Cast Iron Grill Press for Perfect Burgers 5.25 x 9



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Use the Expert Grill Iron Cast Griddle Press just once and you’ll wonder how you ever grilled without it.

This heavy-duty press is perfect for steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, tuna, swordfish, and more.

The griddle press is crafted of iron cast with a soft grip handle for comfort.

The press increases the surface area of direct contact with the heat source to cook foods evenly, create those grill marks everyone loves, and develop the perfect sear.

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Cast Iron Grill Press for Perfect Burgers 5.25 x 9

  • Let the meat patty baked evenly in heat and tasted better, a quick and easy process
  • Crafted of heavy-duty iron cast for a long life of reliable use
  • Features a Nylon grip
  • Cast iron construction provides even heat distribution and superior heat retention
  • Indispensable barbecue tool can help every cook feel like a pro
  • Ideal bacon, and more
  • Product dimensions: 5.08″ x 8.86″ x 2.95″
  • Product weight: 2.77 lbs.
  • Hand wash only
  • Model: XG1136178597006

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Expert Grill


Nylon, Cast Iron


Expert Grill

10 reviews for Cast Iron Grill Press for Perfect Burgers 5.25 x 9

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. EmmaLu

    Awesome little pressThis griddle press has came in so handy, I never thought I would use it very much. It comes pre seasoned which to me was a huge bonus. After every use I do however wipe it down with food grade mineral oil and that keeps it in great condition. This press weighs in at 2 lbs so it’s perfect pressure for steak. It seems to be made very well. I have used it for bacon , chicken and hamburgers too! I love the soft grip handle, doesn’t get hot at all and it’s easy to grab. Obviously this would not be a dish washer safe time, and you never want to let water sit on it due to any cast iron will rust that way. Also there is a 1 year warranty on this item which gives me extra ease. I use this press a lot and am glad to say I did receive this item in exchange for an honest review!

  2. Annamos

    Happy to have it!This is one of the kitchen gadgets that I am really happy to have. This press makes cooking process much easier. So far I used it for cooking indoor but looking forward to the grilling season to try it on my outdoor gril. It’ wrights 2 lb. I cooked burgers with it and they came out evenly cooked and perfectly flat. Next thing I am going to cook is a small corn hen. I usually used a brick wrapped in a foil. But this press is much easier to use.

  3. LindsayDD

    Great Griddle Press!I recently received this Expert Grill Griddle Press. I’ve always wanted a griddle press but never got around to actually getting it! I’m a huge burger person & really like them to be thin but no matter how hard you try, when cooking them, they always thicken up. So, this really comes in handy. I used it a few days ago when I made burgers (pre-made) and this helped to stop them from getting thick while cooking. I may even use them for cutlets to hold them flat while using a tenderizer on others. It’s the perfect size & weight. I really like that it’s pre-seasoned cast iron. I’m a big fan of cast iron pans so this is great to use as well. Overall, I’m very happy with it!

  4. Olivia

    Must Have Kitchen Accessory!The Expert Grill 2 Pound Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle Press does its job the right way! This product is heavy duty! It is stable, sturdy, durable, and made of quality cast iron. Although it is two pounds, it has a soft grip, and is easy to maneuver. It was super simple to clean as well. Nothing stuck to the press and it easily washed off. Last night, I used this product on the burgers that I cooked for dinner. All I had to do was place the griddle press on top of the patty and watch all of the excess fat ooze out. It is a great way to get rid of the unwanted fat and cook a much healthier meal. I found that I needed to keep a close eye on the burgers, as they were cooking much quicker than they normally do. The burgers were still just as delicious as they always are though. I liked the fact that the press left the grill marks on the burgers. There is something about those marks that just really adds to the overall aesthetic of my food! I cannot wait to try this product on other greasy foods, like bacon! I would highly recommend this product.

  5. Ann317

    GreatI love this griddle press it’s used regularly in my home. It is great for making paninis, quesadillas, and of course meat. It should only be hand washed, but it is super easy to wash as food doesn’t really get stuck to it. The griddle press is two pounds. The handle is very comfortable and dosen’t get hot like the rest of the press. I also really like that it is cast iron and best of all it came preseason and ready to use. Highly recommended to anyone in need of a well made griddle press.

  6. SherylAnn

    Even cooking!The Expert Grill Griddle Press is really nice when grilling meat. By heating it and placing it on top of your food, it helps the meat cook quicker and more even. It also works great to keep bacon from curling and it helps it get really crispy if left on top for awhile. I like the grill marks it leaves on steaks and burgers so they look like restaurant quality. It’s heavy but still easy to use and clean. This is a must for all grillers!

  7. MsBillie

    Griddle PressI love my new Griddle Press. It is the perfect size to cover 2 burger patties and not to heavy that it mashes them down. I am a big fan of cast iron so the press fits into my cooking habits great. Not only is it perfect it comes pre-seasoned that is a real plus for new cast iron.. It has a soft handle that fits your hand perfect and doesn’t get hot. I can’t say enough about this griddle press I love everything about it. I’ve never had one before but always wondered about them. I couldn’t be happier now that I have this wonderful press of my very own. Burgers for lunch and looking forward to steak for dinner tonight. I’ll be using this little guy a lot.

    If you are like me and wondered about them but afraid to get one because you aren’t sure you will like and use it, just go for it they are awesome, trust me. I’ll never be without one now.

  8. RenaFromRochester

    Great for over-the-stove griddleThe Expert Grill Griddle Press is awesome for burgers. It is 2 pounds and made perfectly flat burgers. I should have gotten one a long time ago because my burgers would always curl up on the edges then wouldn’t cook evenly. I used it with my over the stove griddle. It is made of cast iron construction so you have to make sure that you don’t leave it in water or it will rust and lose its seasoning. The top grip is not soft as described although it is perfect for holding and provides and anti-slip grip. I haven’t used it on an exterior grill yet but the handle did not melt at all over the stove. Although the red area looks to be silicone at first glance, the entire handle appears to be a thick plastic. I don’t think I would put this in my exterior grill and shut the cover but it works great for above the stove. I would have liked to have seen instructions for care and identification for what material the handle was made of. I can’t give it a five because the handle is not soft and the material is unknown, lack of packaging information.

  9. Cork

    GoodI have used this press 1 time. It’s light weight and does an ok job. When it came, it was a little rusty. But after cleaning it was ok. They’re better press out there, but if you need a press this does work. I clean after use and store in the house.

  10. Jacqueline

    Okay grill pressThis grill press states the handle is soft, and that’s not the case. I noticed that while using it on the grill on our stove; the heat from the grill press quickly rose to the handle. I wasn’t quite prepared for that but; oven mittens took care of that problem. Otherwise it’s okay

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