SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera 4 LED Infrared Hunting – Flash Game Camera with 80-foot Detection and Flash Range LTE-Capable 10MP


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The SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE Trail Camera continues the legacy of the MICRO family, offering an incredible performance and opening the door to the definitive mobile scouting solution, at a price that any hunter can afford.

The Link-Micro-LTE Trail Camera is a photo-mode only camera, with multi-shot capabilities. All camera settings are managed in the app, where the full compliment of advanced scouting tools like enhanced AI species filters, and mapping and weather integration can be found.

The Link-Micro-LTE Trail Camera takes advantage of the LTE cellular network for improved camera reliability and longevity.

BUCK TRACKER Detection Technology (patent pending) Yes
Network LTE
SIM card Preactivated included
Photos transmission Yes
Camera fully configurable via the SPYPOINT App
Continuous mode Yes
Multi-shot mode Up to 2 pictures per detection
Stamp on pictures Date, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F)
Photo type Color by day, infrared by night
Trigger speed 0.5 s
Flash range
Number of LEDs 4 Power LEDs
Definition (MP) 10MP
Memory card Requires an Micro-SD card (not included) up to 32 GB
Power 8 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
Power LIT-10 battery pack (not included)
External power DC 12V input
Distance detection sensor Up to 80 ft (24m)
Motion Sensor 1 sensor covering 5 zones detection
Schedule setup 7 days
Mount Standard 1/4″-20 tripod
Dimensions (W x H x D), in 3.1″ x 4.4″ x 2.2″

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MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera 4 LED Infrared Hunting – Flash Game Camera

  • [Industry Leading Value] The LINK-MICRO-LTE offers not only cutting-edge camera performance, but it is also where you can access the tools and features that make SPYPOINT the mobile scouting solution.
  • [Ultra-Compact Design] The LINK-MICRO-LTE is remarkably small for any trail camera, but even more so when you consider it is a cellular camera. This design makes the LINK-MICRO-LTE easy to conceal, and keeps wary eyes from spotting the camera.
  • [Reduce Human Impact] Nothing impacts the game you hunt more than human pressure. Moving your scouting camera strategy to a cellular approach allows you to visit your hunting areas less, thereby reducing the stress on the animals that live there.
  • [Mobile Scouting Solution] SPYPOINT delivers the definitive mobile scouting solution for the modern hunter. SPYPOINT gives you the advanced scouting tools that help you analyze that data to establish patterns and a plan to be successful.
  • [Easy to Understand Photo Transmission Plans] SPYPOINT also offers the $10 TRULY UNLIMITED plan. You can choose the carrier model that provides the best service where your device is placed, regardless of your personal service carrier.

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10 reviews for SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera 4 LED Infrared Hunting – Flash Game Camera with 80-foot Detection and Flash Range LTE-Capable 10MP

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  1. Cottrelloutdoors

    Compact size at a compact price!I bought these cameras for their compact size and price point. I got into the cellular camera game about 4 years ago now. That’s when I purchased my very first Spypoint Link Evo. Since then, I have bought several Link Micros and have had great success capturing thousands of photos, while reducing costs and travel time to and from location. Meaning I don’t have to disturb the natural patterns of the animals I’ve been monitoring. Work did not allow me to have a whole lot of time to get out and check cameras, so these have been a game changer. Now I get to spend more time with my family as well as have a favorite past time with them when my wife and kids come out to set them up and go through them when we have time!

    For the price of this camera as well as the price of the plans, you simply cannot go wrong. Just make sure to keep your firmware up to date and your batteries fresh, and these will be very reliable.

  2. Dill92

    Great successI bought this camera to try and using it saves me time to walk out swap cards and I know how my bait pile is doing. Because I had this camera I knew my target buck was coming in every few hours and shooting it a big factor was the camera

  3. Dutch 2

    Game ChangerLast year was the first time I personally used a trail camera. I never knew what I was missing. It was so exciting seeing the deer and other critters moving through my hunting spots and it all came right to my phone for instant viewing. Critical information like the time of day or night, temp and the size of deer on the property was a Game Changer.
    Thanks SpyPoint for a Dependable well built product.
    Emil Franz

  4. Aaron87

    Great cameraI have had this camera for about 6 months now. I was having issues at first because I just stuck an old sd card in there. Bad idea. Buy the right sd card and format it the way they recommended. It was a very simple process. After I did that correctly the thing works amazing. It has saved my farm from hogs. I have a thermal scope and the camera sends me a pic when the hogs walk in front it and I can go out there and manage them. Makes it very simple and I don’t have to stay up all night. Camera works great. I will probably buy the one with the built in solar panel and rechargeable battery pack next! Hopefully in the near future i will buy the solar pack that they sell for this camera as well. I have got 9 hogs in 2 weeks! The app is very simple to use as well. My father has the tactacam , that’s the only other camera i have for reference, and the spypoint app is so much easier and has better settings. You also get 100 free photos a month and if you want more you can purchase more. Great job SPYPOINT!

  5. Timmer

    Easy to usePurchased one last Fall prior to deer season. The phone app and the setup were clear and easy to understand. The photo plans are very reasonable. Liked it so well that I bought 2 more cameras for next season.

  6. FishBones

    Amazing camerasI run a youth mentoring program called HardCore Scripture Outdoors and we mentor kids hunting,fishing, trapping, teaching conservation, and how to be good people and productive members of society. We have purchased over 20 of these cameras that we use to watch traps that the kids set and bait stations for hunting with the kids. They are an amazing tool and inexpensive to run and add another level of anticipation for the kids. Great quality, Great Products !!

  7. JBoi

    Awesome camerasI bought a few camera of these camera back in May 2021. I did not realize I had Coyote and Bobcats issues. I will be setting several traps for predator control. However , I did locate these two bucks that seem to go missing every fall. I believe I have nailed down there core area.

  8. sippies

    Fantastic for the priceI think this is a fantastic camera for the price. It’s very easy to use. For what few infrared emitters there are, the night pictures are definitely better than I anticipated.

    I think it covers off the majority of use-cases for a trail-cam for me. If I had a large area I’m trying to cover and needed premium flash and photo quality, I’d probably spend more for that.

    If I’m getting nitpicky, my one complaint would be that if a deer is close to the camera, the picture is very washed out. Almost ends up being a white silhouette. This can probably be remedied in most cases by adjusting the camera placement.

  9. Bhaz13

    Works as advertised!Bough this a month ago so I could monitor my hunting site, first trail cam I’ve owned. Super easy setup, I did add a lock and chain for security as I don’t trust the anti hunting people in my area to leave it in place with just the strap it came with. Within 3 hours I had my first deer pic sent straight to my phone from 30 miles away and they just keep coming! I love getting live updates so I know the best times I should be in my tree and waiting for them! Highly recommended!

  10. Silentdeath1

    No problems ever!Works perfect every time! Love this camera!! Has helped me kill 2 nice bucks.

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