Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size 3.1oz ByPAYDAY

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PAYDAY king-size chocolatey peanut and caramel candy bars are chocolate-coated,

many-bite versions of the PAYDAY treats you already know and love.

This king-size candy bar is made with crunchy peanuts,

creamy caramel and smooth chocolate for a taste that’s sweet, salty and undeniably satisfying.

Peanut candy lovers are sure to enjoy this bar that keeps on giving.

Chocolatey Peanut Caramel PAYDAY candy bars are perfect for filling candy displays during any holidays,

from Valentine’s Day and Easter to Halloween and Christmas.

That said, a few of these Chocolatey Peanut Caramel bars can liven up any party or get-together of the year.

Looking for something new in your baking life?

Try including a few of these bars in any chocolate-, caramel- or peanut-based dessert.

Put them on top of your homemade ice cream sundaes too.

Finally, please the movie night crowd by sharing a snack they may just like more than the film — just don’t forget to save a few for yourself!

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Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size 3.1oz ByPAYDAY

  • Contains one (1) 3.1-ounce PAYDAY Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size Candy Bar
  • Peanut and caramel coated in chocolate in a king-size bar perfect for snacking on at home, in the office or during your favorite movie
  • Certified kosher caramel, chocolate and peanut king-size candy wrapped for freshness that lasts to the final bite
  • Bring chocolatey peanut and caramel candy to birthday parties, anniversary dates and movie marathons to make each event even more exciting
  • Protein-packed peanuts with a delectable, creamy caramel to hold them all together for a chewy,
  • mouth-watering snack with the perfect salty-sweet finish for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween candy selections
  • A thick caramel center covered in fresh peanuts and smooth chocolate candy to result in a treat that’s delectable
  • on its own and even better in desserts

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10 reviews for Chocolatey Peanut Caramel King Size 3.1oz ByPAYDAY

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. GD

    Totally enjoyable sweet candy

  2. Chris

    delicious candy bar. Walmart is the only store ive seen it sold

  3. DreDay

    It’s back!!So glad to see chocolate payday are back!! Love them and was crushed when they were stopped. This is awesome!!!

  4. Laurenluxury

    Amazing IdeaPay Day bars in general are LIT…this one is going on my list too. The best part for me is that PAYDAY bars are gluten free, I have celiac disease so I can’t have anything containing gluten. I appreciate them and to be real this is a hit, but there’s nothing better then the ORIGINAL!

  5. Esther

    God bless you dear friend… 🙂Jesus bless you dearest friends… 🙂

  6. Niquie

    FavoriteMy two favorite things together! I stumbled on it by accident but i can’t get enough of it. This nweds to be a permenant version.

  7. Richelle

    Sweet Sweet SanityJust when you think they can’t make a good thing better, they surprise you with CHOCOLATE! Yum. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like the classic PAYDAY, but the chocolate is a delicious addition. They chose a great recipe for their chocolate. It gave a nice pick-me-up after completing an extra-challenging task this morning. Definitely have bought more than one, and I am certainly recommending it.

  8. Anonymous

    Yummy!Totally Delish! I Love these! Even cold. I think I’ll chop one up and use as an Ice cream topper.

  9. Apetastic

    Too sweetLet me start by saying, I love chocolate and I love a PayDay. And I love chocolate covered peanuts. Unfortunately, I felt like this was a bit too sweet. I think it’s because of the caramel with it. Normal Payday bars have the perfect balance of sweet and salty. So when you add another level of sweet, it masks it salty flavor and becomes a little too much. My children loved it, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.

  10. Dotty

    Out of DateThe candy bar was out of date! It should not have been sold. I noticed the date when I opened the wrapper.

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