Motts Apple Sauce & Fruit Cups Snack Lunch Box Individual Pack 48 oz Jar

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  • 48 OZ JARS: Stock up on your favorite applesauce. Great for a snack, side dish or baking alternative
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS: so you can feel good about making healthy choices
  • NUTRITIOUS: Mott’s is a fun options for your whole family
  • PACKED WITH FLAVOR: There’s ripe apple flavor in every serving
  • START STRONG: Healthy decisions today lead to a healthy future tomorrow
  • One 48 ounce jar


Mott’s Apple Sauce & Fruit Cups Snack Lunch Box Individual Pack 48 oz Jar

The original, delicious treat, Motts Apple Sauce is the perfect snack or meal companion.

It’s a good source of Vitamin C and free of cholesterol. Bringing the best of the orchard to your household,

Mott’s helps families enjoy delicious fruit goodness every day.

The apple juice and sauce brand is dedicated to giving moms easy ways to help their families be their very best.

Mott’s has a strong heritage and has been the trusted apple juice and sauce brand since 1842.

Motts Apple Sauce hold the apples to a very high standard, that’s why the products pack lots of delicious fruit flavor from ripe apples into every serving.

Enjoy Motts Apple Sauce in a variety of pack types including pouches, cups, jugs, juice boxes and jars;

so whether you’re home with your family or on-the-go and in need of a snack, Motts Apple Sauce has a product for you.

We also offer an extensive suite of flavors so you can add variety in your snacking.

Motts Apple Sauce 100% Apple juice comes in refreshing flavors like Apple Cherry,

Apple White Grape and Fruit Punch while sauce has options like Cinnamon and Mixed Berry so you’ll be sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds.

You won’t find any artificial flavors in Mott’s products, so you can feel good about making healthy choices.

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10 reviews for Motts Apple Sauce & Fruit Cups Snack Lunch Box Individual Pack 48 oz Jar

3.1 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. andreaf242

    Melts my heartI love Motts applesauce. I literally can eat this all day everyday. I mean the hot is like the children with your feet up swinging as the smooth apples soothes your tastebuds. I recommend this brand because it’s natural taste and it’s like biting into a fresh sweet apple.

  2. wendi825

    Love my applesauce, anyLove my applesauce, any kind works for me. It’s good with every meal or even as a snack. Plus, if your stomach hurts, this stuff is easy and safe to eat without making your stomach bubble more. Great Value™ Original Applesauce

  3. Sue

    Large container of applesauce! Love Mott’s!Can’t rate yet. Too big to open until we mean to eat (48 oz!)
    We have been freezing it in large ice cube trays and thawing when needed! Very convenient!

  4. kayro728

    MMM goodGood value great snack goes really good with graham crackers

  5. Great

    The delivery went smoothly and the brand is always enjoyed

  6. Barbara

    BAD APPLESAUCE!If I could have put zero stars I would have!! SOMEHOW my regular no added sugar applesauce was substituted with this POISONOUS GARBAGE( it has high fructose corn syrup added)! I NEVER buy this on purpose. It is so watery and tastes bad to boot!! NOT A WINNER AT ALL!

  7. Karen

    What a mess!Lid was broken and applesauce was leaked out

  8. Richard

    I WON’T BUY ANYTHING MORE UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED!This is a lie! They did not put it at the front door! It’s out in the front yard by the fence! I’m handicapped! I’m not going out to get it! And make them take away the stuff I didn’t order!

  9. ashley

    wrong one. need cinnamon

  10. george

    OUTSTANDING and TRUE…BEST on the market. Been eating it almost daily since early 1950’s…. IT’s GREAT!

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