HORMEL Chili Canned, No Beans, No Artificial Ingredients, 15 oz

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HORMEL Chili is everything you want chili to be: tender, savory meat cooked with flavorful spices to perfection! Bursting with meaty goodness – no beans in sight. It has an easy-pull top for quick, convenient prep, you just pop the top, heat, and serve!

Works great on chili dogs, on chili sliders or over mac and cheese, too, so pour on the flavor! Add HORMEL Chili to enchiladas or stuffed bell peppers. The possibilities are endless! Our chili has 15 g of protein per serving and no artificial ingredients added. Contains one 15 oz. can of HORMEL Chili No Beans.

Canned Chili makes an array of delicious chilis including with and without beans, less sodium, vegetarian, and with turkey, chicken or beef! No wonder it’s the #1 Selling Chili in America. (Based on the last 52 week IRI data). All trademarks, logos and images are owned by Hormel Foods Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates. Copyright Hormel Foods, LLC.


HORMEL Chili, No Beans, No Artificial Ingredients, 15 oz

  • Savory meat with spices; one 15 oz. can of HORMEL Chili, No Beans.
  • Chili has 15 g of protein per serving.
  • Pop the top and serve for savory, meaty goodness in each spoonful.
  • Works on chili dogs, macaroni, enchiladas or stuffed bell peppers.
  • No artificial ingredients added.

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10 reviews for HORMEL Chili Canned, No Beans, No Artificial Ingredients, 15 oz

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  1. princess emily

    The only chili in a can I eatHotdogs and chili is a weakness for me, I just don’t feel right when I go without for too long. And it’s always hormel no beans when I do. I’ve recently started chopping up the hot dogs and making my own sort-of burrito, it’s very tasty, I don’t know why I never thought of it before.

  2. pamela

    My absolute favoriteThe only brand I will eat

  3. Pat

    Price, quality and quick delivery. Perfect chili for grilled hotdogs on the 4th.

  4. jodie

    My family loves thisThis is the best chili for hotdogs.

  5. no nickname

    at one time the chili had a better chili favorthe recipe in the cans has changed over the years. I enjoyed the older versions. They had a better chili favor. The last few years I had to add more chili powder.

  6. Silky07

    Pork??Since when does Hormel put pork in their hormel chili?? 🙁 i cant eat pork, so now I can’t enjoy my hormel chili cheese dip 🙁

  7. Vivian

    The beans has dripping on the top and bottom of the can.

  8. Wendy

    Not happyWhen i received product the top of can was rusted. I will not use it and the process for return is just not worth it…not happy that a rusty can would even make it into anyone’s cart. Really has me second guessing the quality and age of some products.

  9. Jerry

    No bean chili.Has anyone noticed Hormel’s no bean chili has A LOT less meat than it did 30 years ago? It used to be thick with meat but now it’s just thin soup with a chunk of meat hear and there.

  10. Charles

    did not get order not left at foor

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