Austin Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers 37.2 oz 27 Ct



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Add a flavorful boost to any snacking occasion with Austin Cheddar Cheese on Cheese sandwich crackers.

These crispy, cheesy sandwich crackers are made with an irresistible creamy filling,

the craveable taste of cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of salt.

Austin Cheddar Cheese sandwich crackers provide snacking satisfaction for any occasion,

whether you’re just hanging out around the house or preparing to head out for an exciting excursion like an outdoor concert,

while you’re hiking or camping, or during game time.

Our crackers are conveniently packaged to fit your non-stop lifestyle,

making it easier than ever to pack a snack for all kinds of busy, on-the-go moments.

Feel free to add some crackers to a packed lunch, stash them in your tote for a well-deserved break at work,

enjoy them during a long commute, or as an effortless snack while running errands.

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Austin Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers 37.2 oz 27 Ct

  • Made with quality ingredients, Austin Cheddar Cheese sandwich crackers are a tasty, cheesy treat for both kids and adults
  • Delicious and cheesy filling layered between crispy sandwich crackers for a satisfying salty snack experience
  • Made with delicious ingredients; Kosher Dairy; Contains wheat, milk, peanut and soy ingredients
  • Stock your home pantry, keep on hand at the office, and stow in a lunchbox, backpack, or tote bag; A travel-ready food
  • Includes 1, 37.2-ounce pack with 27, 1.38-ounce packages of sandwich crackers; Packaged for freshness and great taste

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10 reviews for Austin Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Crackers 37.2 oz 27 Ct

4.2 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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    GOOD CRACKERSIt is a good tasting economy brand of cheese crackers. Nice flavor in the crackers and the filling is not bad, sort of yummy.

  2. freddy535

    Best Buy for your moneyMy mom loves these and she doesn’t run out fast.

  3. jericho777

    Momma’s FavoriteHave been buying Momma her crackers for over 5 years now….She and scrappy love em, and that’s good enough an endorsement if ever you need one. They go through 6 boxes every two months so I guess they’re really enjoyed.

  4. David

    Delicious SnackThese are delicious when fresh and they are from Walmart. Thanks!

  5. BigBrotherTX

    Austin Cheese CrackersTasty – as they always have been. After I all these, I ordered another box of ’em.

  6. Shantheman

    A quick snackThese crackers are a great grab and go snack for the whole family. The cheese on cheese are my favorite variety. This extra large package is a great value.

  7. Lori

    Not as good as Lance brand, but a very close 2nd!The Lance brand of cheese inside cheese crackers is my favorite, but I can never find them esp. in large quantities. The Austin Brand is a close 2nd, and I can usually get this size box at the “big” Walmart. Wish the smaller Green Walmart by my house carried them.

  8. Sshamer

    Missing fillingI normally buy the big box of your crackers every other week or so and never have an issue. But last weeks purchase was missing the cheese filling in almost every cracker. It was purchased at Wal-Mart. While I do love them I will be more careful about buying them because in these times I cant afford to risk money going to something that isnt correct.

  9. Suzanne

    Bland, no cheese flavorThese are basically tasteless, very bland. I can see the cheese filling, but I don’t really taste it. Also, some of the pieces were missing the filling altogether (factory issue that needs to be addressed). I would recommend the Lance cheese crackers instead, as they have a great cheese taste, much more flavorful.

  10. Linda

    Nit good.These used to be good but I am guessing they changed the recipe some time in the last few years. The crackers are really bland and there is almost no cheese filling.

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