Dole Canned Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice, 20oz Can

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DOLE Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice is filled with all the deliciousness you find in whole pineapples,

with no added sugar. Perfect for fruit smoothies, baking, cottage cheese, and cakes.

GLUTEN FREE: DOLE Crushed Pineapple in 100% Juice is rich in Vitamin C and is made from all natural fruit and non-GMO ingredients.

It’s naturally gluten free and Kosher, and great for recipes like candied pineapple!

DELICIOUS PINEAPPLE: With Dole’s shelf-stable pineapple products, you can have the delicious taste of refreshing pineapple anywhere, anytime.

Try Dole’s pineapple chunks, pineapple tidbits, crushed pineapple, and pineapple juice.

HEALTHY SNACKS AND JUICES: From packaged shelf stable fruit, to dried fruit, fruit juices,

and frozen fruit, Dole is a world leader in growing, sourcing, distributing, and marketing packaged fruit and healthy snacks to brighten your day.

REFRESHING FLAVOR: Try the refreshing bright flavor of Dole’s packed fruit, fruit juice, and other pantry staples in all your favorite recipes!

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Dole Canned Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice, 20oz Can

Enjoy the refreshing taste of hand-selected crushed pineapple in 100% pineapple juice!

Dole Pineapple is filled with all the deliciousness you find in whole pineapple,

making it the perfect fruit blend to add to fruit salads, smoothies or homemade desserts.

Our finely canned pineapple chunks are made with no added sugar, just the best sun-ripened fresh fruit that nature has to offer.

With Dole’s shelf-stable products, you can have the delicious taste of refreshing fruit anywhere, anytime.

Try Dole’s fruit bowls, 100% pineapple juice, canned fruit, jarred fruit, frozen fruit smoothies, frozen acai bowls, and frozen dippers.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of all natural fruitwith Dole Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice!

Dole Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice, Canned Pineapple, 20 Ounces All natural finely crushed pineapple packed in 100% fruit juice Juicy ripened canned pineapples

Rich source of Vitamin C Gluten free Pineapple pieces for snacking at home or using in recipes Certified Non-GMO Learn more about Dole products and recipes at

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All natural fruit, Rich in vitamin c, 100% juice, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, No sugar added

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10 reviews for Dole Canned Crushed Pineapple in 100% Pineapple Juice, 20oz Can

2.8 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. katiawithani

    Easy pineapple cake forEasy pineapple cake for dessert or breakfast! Pro Tip: replace the water in Duncan Hines pineapple cake mix recipe with the juice from a can of Dole crushed pineapple and replace the oil with melted butter. Then add 1/2c of brown sugar to the crushed pineapple and top the baked cake with it while it’s still hot! #influenstereats #duncanhines #dolepineapple #sweettooth

  2. jewlerymine

    Sweet Crushed Pineapple!Dole crushed pineapple taste the best! It is like bitting into a real juicy pineapple except you don’t have to cut it. It has small bit size pieces which is easier for me to chew and swallow the pineapple. I use the crushed pineapple to make a pastry dessert called pine tart. It is pineapple stuffed in a triangle shaped pastry dough. It is delicious! You can also use the crushed pineapple to make smoothies and toppings on any dessert. Dole crushed pineapple has a nice sweet fresh taste that is different from any other brand. If you want good quality packaged fruits, you have to go with Dole. No question about it!

  3. Justine

    So fresh and flavorfulLove it its freah crisp, hits the spot on a hot day

  4. christine

    Some of the cans arrived dented, but the quality of the pineapple was great. First time trying the crushed version and I’m going to continue to buy kind the crushed for drinks. (I usually buy rings of pineapple, or whole fresh pineapple. I didn’t need the blender. I will buy this again. I actually prefer this b/c its already crushed.

  5. Ron

    Poor grocery order selection—dented canDole pineapple is very good—WAl mart grocery gave us a can with big dents in the lower part of can. Happens often with grocery pickup- very unsatisfactory.


    not first classdisappointed that both cans were bent. no leakage so I’ll use them.
    bent cans usually discounted at my local Dollar store.

  7. Ronda

    Contentz were moldedBought 2 cans of this on November 23rd. The batch number must be bad because when I opened both cans neither was any good. I got on the cold FB page to leave a commit about it and apparently I wasn’t the only one with bad cans with this number on it.

  8. Cheryl

    Damaged canCan badly dented

  9. Mart

    Learned my lesson the hard way. Never againI ordered four cans at the time of the coronavirus. The only reason I ordered online is that I did not want to leave my home. Each and every one of the four cans is very badly dented. These cans would never be sold in a store. I do not want to leave my home. The customer service is very slow to respond, and by the time they do I am taking another call, so I miss their response and end up having to go back online to try to contact them. So far, no luck. I will never order from Walmart again, not ever, not anything.

  10. Ellen

    CRUSHED pineappleI would never buy a dented can. Why did Walmart choose this severely dented can for me?

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