMy daughter really enjoys these compared to normal crayons. They color just the same but without the worry if your child colors too hard and snaps in half. No more peeling the label of the crayons. I love that as soon as it starts to get dull you just twist up and keep on coloring. My kids have been having fun coloring for hours. I think these are more durable and just store in a pencil box. We have tons of Crayola and these are the perfect addition. These are for all ages but are great for toddlers as well as they can’t eat or break them which is a plus.

  7. Claire77

    Super Awesome!I have always been a fan of Crayola products. I am always constantly purchasing everything from markers, crayons, paint, etc. I got these Crayola twistables mini crayon set of 24 and I am obsessed. As soon as I got them, I started using them on a coloring book that I have. I like the colors that it comes with. It is also a lot smoother when you are using them. They go on the paper very nicely. It’s like having a crayon on a pen. I also like that you can twist the amount of crayon that you would like to come out as well as you can retract it. This is a good way to keep the crayon from breaking. Regular crayons are nice but they tend to break. I found these twistables very neat for any child or adult that enjoys coloring. If someone wants to save money on purchasing too many crayons on the long run, I think that this is a safe bet because these will last a lot longer than the regular crayons. I will start buying these for my family and friends. These are worth the money. This is the best creation when it comes to crayons. I highly recommend it.

  8. 55BLONDIE

    Great conceptI love that they won’t break. I was getting tired of throwing away half used crayons because they broke in too many pieces. I will always be purchasing these types of twistable crayons for my grandkids.

  9. DawnTheBargainHunter

    Nice assortment and sturdy.My daughter liked these twistables, what kid doesn’t love crayons lol. They come in a nice assortment of colors. The crayons are in a protective hard plastic which means less broken crayons everywhere. The reason I knocked off a star- the colors don’t seem as vibrant/deep darkly colored and the thickness of the crayon is smaller (see photo). Overall I’ve pressed these down while coloring and I must say they seem sturdy and it’s possibly they are made out of a different material vs regular crayons (and this could be the reason for the colors not being as deep). I also wish they came with a case (either made of material or plastic) as the box they came in will not hold up for long.

  10. Lulu

    Twist crayonsI like the colors they was very vibrant, the twist worked will and there was plenty of crayon inside after a full extention but I didn’t like how blunt they are and that they cant be sharpened.
    They also had a layer of dust on when I opened the box

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