HP DeskJet 4152e All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer – 6 Months Free Instant Ink with HP+


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The HP DeskJet 4152e is ideal for home printing of 1-3 users and gives you all the essential features you need—easily print, scan, and copy. It also offers HP+: the smart printing system that keeps you more secure, more productive, and more sustainable than ever.

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About HP DeskJet 4152e All-in-One Printer 

HP DeskJet 4152e best for basic home printing – Print basic color documents like recipes, forms and travel documents.

Print speeds upto 8.5 pages per minute in black and 5.5 pages per minute in color.

Key features – Print, copy and scan in color, plus mobile and wireless printing for 24 months.

Auto document feeder – Breeze through scan and copy jobs quickly with the 35-sheet auto document feeder.

Connectivity – Intelligent dual-band Wi-Fi automatically detects and resolves connection issues with self-heal to help reduce interruptions. Also includes USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.

HP+ Smart Printing System – The optional HP+ system enables your printer to think ahead so it’s more secure, more productive and ready when you are.

Requires an HP account, internet connection and use of only Original HP Ink for the life of the printer. Choose HP+ at printer setup to activate benefits:
• 6 free months of Instant Ink
• 2 years extended HP warranty
• 2 years advanced HP Smart app features
• We plant trees and protect forests for every page you print

Get ink your way, every day – Buy Original HP 67 inkor get HP Instant Ink Delivery Service: ink ordered by your printer, deliveredto your door for as low as $0.99 per month, including ink cartridge, shippingand recycling.

No annual fee; credit card required. You can change or cancel at any time. Includes 6 months free trial when you choose HP+ at printer setup (subscription required).

HP Smart app – Simple setup that guides you through each step, using HP Smart app.

Print, scan and copy everyday documents from your phone—from anywhere.

With HP+, you get advanced features in the Smart app including mobile fax and advanced scanning features such as multi-item recognition.

What’s in the box:

  • HP DeskJet 4152e All-in-One Printer
  • Original HP 67 Black Ink Cartridge
  • Original HP 67 Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  • Instant Ink flyer
  • Regulatory flyer
  • Setup guide
  • Reference guide
  • Power cord

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HP DeskJet 4152e





10 reviews for HP DeskJet 4152e All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer – 6 Months Free Instant Ink with HP+

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  1. Angela

    Label alignment issuesWhen I first bought this printer it was working great, but as soon soon as I change the ink, it stopped aligning to my labeling paper correctly. I was creating labels.

  2. Printer

    Printing black is terrible! I just opened it and can’t return it

  3. Trout

    Not good, go with brother or epsomThis is just a cheap way HP is trying to get people to use their HP Instantink service. They will track how much you are printing and charge you for using the printer. Better off using a whole different brand printer. And you better be able to set it up using WIFI only as the printer does not come with the needed cord to plug it into a computer. Poor service HP. Very disappointed and you app is trash too.

  4. Whiplash

    this printer is uselessterrible HP experience. I received this printer as a gift. I had problems from the beginning, similar to the other reviews, but I assumed I was doing something wrong. I tried all the troubleshooting suggestions, but by the time I realized that the problem was the printer itself, it was too late for me to return it. A quality example: With my old HP if the printer top was up, while placing a document on the screen, it would come back down gently. With this newer printer, it just drops back down on the glass. crash

  5. Racquel

    Keep looking- this is not itDo not purchase, please! I bought this printer for my 6th grader and wish I could return it (unpacked and discarded the box). This printer makes my blood boil. It does not print clear, if at all. The “print by email” / “over-WiFi” feature does not work 9/10. You have to use the HP Instant Print Ink and if you end your subscription the print become unresponsive. HP website is always offline for maintenance and the troubleshooting Q

  6. Brianda

    Awful printerNeed an ASAP printer to print an important document and I was not able to. No instructions not a friendly printer. Please avoid it!! I had lots of printers in the past and have set up plenty for myself and my sister who is in college and never in the whole 10 year process have I ever struggle until now. Please avoid you the headache and buy something useful. Not this printer.

  7. Jasmine

    Please learn from my mistakes. Just don’t do itDo not buy this printer. It has almost as many 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews. If you are a professional and require fast printing for paper work, menus, contracts, etc. This is not the one for you. I had a printer that I wrote a report on when Pluto was no longer a planet in 2001 and it was faster than this. The ink for full sized pictures comes out dull and you can see where the roller actually rolled the ink and imprints the image. Printing multiple pages is painful, like cutting a lawn with scissors. Please learn from my mistakes. Just don’t do it

  8. Ashley

    Terrible Product and Return Window Too Short!By far, the WORST printer I’ve ever encountered and I couldn’t return it because their policy was too short for the return (before it became un-workable). I cannot believe I wasted $120 on this.

    It doesn’t print correctly no matter how many times I trouble-shoot. (And I am tech-savvy enough to know how to fix the usual printer kinks, btw. But this one is trash. I’ve previously had at least 3-4 other printers so I am accustomed to adjusting printer settings, et cetera.)

    It started off iffy, a couple good print jobs, and then de-escalated quickly into shoddy, terrible half-page prints that no matter how many times I trouble-shoot, it isn’t working as it should. I deserve a full return but instead cannot return this worthless machine. HP is NOT the brand it once was. And now I will definitely question ever buying another one. Thanks for nothing!

  9. mary

    Don’t buy waste of money.If you can’t keep it connected to wifi or if you have a computer that can’t Bluetooth this printer is useless. I haven’t even had this printer for 6 months and it is a waste of money I am having to go and buy a different printer tomorrow because of all the trouble I have had with this printer. I needed it for school and today I tried to hook it up to my older computer that I have to use at this time and I can’t even troubleshoot the issues this time because it says printer status unknown. I tried to get in touch with HP and they couldn’t help because of a “technical issue” and wanted me to deal with the virtual agent again. I have been trying to get it fixed for a long time. I would not recommend this printer to anyone. I have always been the person who would recommend HP for everything but now I know that the printers are not worth the price.

  10. MommaMonster

    HP printers are Trash.Complete trash. Had this less than a year and constantly had connection and printing issues. Tried to contact customer support and it was of no help. Both app and website done offer any help on fixing the issue. They just tag each other and youre left running around in a circle getting no where. Had it directly hooked up to router and computer to print until it finally just stopped connecting to everything both wifi and direct.
    Every HP printer ive own has been crap. Never lasting a year. Plus they make you sign up for their “awesome” ink service but if the printer cant connect to the internet youre paying for nothing cause they cant send you the ink replacements you need when you do get it connected.

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