Wrangler Men’s Cushion Crew Works Socks 6 pack

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Wrangler Men’s Cushion Crew Socks feature a stay up comfort welt, full cushion foot from heel to toe, reinforced heel and toe for long-lasting durability along with arch support for mid-foot comfort.

These 6-pack socks are constructed with recycled cotton fibers and added spandex for better fit.

Available in Grey, White or Black, machine wash. Shoe size 6-12; Sock size 10-13.

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Wrangler Men’s Cushion Crew Works Socks 6 pack

  • Cushion Crew Work Socks, 6 pack
  • Stay up welt for comfort and breathability
  • Made with recycled cotton fibers
  • Reinforced heel and toe for long lasting durability
  • Full cushion foot from heel to toe
  • Arch support for mid foot comfort
  • Added spandex for better fit
  • Sock size 10-13; Shoe size 6-12
  • Machine wash

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10 reviews for Wrangler Men’s Cushion Crew Works Socks 6 pack

4.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. DadLovesSavingMoney

    Great for Hard workers!I’m a contractor so comfortable socks are very important to me. There Wrangler Work wears socks get the job done. They have a few features that I really appreciate. They have both a reinforced toe and heel. I can’t tell you how many times the heal of my sock blew out during a grueling task. There is nothing worse than stressing your body all day only to come home with a gigantic blister on your heel because the fabric blew out. I also love the extra padding on the foot. The package says full cushioned foot and these socks are soft and thick along the sole of your foot. And the third thing I like is the stay-up comfort welt as no one wants to have to keep pulling your socks up all day. This is also made with recycled fibers so that’s pretty cool. I like the design of these socks too. They are very stylish with a two-tone gray color and red print Wrangler along the toes is a nice touch. Great socks and love that they are a six-pack as well.

  2. Johny

    Soft, warm pairs of socksThese are really nice socks!
    I usually wear warm socks since I get cold from my feet and I need to keep them warm to keep my body warm. These sucks did the exact same thing and were really comfortable. I didn’t feel irritation on my skin, so I guess the material is ok, though I have to double check to see if it’s cotton or not.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with these pair of sucks.

  3. Mikey

    Good fit for a size 11.. and comfy!Are you like me? If you could afford it, would you wear new socks every freaking day?

    I would if I could. If money were no object I’d donate my once worn, and washed, socks to a charity thrift store and put on a pair of those thick, comfy things every morning.

    Alas, I can’t afford to do that. Anyway, these socks, as usual with new socks, feel GREAT when first worn. After a first wash, they’re still pretty thick and comfy but they’ll eventually end up like all socks; thin and average.

    That’s okay though. These Wrangler socks are super comfy. Of course, they’re crew socks so you won’t want to wear these where anyone can actually see them below your pants cuffs, lest you be thought of as unhip. Not me… though. I couldn’t care less but I will draw the line at shorts. I don’t think I’d wear these with a pair of short pants.

    Otherwise, they’re just crazy comfortable and I’d recommend them all day and every day… at least until about a dozen washings… heh.

    Besides my feet (wearing the socks) which my grandmother told me when I was a teenager (I’m 59 now so I’m over it, RIP Granny) were the ugliest feet she’d ever seen, I included a picture to show what they’re made of. Honestly, to me it doesn’t matter if there is some petroleum in the manufacture of these socks as long as they’re comfy, which they are.

  4. zerodough

    Comfortable and durableI wear a men’s 10.5 medium shoe and these socks are a good fit. I like the way they look on my feet. There’s just enough cushion in them to make them comfortable all day. I wear steel-toed boots at work and for 8 hours I didn’t have any issues with these socks. I was worried about the stitching and the logo on the bottom but you can’t really feel it. These are well made socks and I recommend them.

  5. Erdie

    62% Polyester, but pretty great.So first off, I’m not usually a polyester kind of guy. Honestly, just failed to read the package before I got them. But they feel nice, like cotton. Alright, I’ll try polyester again. It’s been years.

    So, yes, these socks are 62% polyester, 35% recycled cotton and 3% spandex.

    The fit they definitely nailed. For one, the calves are perfect for me. Not so tight that they cut off circulation like a lot of socks now, but not loosey goosey falling down your leg on their own either. They’re perfect, just snug enough that I don’t know they’re there.

    Like most socks, they have that stretchy band that goes around the middle of your foot like you can see in my photo. Once again, it seems like these companies are finally dialing things in. It’s there, but it’s slight. When that feature was new it was always way, way too tight. Good to see they’ve figured that out.

    I’m wearing these in summer, and have been doing plenty of walking around in hot environments and so far I’m pleasantly surprised that I don’t feel like my feet are wet all the time. That was always what steered me away from polyester, they felt wet.

    So, huh. Color me surprised. These socks look good, they feel good, and I really don’t have anything bad to say about them. I’ll have no trouble wearing these.

    Okay one thing, if you’re after thick cushioned socks, these aren’t it. These are like your standard cushion crew white sock, which is probably why they breathe so good. I don’t like super thick socks, so these are perfect.

    Fully recommended!

  6. Ctrudell

    Very good socks!I have been using these socks on the ranch when I’m out working with my dad. We both like wearing them because of the cushion the offer and the comfort all around your foot. They are soft enough to make you feel good wearing them, but not so hot that your foot starts sweating immediately. Good with cowboy or work boots and can wear them all day without discomfort.

  7. GotRice

    Excellent medium-weight hiking or work sockThese Wrangler cushioned crew work socks are medium-weight socks. The label states “6-12 Shoe Size.” I wear a men’s size 8 EE boot and when I slide these socks on I have about 1.5 inches of extra sock on the toes. I simply slide the extra sock cloth from above (the instep) toward my ankle and fold it. That way the sock isn’t bunched up on my arch, and gives a bit of extra padding on the instep of my booted foot. (I only wear crew socks in boots, not low-cut athletic or running shoes.) So I suppose if you’re maybe a size 10-13, these work socks would be ideal. For us that are under size 10, you’d either have to bunch up the extra sock from the toe area, or fold it. The cloth material is soft; doesn’t irritate my feet or feel scratchy. The elastic at the top of the sock is excellent and holds the sock up in my boots very well; conforms to my calves and just tight enough to hold in place. The label states “full cushioned foot” and “reinforced toe & heel” but pinching the sock material at these areas didn’t feel like there was any extra weight. For me, the socks just didn’t “feel” like there was any reinforcement (added material) on the bottoms of the socks. It just felt like the same thickness all over. Not a game-changer for me; these medium-weight socks have enough padding for my feet when wearing my hiking boots and work boots, and they don’t cause my feet to overheat. And they breathe pretty well, too! My feet aren’t as sweaty and damp after a hike or wearing my work boots. The blend of recycled cotton and whatever else material is woven into the sock make for quick wash and drying. I’ve laundered the socks at camp with hand soap and water, and after a quick rinse, hung them up on a clothesline to dry. These Wrangler Work Wear crew socks came in a six-pack; plenty for a week.

  8. mrjeff62

    Quality materials, well madeThese work socks aren’t much thicker than ordinary socks but they do seem to be made from quality materials. They are definitely not thick like boot socks if that’s what you are looking for. If I wore work boots all day, I would want something thicker than these. These socks are very comfortable though and perfect for wearing walking shoes or running shoes.

  9. lynnial11

    Work Socks/CrewPretty nice socks, heavy and high tops that seem to not stretch out. (so far) I like that they go up my calf and stay without me having to constantly pull them up, the toes and heel have extra padding which adds cushion to every step. Being made by Wrangler, I figured they would be made better than most crew socks and I was right.

  10. LarBear

    Nice lighter weight work sock…good for summerI like these socks as they are soft and comfortable and not real thick and heavy weight, which is great for use in the summer. Because they are a lighter weight, the material is thinner, so I will need to see how long they will hold up. Another concern on the longevity of life is the actual construction. There were a few areas, mainly around the toes and heel, that did not seem to be sewed well, but it might just be the fabric bunched up in those area, because of the curve of the sock and they will be fine. Again, the test of time will tell how well they they are made and how long they hold up.

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