Butterfinger Chocolatey Peanut Buttery 12 count 7.8 oz

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It’s time to get your treat on with Butterfinger Fun Size candy bars in a shareable pack.

These perfectly fun sized, peanut-buttery, chocolatey bars are small in size but big on taste.

Packed with the crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery taste everyone knows and loves,

these individually wrapped candy treats are easy to snack on and enjoy.

The shareable pack lets you take these delicious peanut-buttery, chocolatey bars anywhere and share with anyone.

They’re great for the home or office candy bowl, parties, get-togethers or a dessert sweet treat.

Butterfinger Chocolatey is made with no artificial flavors or colors and is gluten-free.

Butterfinger Chocolatey Fun Size candy bars are an irresistible treat you love to share.

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  Butterfinger Chocolatey Peanut Buttery 12 count 7.8 oz

  • UNWRAP DELICIOUSNESS: Butterfinger Chocolatey delivers the taste you know and love with this single pack of individually wrapped,
  • fun sized, peanut-buttery, chocolatey bars​
  • THE TASTE YOU LOVE: Perfectly irresistible, our Butterfinger Fun Size candy bars have the same crispety,
  • crunchety, peanut-buttery taste you know and love from our classic Full Size candy bars, just in a fun size
  • ANYTIME IS THE RIGHT TIME: Wherever you go,
  • these delicious Fun Size bars make the perfect treat for yourself, a backpack snack or even a sweet gaming go-to candy
  • CARE TO SHARE: Grab these shareable, peanut-buttery,
  • chocolatey bars and treat yourself, friends, family or coworkers to a treat that can’t be beat
  • THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN TREAT: Trick-or-treat yourself during this spooky season to delicious Halloween candy

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7 reviews for Butterfinger Chocolatey Peanut Buttery 12 count 7.8 oz

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  1. ColoringDavoo

    great and very fresh.love these and cannot get enough of them.

  2. Joel

    My attendant was really nice and prompt.

  3. Satisfied

    For the candy dish at work.

  4. mike

    the Best buy for your money

  5. Margie

    another substitute but it worked

  6. linda

    Butterfinger Fun Size Chocolate Candy Bars, 0.65ozI love this candy bar,but do not buy very often,had to cut down on my sweet’s.

  7. allan

    Try it you might really like themI like the peanut buttery and crunch with the chocolate the fresher the better and a glass of milk

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