Pulled Pork Great Value BBQ , in Sauce, 12 oz


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With our Great Value Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Barbeque Sauce, it’s quick and easy to enjoy a classic pulled pork recipe.

Cooked to perfection and dressed in a smoky barbeque sauce, our Great Value the best pulled pork recipe and Barbeque Sauce is just the instant ingredient you need to make a bbq sandwich on the fly or add an essential protein element to your baked potatoes. Our fully-cooked instant pot Pulled Pork provides nine grams of protein in every serving at only 80 calories per serving, so you can feel good enjoying the food you love. Just pop open the easy-open pull top and you’ll be ready to dig in. Make something delicious with our Great Value Pulled Pork & Barbeque Sauce.

Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

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Great Value BBQ Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker & Barbecue Sauce, 12 oz:

  • Fully-cooked BBQ pulled pork in barbeque sauce
  • 80 calories per serving
  • Good source of protein
  • About 6 servings per container
  • Smoke flavor and caramel color added

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10 reviews for Pulled Pork Great Value BBQ , in Sauce, 12 oz

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  1. Pete

    Makes a quick tasty sandwich.Gluten-free. Taste is not bad at all. Makes very quick Sloppy Joes. Can be kept on the shelf for a couple years. Good pantry item.

  2. TS

    Great taste, terribly delivery recordMy expectations were very low, cuz it’s ya know canned meat. Maybe that’s why I was pleasantly surprised. The pork is moist without being slimey, and the bbq sauce is light enough in flavor that you can eat as is or jazz it up if you want. The bonus for me is that the sodium isn’t off the charts like a lot of canned meat is. Now if only Walmart would stop using OnTrac, I could actually get more of this yumminess delivered to MY home rather than someone else getting my order. A girl can dream, right?

  3. Grayhairedfart

    good tastethis is the only can meet at Walmart has it I really like.


    I purchased a can several week ago. It was very good so I ordered some more

  5. Terry

    meat is dried out and its in a thin watery BBQ sauce

  6. MasterofReality

    Barely passable but passableWatery and unappealing out of the can. 3 lumps of meat and brown water.
    Now, if you whisk it all up, you get a thin meat paste that, although unappealing looking, tastes like rhe sloppy joes my high school cafeteria had in the early 80s.
    I actually kinda liked those so 2 1/2 stars.
    Little too messy for sandwich but ok for SOS.
    4 3plus bucks you could spare another meat lump.

  7. JAMES

    NOT FOR SANDWICHES!NOT FOR SANDWICHES! No way. Photo on can’s label is NOT what was in can. 50 to 60% liquid, very small chards of meat, with one piece about the size of your thumb.
    Bought 2 cans and a pkg of buns, already for some BQ sandwiches only to find a product more fitting to be poured over a bed of rice.
    Disappointment is an understatement.


    It’s in BBQ sauce not pork juice.I thought I was buying a can of shredded port in juice, not BBQ sauce. The wording wasn’t that visible in the ad. I dont really like the taste. I tried adding it to canned chili but even that didnt help.

  9. Pete

    Don’t do it!When I got finished warming up the canned pulled pork I poured what was left back into the van it came in and the can was half full. The absolute worst pulled pork I’ve ever had, and I know exactly what pulled pork should be like. I will NEVER purchase this again. Buyer be ware!

  10. Marla

    One piece of meat in a can of mushThe only reason I think that this may actually be pork is there was one piece about 1 inch square that looked like meat, the rest was mush. The taste was awful, the dogs were not even impressed. Go to the frozen section if you want BBQ ready to eat.

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