Mainstays Whistling Tea Kettle Pot 1.8 Lt 1.5 Qt

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Tea time! Enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa with the 1.8-liter stainless steel Mainstays Whistling tea kettle .

It heats on every kind of stovetop and has a removable lid with a handle to cover the fill opening.

Mainstays Whistling Made from durable stainless steel with an elegant polished exterior finish, this kettle is sure to provide a quick and easy way to heat your water.

Pouring is easier with a coated and contoured handle to offer a comfortable grip. When this tea kettle whistles, simply push down the lever to open the spout.

There are also max and mini fill lines for fill guidance.

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Mainstays Whistling Tea Kettle Pot 1.8 Lt 1.5 Qt

  • DURABLE polished stainless steel
  • FILL LINES- Enjoy the perfect cup of tea with the “Max” and “Min” Fill lines.
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Coated and Contoured handle
  • Also available in teal

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10 reviews for Mainstays Whistling Tea Kettle Pot 1.8 Lt 1.5 Qt

4.6 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. lmj0322

    love it!What an awesome teapot. Always wanted a whistling teapot and now I have one. As usual, Mainstays has great products. This teapot is not only stylish but easy to use. Now I don’t have to stand over the stove to watch a pot of water boil. I just fill it, put it on the burner, and forget it until the whistle blows.
    Great teapot.

  2. desertswimmer

    A “perfect” little tea kettle.The “Mainstays 1.8-Liter Stainless Steel Whistle Tea Kettle” works real well and looks
    good with my existing stainless steel appliances too!
    It is just the right size and when full it is very easy to handle.
    If it was larger I would not be able to lift it and would certainly have trouble pouring it.
    The handle is made just right for my hand and I have had no problem pouring the hot
    water from it.
    It really does whistle and is very easy to hear.
    I would say this is a “perfect’ little tea kettle and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  3. Sage

    Good Hot Water PotThis Mainstays Tea Kettle is a basic yet good performing pot. It’s definitely affordable and I’ve always used this brand. Holds 60.9 fl oz and whistles to signal boil. And because we’re having water shortage, I heat water for hand-washing dishes. Better than running water until it gets hot. Therefore, my kettle is doing double duty. Lasts for years. Materials of stainless steel and nylon made in China.

  4. JJ

    Beautiful little tea kettle!My new Mainstays Tea Kettle is a must for a good cup of hot tea. Being made of stainless steel not only makes it durable but beautiful decor for any kitchen. I love that the whistle signals you when it’s ready. I would definitely recommend this item. Thank you.

  5. GMama07

    Hope I am never without it!The Mainstays 1.8-Liter Whistle Tea Kettle is a shiny addition to any kitchen. I am hoping the kettle will last for years with its stainless-steel construction that makes the kettle rust and corrosion resistant. The 1.8-liter capacity (just over 7½ cups or 60 ounces) is enough hot water so that if your family has a variety of hot water drinks (tea, hot chocolate, coffee) for breakfast or anytime there is plenty of hot water for everyone. It heats on any stovetop (flame, electric, induction, etc.) and really does emit a whistle when the water is ready. The kettle heats water so much faster than the saucepan I was using. The kettle has a removable lid with a handle to seal the fill opening. It also has maximum and minimum fill lines to ensure optimum performance. The fill lines are engraved in the side of the kettle so that you are able to see it inside and outside the tea kettle. The modest design of the spout makes it easy to open by pushing down on the lever and the spout cover pops up and you are able to pour. The tea kettle features a coated and curved handle to offer a comfortable grip making it easier to lift and pour. The handle also bends to the side to make filling the kettle easier. The handle did get warm but not hot; I used a potholder to pour. I tried to capture the steam in the photo, but it did not show in the picture. The tea kettle is handwash only. I highly recommend the Mainstays Whistle Tea Kettle and I give it 5 stars. Note: I received this product as a promotion.

  6. sweetstoo

    so niceMy Mainstay 1.8 Liter Whistle Tea Kettle is so nice. I love the way it fits in my kitchen and on my stove. It has two lines on it for max fill and a min fill. It has a loud whistle on it to let you know its ready for you. It comes with a flyer full of interesting instructions. I was amazed there was so many. For a stainless Steel tea kettle I just assumed you fill it and put on your stove. Not! So be sure you do read them. The kettle is a little lighter in weight than you would expect being it is stainless steel. I do really like my kettle and I highly recommend the Mainstay 1.8 Liter kettle. It does come in many colors so it will go with any color scheme you have in your kitchen.

  7. Oldstyle

    Tea Party TimeThe day we got this stainless steel tea pot we put it to use. My wife told my three girls we were going to have a tea party. The all got decked out in dresses and hats and waited for the pot to whistle. At first we were disappointed because we didn’t think it was going to whistle when it was ready. To our excitement we were wrong. They loved it and it worked great. The kettle cooked down rather quickly and was easy to clean.

  8. Kayt

    WorksThis Mainstays tea kettle works just the same as any other metal kettle. Top is attached to kettle tip so it stays with the kettle which is nice. Has a nice loud whistle when boiling. The plastic handle does get a little hot so be careful when pulling it off the burner. All in all I would recommend this tea kettle to family and friends.

  9. BriGuz

    Great little tea kettle!It took 6 minutes to hear the whistle and know my water was boiled in this mainstays 1.8L tea kettle. It’s fill capacity is 1.4L a little less then 50 oz, and it has an indicator engraved on the kettle were it shows the minimum fill and maximum fill capacity I wouldn’t fill it up higher then the indicators because you risk the water coming out when boiling. It’s stainless steel and the handle and the lids knob are hard black plastic to prevent you from getting burned the kettle is easy to grip and pour without a spill you just simply open the spout and pour it in your mug and enjoy your tea or coffee! It’s nice and small so I have no problem storing it in my cabinets when I’m not using it. Make sure to dry it after every wash since it is stainless steel it will get water marks if not wiped down.

  10. Julie

    Not my cup of teaI found this kettle to be poorly made of thin very light metal; mine dented with its first use. The handle is attached in a way it can only be moved down in one direction. The kettle is marked on the outside with minimum/maximum filling however when filling the kettle you will not be able to see how much you’ve filled it.
    The spout when lifted leaks from boiling water condensation. The flip-top spout is difficult to use., I had to use my other hand to open the spout.
    I didn’t find this kettle comfortable to use.

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