Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bissell 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded Handheld 2030

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This Stick Vacuum Cleaner BISSELL 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded variant offers users a fresh and reliable option for cleaning floors as needed. It can be used on carpets, area rugs, and hard floors to keep dust, dirt, and debris at bay.

This lightweight stick vacuum has a quick-release handle that can be removed while keeping the foot attached for convenient stair cleaning. Then, by removing both the handle and the foot, it can be used as a hand vacuum on countertops or upholstery. This BISSELL stick vacuum is available in several colors, ensuring a trendy and functional look for homes. It has a convenient wrap-around cord that makes it simple to put away when not in use.

This vacuum features a lightweight construction so it is easy to move around the floors. The BISSELL 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner Variants has a dirt cup that can be removed for smooth clean up after vacuuming.

Estimated delivery on March 4, 2024


BISSELL Stick Vacuum Cleaner 3-in-1, New and Improved Version of 38B1L: 

  • Lightweight convertible stick vacuum
  • For use on carpet, bare floors, stairs, and upholstery
  • Effective and convenient cleaning
  • Quick-release handle, converts to a hand vacuum
  • Easy-wrap cord storage
  • 15′ power cord
  • Easy to the empty dirt cup
  • Weighs less than 4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 10.7 x 8.3 in

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Silver, Blue, Multicolor, Clear

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BISSELL, Bissell Homecare

10 reviews for Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bissell 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded Handheld 2030

3.7 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. KrisXO

    Just add it to your cartBest $20 spent!!! I will start by saying I have a Shark Rotator and a Shark cordless. Will this do what those can? No, but that’s not the point of this vacuum. This for my home is used to pick up in between using the heavy dury vacuum. Keep dust, hair, crumbs and debri off the floors.

    This is all in my opinion and experience; this is more favorable on hard floors because it doesn’t have a roller so it wont move as smooth and wont pull from deep in the carpet. This will however suck up the top layer off carpet such as fuzz, hair, etc. This is fantastic on hard floors! And throw rugs. Picks up hair, crumbs, etc. This is essentially a hand vac on a stick. And it works because the debris, crumbs, hair etc. doesnt have to travel far to get into the container. It has suction but not extreme power. If you rely on this alone for your carpets, you will have so much just sitting with in your carpet and thats gross. Don’t rely on this for your heavy duty carpet vacuuming except for maybe areas like closets or rooms that rarely gets used.

    The vacuum stands at around 42” high and 9” wide. It can stand on its own without falling. It goes together in less then a minute with 3 parts that go into one another, no tools required.
    Theres a latch that holds the pole to the hand vac, this latch opens and closes so you can remove the pole and use the handvac alone. The handvac does stay connected to the handvac. Then theres the power button and below that the button to remove the hand vac bottom from it’s top for easy clean out. The hand vac has a removable cup that you can take out and clean, also a great place to but a dryer sheet to help release a scent while vacuum.
    There’s no filter.

    The cord is 15′ and the stick has a place to wrap the cord and a small hook to hold cord while vacuuming.

    I posted photos showing measurements, details such as attachmet latches, how it stands and how well it suctions. My photo showing the dirty cup is one passover in our master bathroom and closet. I have very long hair and it picked it up well along with all debris.
    This allows you to go over your bathroom rugs without them getting sucked into the vacuum. Who hates having to shake out their mats like me?!?

    Yes this is smaller in size but no it doesn’t look like a kids toy. My 5

  2. Serena

    Awesome carpet/floor sweeper with hand vacJust received it today. I love it. Bought it because I wanted a hand vac saw this inline and reviews were pretty good so ordered it.
    Assembled so easily. Extremely lightweight and moves easily across/floor/carpet
    I also like the fact that the floor nozzle piece is not overly wide so I can slip under or in between furniture pieces without bumping into everything.
    Think I need to order another! We have 3 floors. I can leave one on the 2nd and 3rd floor for easy access. The only suggestion I would make, if possible, is it would be nice if the hand vac part could be cordless versus having the electrical cord attached.
    I recommend this product

  3. juju

    it’s a must lightweight vacuum .I love this vacuum. it does everything I want. sweeps the floor. clean all corners of my windows. vacuum my carpets. ( bathroom, dining room, living room, my couches, stair ways, closet floor, linen closet floor. the best little thing ever. and I use it for dusting my drapes I love this vacuum.

  4. Danielle

    Best 20$ i have ever spent ! ESPECIALLY WITH PETS!I have a cat and a dog, i sweep every single night after kitchen cleanup and STILL somehow the pet hair is still on my floor.. i have hardwood throughOut my whole house. I was in search of something cheap that would suck up all the pet hair without dusting it around … and this is it… Wish it was cordless , BUT SO WORTH 20 bucks the pic i attached was from me vac my hardwood floors and kitchen ALONE!!! After sweeping last night .

  5. Jacky

    Love it.I love these. Have had the silver one several times in the past but left them where I was living at the time.
    So light and easy to handle and carry. Works on any surface. And under most furniture where other vacuums can’t get to.
    Blue is my daughter’s favorite color.

  6. Anonymous

    This is a great vacuum for small areas. I don’t have to pull out my large vacuum for my area rugs. It so light weight and small for floor’s that doesn’t need to have a mop and broom for just ever day usage. I-love it

  7. Julie

    Not good!When I received the order, the product inside the box was all out of the plastic wrap. This product was used and put back in the box and then sent to me.
    The filter was dirty so you could tell it was used.
    I put it together and it seems to work.
    I gave one star because I had too in order to submit the review:(

  8. Tirewidow1

    Can you do a 1/2 star?Really was expecting more. Not expecting MUCH, but definitely more. I have dysons for my main carpeted areas. I was hoping this would be good for the stairs, which have carpet. I will give it half a prop on picking up litter off of the hardwood floors. But a stray piece of rock salt on the tile or low pile carpet? Nope.
    The suction opening on the flat head is only an inch and a half wide. Nothing on the edges will get picked up. It did push cat hair from the low pile carpet into a wad so I could pick it up. To be fair, I tried this on 5 surfaces. Hardwood, tile, low pile carpet, shag carpet, and the sectional couch. We won’t even mention the shag beyond this.
    The cat likes to jump up on the back of the couch when we leave or go to bed. I tried the handheld vac to get the shedding clean. It really didn’t. The handheld did do decent on the couch where everyone seems to sit with popcorn. It goes between the cushions nicely and pulls up crumbs and dust. It also was the only means of getting things sucked up from room edges and corners. On tile, it picked up MOST of the hair and dust that sheds off cats. But the wintery mess of rock salt from shoes in the entry, NO. I tried it on my stairs. Big fat no.
    The cord is very short. I could not complete one entire room without moving the cord to another outlet.
    I bought my granddaughter a toy dyson with real suction, and I would probably rate this along side the toy. I wouldn’t even consider it a good cheerio vac for under your toddlers high chair!
    My grandsons want a toy vacuum since their cousin got one. I think that this one will be going to their house!!

  9. julie

    Don’t bother, doesn’t even work on optimal floorsBought it with the SIMPLE task of vacuuming the tile floors and using some sort of carpet cleaning powder on my tiny rugs. What I thought might take 5 minutes has taken well over 30! This vacuum will NOT replace anything you already have, in fact I’m having to use a broom in conjunction with this vacuum and simply not using the dustpan out of sheer determination to make this vacuum work and pick up the powder from the tile floor…The longer it takes to finish this task the more enraged I become. IF someone who loves this vacuum can recommend in their review how to USE it that would be great because as is, it seems a front to back motion is optimal on this vacuum but even that doesn’t work at all! It just pushes things around. Where the hand vacuum attaches to the floor nozzle, it feels there isn’t much air to even pick anything up (and if you don’t use the floor nozzle you have to go over the same space several times with the tiny opening for the handheld vacuum) but it doesn’t tighten any further and if I loosen the floor nozzle, the air feels even weaker. This is at best a toy for a kid but even giving this to a kid might enfuriate them and make them resent vacuums thinking they are all as bad as this one. But the shipping was lightning fast, came overnight! And for that, I feel comfortable with giving it one star instead of the deserved 0.
    Literally my broom and dustpan would be 100x faster on my tile floors(didn’t even mention how it refuses to pick up anything in my TINY grout), and I’ve heard this doesn’t work at all for people with carpeted floors. So who DOES this work for?
    Photo – nearly done after just under an hour of using this vacuum. When will it end? Likely when I pick up the dustpan bc this vacuum refuses to do a decent job.

  10. Shaneka

    Haven’t had a chance to use it. Put it together and noticed that it was used and dirty! How can you sell me a product that has been used without informing me? The filter is also dirty with hair.

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