Ryan’s World Children’s Toy Vacuum Cleaner with Real Suction Power. Ryan’s World Baby Toys and Gifts for Girls and Boys


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Ryan’s World Children’s Toy Vacuum Cleaner with REAL Suction Power. Kids can vacuum just like grown-ups and really help too! Make your little helper happy with Ryan’s World Children’s Vacuum!

Our kids’ vacuum offers realistic play, and a sense of satisfaction because it really picks up dirt! Our vacuum with real suction power is sure to be a hit for your little helper. Safe for kids to play with and offers an excellent opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving and motor skills, and encourages exploration and discovery!

Featuring a cordless design, adjustable handle height, and rechargeable battery, this vacuum is built to last as your child grows. Suitable for children ages 2+. Adult supervision is required.

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Ryan’s World Toy Vacuum Cleaner Features:

  • Picks up dirt – safe for kids
  • Real cleaning power
  • Adjustable Height: 22.4- 25-inches
  • Turn music & lights ON/OFF
  • 1.5 hours battery life per charge
  • Charging port: Micro USB cable (included)
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Suction power: 450PA
  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 8.35 x 27.76 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs

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Real suction power, Music, Lights, Adjustable handle height, Rechargeable battery


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10 reviews for Ryan’s World Children’s Toy Vacuum Cleaner with Real Suction Power. Ryan’s World Baby Toys and Gifts for Girls and Boys

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  1. Rcrawl36

    Great quality and fun!This is the cutest little vacuum! My grandson loves it! It plays music and has confetti inside that when turned on it looks as though your cleaning! It has a charging cord to charge the batteries, very convenient! If you looking for a fun and quality toy for a toddler, get this!

  2. Janelle

    Baby Shark LoverSuper easy assembly. Doesn’t really vacuum, the hole that suctions is like 1×1 but there is an on off button so at least they think they are! Plays the whole baby shark song and never stops!! Lol so beware!

  3. Dayna

    Daughters loves thisIt really does work. But not enough that they will pick up things they shouldn’t or of course hurt themselves. My daughter loves using it while I am cleaning.

  4. MMEngineer

    Fun toy, but also somewhat functionalThis baby shark children’s vacuum toy was much better than I expected. Firstly, it is super cute and definitely kid size, but looks like the real thing. It also sounds like the real thing! There is a button to press to play the “baby shark“ song which is always a big hit. The canister has little sharks inside so when the vacuum is turned on they spin around and the canister lights up. In terms of functionality, it definitely works like a vacuum with kid-size suction power. The suction is very light so kids will not get into any trouble vacuuming up anything other than very small debris. It comes with a lithium battery that is precharged and a micro usb charger cable. The package states battery life at 1.5 hours which seems accurate as we have not had to charge it yet after some good use. Overall, I really like this toy because it has some functionality to it, teaches good cleaning habits by making cleaning fun, and is well-made with some fun features.

  5. Lesliej83

    It really works!!If your child is like mine, then he or she begs to use the vacuum. Now they can have
    their own fun vacuum that actually works! This vacuum plays “Baby Shark”
    And lights up. You can turn the lights and music on or off with the touch
    Of a button. There is real suction power to pick up dirt. It is very easily operated.
    The size is perfect for little ones.
    It also comes with a USB charging cord so you can keep the battery charged.
    My son loves his Pinkfong Baby Shark Vacuum! This would make a great
    gift for any child especially those who want to clean.

  6. marinka255

    Just the right size for a toddler!This adorable Pinkfong Baby Shark children’s vacuum was a birthday surprise for my 3 year old. He loves baby shark song since he was 2 years old and on a table filled with gifts for him, this was the 1st thing he wanted to play with. When he discovered this vacuum really works and he can now help mommy clean up while mommy uses the adult vacuum, he was so thrilled. He even giggled and told me mommy’s vacuum doesn’t play a cool tune but his plays a baby shark song. I must admit his vacuum is pretty neat comparing to a grown up one, it even lights up! My favorite part is that I can charge this with a USB cable, which comes with this vacuum and no need to worry about constantly buying new batteries. Very easy to use, inside a chamber of the vacuum there are baby sharks twirling around when the child turns it on. Even my 5 year old loved using this vacuum and now wants his own. Awesome gift for those little helpers around the house! Be aware it’s great for pretend play mostly and don’t expect major power suction cleaning.

  7. stephanie

    Amazing!This baby shark vacuum is so adorable. My son loves baby shark, and he loves to pretend to help me vacuum. He absolutely loves this. When the vacuum plays music and is turned on, there are little baby shark confetti pieces in the barrel of the vacuum that spin around. This is such a unique and cute product. My son looks forward to helping mommy vacuum with this. It’s colorful, innovative, bright, and the music is great!

  8. Tirzah

    The Baby Shark song is on a loud, non-stop, loop.My toddler loves this.
    I hate it. Whoever thought putting Baby Shark on a, very loud, loop with no volume button has some serious issues that can only be resolved through intensive therapy.
    My daughter loves nothing more than turning the music on, and letting it play on loop, while she goes and plays elsewhere. The song never turns off. Ever. Until she decides to turn it off. Which she doesn’t. If I go to turn it off she immediately turns it back on, before going about her business. The actual vacuuming function is cool, but she never uses it.
    I had to put Baby Shark on the TV so I could hide the vacuum without her dissolving into inconsolable grief.
    She’s had it for two hours.
    I regret everything.
    Five stars if you’re a kid.
    Two if you’re the parent.

  9. Leticia

    Terrible battery life and charger breaksDo not buy. I’ve bought 2 and the charger broke both times. The battery life is 5 to 10 minutes. The female part of the charger falls back into the whole so you can’t charge it properly. My son loved it so I bought a 2nd thinking one was just faulty, but it’s a flaw in the product. When I was able to plug it in fine, even charhing all night sucked. it would barely play a whole song. Terrible product that shouldn’t be sold. Doesn’t serve it’s purpose. If it worked right I would buy it again, BUT it doesn’t. waste of money.

  10. yhesenia

    I’ve been trying to find ways of charging this stupid vacuum since January. I’ve tried multiple chargers and tried moving the charger around and nothing. It’s like once you get it and the battery dies it’s done and worthless. I wish i could just replace the batteries.

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