Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Pet Perfect SV75Z


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The Shark Cordless Vacuum Pet Perfect Handheld Blue and Charcoal is an ultra-lightweight home appliance that’s suitable for cleaning any surface like carpet, upholstery, bare floors, and more.

It comes with a rechargeable 15.6v nickel-metal hydride battery and a rubberized hand grip for comfortable handling. The Shark Pet Perfect vacuum has a total capacity (volume) of 1.8 qt for dirt to occupy.

Its twister cyclonic technology provides strong suction while cleaning. The vacuum cleaner features an easy-to-empty dust cup; no bag needed, and a washable filter for easy cleaning. The motorized pet brush crevice tool can be used to pick up embedded pet hair.

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Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Pet Perfect SV75Z

  • A powerful, ultra-lightweight vacuum is convenient for any surface
  • Twister Cyclonic Technology provides strong suction while cleaning
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner features an easy-to-empty dust cup
  • The motorized brush picks up debris from all surfaces
  • Includes cleanable filter, no bag needed
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Capacity (Volume): 1.8 qt
  • Battery voltage: 15.6v MAX
  • Battery Type: Ni-MH
  • Surface cleaning types: carpet, upholstery
  • Product weight: 3.28 lbs
  • Filtration: washable filter
  • Motorized pet brush crevice tool included

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Blue, Multicolor, Black, Clear

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Shark, SharkNinja

10 reviews for Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Pet Perfect SV75Z

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  1. Robert

    Good vacuum for its intended purposeHad 2 of these previous to this one.Works well and the battery holds its charge for a reasonable amount of time for a couple of years. When it starts to go, its time to disguard the unit and get a new one. Trying to replace the battery is a waste of time. Its not designed with that in mind

  2. Nathan

    Just what I was looking for.Did exactly what I bought it for. The only carpet in my home is a small area rug. It was here when I moved in so it really needed to be vacuumed. No need for an upright with no other carpet in the house. Bought this hand held. Wanted a powered brush head, ✔️ Good news: It pulled alot of dirt, hair, etc out of the carpet. Bad news: My carpet was really dirty… proof this vacuum works. Have only used it once, just now, so I don’t know about the charging issues people are complaining about. Good enough that it compelled me to write this review. Hope the pic does it justice. I still need to go after the stains. Believe me the rug looks alot better than before.

  3. Marlene

    I purchased this item to use on my Car and it does a good job cleaning the seats, mats, and also I use it to clean my stairs and it work well there too

  4. McKenzie

    Poor Battery Life, Great Suction3-4 stars……This Shark handheld vacuum has GREAT suction and is ideal for cleaning out and vacuuming the car….However the lower rating is due to the fact that this particular model has TERRIBLE battery life!!! I couldn’t even finish vacuuming the car before it died on full charge.

  5. Trey

    Decent vacuumThe Shark Cordless is a decent product. This product picks up most of my dogs hair which is all over my car seats! It’s not the cheapest product however it isn’t the most expensive either. I would recommend this product if you don’t want to spend too much money however you need a decent job done. I used cheaper products and honestly was just a waste of time. PS I wish they had more accessories with this product and a better charging time.

  6. Tom

    Okay / so-so.Vacuum attachments aren’t anything special. Plus, it’s difficult to remove/attach them. There were minor difficulties when emptying vacuum, too. Overall, the vacuum did an alright job, but there’s significantly better vacuums on the market. More specifically, the “pet perfect” vacuum isn’t exactly perfect for pets. The brush attachment drastically underperforms and did not meet my expectations. There are plenty of “turbo-brushes” that do a much better job at this.

  7. P

    okay for crumbs and large particles.Works good for picking up dirt and crumbs kids leave behind. Not very good for pet hair even with power brush. Must charge before each use and battery has short life before charging again. Will not work in small places.

  8. littlefoot

    a bad bad vacbuyer beware I buy the vac I had over 2 to 3 years old at first it last 4 to 5 mintes then it dies after 8 hours charge, you charge it up and it last 4 to 5 mintes again. I thou that it was a great vac at first but its only like junk don’t waste your money but its up to you

  9. michele

    Doesn’t last. Charging issues with the product?It died. 7 months old and decided it doesn’t want to charge anymore, the light stays green but no power. This is the second shark product I’ve bought. The first one the charger died and finding a replacement wasn’t possible because they discontinued the model. I paid 79.97 for that one in 2018. I did like the product so 6/21 i bought this one.
    It was working like a champ and then stopped charging. I would/and will do more research before buying.

  10. Joan

    2 of this vacuum ordered both fail after 1 chargeI bought one of these from Walmart. It arrived charged. That battery pack lasted a long time so I passed the 30 day return date. When its charged battery ran out of juice, I charged it fully using the light indicator also to be sure it was charged. It came on a moment, then went off. It never would run again. Foolish me, I ordered another battery pack for it off Amazon thinking maybe that battery pack was the problem. It was expensive. NO, it was not the battery pack. It ran until that charge was gone. Recharged, NOTHING. Kept trying more recharging. Nothing. So, having invested so much in the battery pack

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