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The Shark VACMOP Vacuum Mop combines powerful suction & spray mopping in one disposable pad. Vacuum dry debris, scrub wet messes, & toss the pad. Includes cordless charging, 12 disposable pads, and a 12-oz. bottle of VACMOP multi-surface hard floor cleaner.

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Cordless Vacuum Mop Hard Floor Cleaner with Disposable Pad VM200P12 by Shark VACMOP

  • Powerful vacuum suction + spray mopping complete clean in one pad
  • Disposable VACMOP Pad vacuums up what other pads push around
  • Powerful vacuum suction pulls in dirt and debris to be locked away directly in the disposable VACMOP Pad
  • Spray mop with VACMOP Vacuum Mop spring clean floor cleaner to scrub stuck-on grime, providing shiny clean floors
  • No-touch disposal never touch a dirty pad again
  • No filter or maintenance necessary. Just replace the pad its like a new vacuum in every pad
  • Cordless with rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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10 reviews for Cordless Vacuum Mop Hard Floor Cleaner by VACMOP

4.2 Average Rating Rated ( 10 Reviews )

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  1. Alex

    Great productConvenient to have! Very easy to use all accessories included. Cleaning solution mop pads, solution alone usually runs anywhere $10-$12 and pads $13-$14. The actual mop vac maybe $80-$100 depending on where it’s being purchased. To purchase all items at $50 was a steal! I already own one and purchased this one for my mom. The vac suction is great for hardwood floors, spray and mop is nice as well.

  2. Dolomart

    The price was right to buy and try!You cannot go wrong with a Shark product. So easy to assemble and vacuum up dog hair and wash the muddy-paw floors. The price was right. The vac mop worked so well that I ordered one for my daughter for her birthday. She may not appreciate it at first, but with two dogs, she’ll thank me!

  3. SimpleSimon

    Super convenient for quick clean-ups!I have been skeptical and hesitant since the cost and waste associated with replacing the pads was a big turn-off but I finally decided to give this a try, hoping for something more eco-friendly to become available, and I think it should! First and foremost, I’m a picky person and if you ever mop the floor like me and see a piece of hair or crumb, which your mop cannot pick up, this sure makes it worth it! I normally have to do double duty as I have to vacuum before mopping but now I can just skip to the mopping and vacuuming in short bursts as needed. Note the short bursts! This is not mean to be used as a vacuum. If you have a dirty floor, you’ll need to sweep or vacuum first for this thing only has a 15 minute vacuum span. I just use it to vacuum where needed, after all, if I needed a vacuum, I’ll use a vacuum. This is a mop with a built-in, convenient vacuum, so don’t expect to use it as a vacuum!

    As for the mop, the pad is sturdy enough to last for the whole, 3200 sqf floor! However, I don’t like the way it glides over the stickier items. My cloth mop picks up the sticky items better, this one takes 3-4 extra runover before it’ll clean everything. After everything is done, I still had plenty of room in the vacuum container bin so it really sucks to have to throw that away. I wish they come up with something that separates the 2 so that we can reuse and not waste the vacuum container bin. I also want a reusable cloth option because they clean the floors better!

  4. GrammaB

    3 to 1!My niece told me about this vacmop so I thought I would try it. I am very pleased with it! The best thing is that I have replaced 3 floor cleaners/mops in my broom closet. I had a stick vac, a swifter dry mop, and a stiffer wet mop. This one does all three. Other than the refills being a bit pricey, I would recommend this mop.

  5. Nc2bkneaded

    I am so happy!I love love love this Vac/Mop!! It picks up hair and dirt particles that I did not even know were on my floor and stores it away to easily push a button and dispose of it! It’s crazy, but I pride myself on keeping a clean house and find myself doing my floors even more often after just one use of this seeing how much it picked up! It’s cordless and charges fully very quickly! The reservoir for the cleaning solution holds enough for me to do my large kitchen, laundry room, and two bathroom floors but I did have to use 2 pads so maybe I sprayed a little much! I would definitely recommend this and you can’t beat the price at

  6. Ginger

    Makes my life easier!This is my first time using a vac mop. Make sure you follow the directions carefully. The first time I put the pad on, I put it upside down. Lol. After going over the directions again, it worked perfectly. Now I am loving it! It works great and is so easy to use. I love walking barefoot on my floors again!

  7. raveDC

    Rechargeable and lightweight!What I liked most about this mopping cleaner is that it is light weight, cordless, comes with rechargeable battery and extremly easy to use. The charging was easy and took may be 2 hours to fully charge. It came with extra pads and a small bottle of solution. Overall usage is easy and it cleans well. I also use all purpose cleaner aolution with it . The only thing I did mot like or it did not work for me is the pad is twisted at tikes when the mop is pulled back during cleaning. It would have been better if the pad was attached at both the side rather than just from one side.

  8. Na

    quick pick upsPurchased on recommendations, I have 2 big dogs that shed like no tomorrow. It vacuums good but definitely would have to pre sweep to get majority and then use this. Mop doesn’t cover a wide area but its very convenient with the 2 in one. Not sure how Im going to like the battery life, did a full charge and only did half of my house before it died. We shall see how long it last, definitely have to use it almost everyday with having a big family and 2 dogs.

  9. Underwhelmed

    I was hopeful but disappointedThe first pass with this was pretty good. Didn’t do a huge space but the small space it did, it did really well. Not sure what happened since then but the cleaning pad keeps folding over every time I try to use it now which basically makes the whole pad useless.
    If it continued to work, I’d still have some concerns regarding longtime use because the pads and solution have to be replaced pretty often.
    I’d say this might be an option for a small 1 bedroom apartment with minimal traffic if the pad stays in place.

  10. jesserme

    Decent vacuum, but terribleDecent vacuum, but terrible mop and extremely fragile. This is actually my second VacMop as the first one broke. A piece connecting the mop head to the main unit apparently broke and made the unit extremely difficult to maneuver as the movements became incredibly loose/unwieldy. I wasn’t exactly using the VacMop on difficult terrain that would impede its movement and cause it to break. I used the device on tile or hardwood flooring. The fact that a moderately expensive device like this could break so easily really makes me question its durability. I believe the unit broke simply by maneuvering it under my kitchen table/chairs and under the space of my kitchen cabinets near the oven. I wasn’t ramming the device into the cabinets, but apparently these movements were too much for the VacMop to handle. It actually does a decent job as a vacuum (hence the one star), but it is terrible when it comes to mopping. The floors in my living room are 3K bamboo hardwood. Using the Shark brand cleaner resulted in a streaky/hazy mess that you see. I believe alternative mopheads might help this situation, but I no longer use it as a mop. If you need an okay vacuum, this isn’t a half-bad purchase. Just don’t expect it to be the most durable device in the world. And if you need something to mop, I’d highly recommend you look elsewhere.

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