Safety Baby Gate Toddleroo by North States Natural Wood Quick-Fit Oval Mesh , 26.5″-42″ Wide, Easy to Use

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Keeping your little one safe is as simple as ABC with the Toddleroo by North States® Quick-Fit® Oval Mesh Baby Safety Gate.

This baby gate is ready to install out of the box, pressure mounting in a cinch without the use of hardware or tools. It also features a Quick-Fit mechanism that ‘clicks’ the gate in place to ensure a custom fit between doorways, hallways and rooms.

You’ll love having the flexibility to remove and reinstall the gate effortlessly when needed. To re-set the baby gate for doorway, just place it in the opening and click in place – the ingenious Quick-Fit latch remembers the size for you! The natural wood finish and white mesh will blend seamlessly in any modern home. This gate fits opening 26.5 to 42 inches wide.

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Safety Baby Gate Toddleroo by North States Natural Wood Quick-Fit Oval Mesh , 26.5″-42″ Wide, Easy to Use

  • Use Between Rooms, Doorways or Hallways
  • Made of Natural Wood and White Mesh
  • Easy-to-install pressure mount baby gate
  • Expands to fit openings 26.5” to 42” wide
  • Completely assembled for immediate use
  • Quick-Fit mechanism is designed to take the frustration out of installation
  • High-density ratchet system ‘clicks’ the gate in place for a custom fit
  • Sturdy hardwood frame surrounds stylish oval mesh panels



Installation Instructions: No tools required. Place safety baby gate on the floor and expand in the opening. Be sure to adhere the wall cups (door sockets) to the opening wall or surface where the four bumpers touch. NOTE: Be sure to place the gate so the locking bar is on the side of the gate that will be away from the child. Hold the panels firmly together at the top of the gate so that the panels are unable to move. Pull the locking bar up 2 to 3 clicks and then lock down into place.

This should put pressure on the 4 rubber bumpers holding the gate in place. If the gate is loose in the opening, pull up 1 more click until you get a good solid fit in the opening. If the gate is too tight in the opening, do not force the locking bar down. This could put too much pressure on the gate, causing damage to your opening, the gate or both. (The locking bar should have a slight bow.) However, if the bow is too large, simply lift up on the locking bar and press the white button on the latch to reduce the width of the gate.

To open the gate, simply lift up on the locking bar and remove the gate from the opening.
Care and Maintenance: To clean: Wipe with a clean, soft, damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Always keep the rubber bumpers clean.

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Expandable, Pressure Mounted, Easy Installation, High-density ratchet system 'clicks' the gate in place for a custom fit


Toddleroo by North States

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North States, Toddleroo by North States

4 reviews for Safety Baby Gate Toddleroo by North States Natural Wood Quick-Fit Oval Mesh , 26.5″-42″ Wide, Easy to Use

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  1. Wanda

    Works greatLove this for my little one

  2. Rebecca

    Fair for the price you pay – depending on useSomewhat klunky design, not as super-easy to use as my old Safety First pressure mount gate that I bought over a decade ago. I don’t imagine this one lasting 10 months, never mind 10 years. For the very cheap price in comparison to other models, it fits the bill temporarily. I am using it to limit access for a puppy, who is old enough to be trained not to lean against it/jump over it/put paws up on it, etc. It wouldn’t withstand much pressure at all before being knocked over. I don’t recommend for a crafty baby/toddler or rambunctious puppy/dog.

  3. FAEQ

    Horrible locking mechanism.Extremely difficult to lock. most often we had to just leave it in place and not lock it, as it would not lock, after several tries. Also when trying to release it, it gets stuck and you have to fight it. Returning it.

  4. GrandmaKim

    Thought I was buying (push down to tighten) gate not a slide to MAYBE tighten. Could not get it tight enough to keep my just walking grand daughter off the stairs. This is NOT quick-fit or tight.

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