Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers 14.4 oz

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Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers are a classic snack that will delight the whole family.

Our delicious, naturally flavored graham crackers are made with whole grains and real cinnamon,

making them a nutritious snack for children and adults.

Pair them with chocolate and fire-roasted marshmallows for a scrumptious cinnamon s’mores experience or smear a generous helping of peanut butter on top and enjoy as a simple snack.

This box comes with three individually wrapped packs of crackers to preserve freshness and make portioning simple.

Enjoy the wholesome graham flavor and cinnamon spice of Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers.

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Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers 14.4 oz

  • 8g of whole grain per serving
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial flavors or colors

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5G whole grain, Graham crackers, Kosher

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Great Value

10 reviews for Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers 14.4 oz

3.8 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Patricia

    So good and good price tooI am elderly and consider myself an expert on these things like cookies especially!! GV are better than pricier Nabisco because you can taste the cinnamon. Good price and good GV grahams!

  2. Victoria

    Cinnamon/Sugar on the cracker! They’re perfect!These are the best out of all brands out there! Years ago, I believe it was Keebler that had cinnamon graham crackers that actually had cinnamon sugar “sprinkles” on the cracker. Great Value has replicated that and there is actually cinnamon/sugar on top of the cracker. I have been buying brands from different stores over the years and so happy I found these at Walmart. They taste great and are also less expensive than the big name brands. Thank you!!!

  3. Sue

    Better than name brandGreat Value hit this one out of the ballpark. These are very good, crunchy , and not as thin as name brand. A little cinnamon makes them better and more like the old cinnamon crisp grahams that are not sold anymore. I will buy these over nabisco any day from now on.

  4. Lee

    Save a few dollars and enjoyThese have the most sugar coating (that’s less than the olden days) but the most of 4 different brands I bought.

  5. slicktxn

    GREAT VALUE GREAT CINNAMON GRAHAM CRACKERSReally like these Great Value Cinnamon Graham Crackers. I actually think they taste better than the name brand. They aren’t quite as crisp but they definitely have more cinnamon and sugar which is more to my liking.

  6. Guardian

    Good product. Worth a try.These are decent graham crackers. Maybe not quite as good as cinnamon honey graham crackers, but nevertheless tasty. I would buy again.

  7. Dean

    Flavorless! Cheaper Isn’t Always Better!Hardly any cinnamon sugar. Almost tasted like plain. Can you afford a little more cinnamon sugar Walmart? Cheaper is not always better. Going back to Honey Maid. These are nowhere near and are just tasteless. Even as a graham cracker they are tasteless.

  8. Gale

    Cinnamon Grahams changed.I used to Love these crackers; they had a great coating of cinnamon and sugar on the top, which I really liked. But the last 2 times I’ve bought the crackers, the coating is gone, and they just aren’t that good now. I won’t buy again.

  9. Bright

    Crackers Great, Walmart shipping HIGHLY DEFECTIVE!The crackers are great. It’s the Walmart shipping that is a problem. When I order items for shipping from Walmart they always change it to store delivery without my consent. This is a Big Problem! When they change it from shipping to store delivery without telling the customer it creates chaos because You have no idea what time the store delivery is coming so You can bring the items inside since they are only in bags and not protected like they would be in a shipping box. The real question is why does Walmart offer shipping to customers if they automatically change it to store delivery without
    informing the customer. This is real bad policy mainly because I always end up waiting 10-12 hours for the store delivery that was suppose to be for shipping and it never arrives anyway. When You call Walmart they give a delivery range of 9am to 9pm for a store delivery that started out as shipping. This happens 95% of the time when I order items for shipping. Who will fix this major flaw in the Walmart system? If a customer orders items for shipping it must be shipping! Just like when a customer orders store delivery or pickup it must be store delivery or pickup! When it is a store delivery customer must be able to select the delivery time which You can’t do when Walmart changes shipping order to store delivery without telling the customer! Please fix this Walmart!

  10. Marie

    Not happy with these.The crackers were broken in half. I may have to
    get them at another store. Guess they were just throwing the boxes around. This is the 2nd time I got them this way.

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